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countryhickchick 03-16-2010 02:17 AM

ketosis, and a stall
I have been doing EFGT for about a month now, and find that I have lost all desire to eat veggies in particular, but don't have much of an appetite at all. Right now, I really have to force myself to get enough calories etc to stay on track. And I have been trying to make my veggies exciting, but.... Will this end? How do I get past this. I have lost 10lbs-lost those in two weeks, but now I have stalled. Any advice for a newbie who has NEVER dieted before?

Built 03-16-2010 09:56 AM

Hi Country! Have you tried eating every 2.5 - 3 hours (small meals)? Most eating plans (no carb, low carb, you name it) recommend frequent feedings to keep the metabolism burning. I've never used the keto plan, so I can't share from personal experience, but my daughter used it once and some of the things (besides lean proteins) on her plan AFTER she reached keto were: frozen stirfry vegetables, 12 grapes (yes, they are high on the GI list-but limited quantities were acceptable), 1/2 cup berries, dehydrated veggie chips (these are good!), green leafy salad, and lightly steamed asparagus and broccoli marinated with a little lemon juice and kept in frig. She was also "allowed" low fat cheeses, hard-boiled eggs with yolk scooped out and replaced with light hummus (tasty), fat-free, sugar free greek yogurt sweetened with stevia....the list goes on. I'm sure others will have ideas also. Maybe a field trip to the library to look through some cook books for more yummy ideas is in order:)

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