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Old 01-09-2012, 05:49 AM   #391
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Mike Enjoy your company and your football.

Mern I donít hate spinach raw mixed in salad but I wonít touch it cooked, yuck. Thanks for sharing your mammo experience you ladies are making me feel better about it. I have had trouble the last 4 days logging on also. Did you just ďehĒ hanging out with to many Canadians, eh. Nice week my friend pat yourself on the back.

Amy Thanks for the phone info, wow I canít believe how not a phone phones have become, my contracts up next month so I will let you all know what I get. Enjoy your park day.

Mh on the relationship.

Sksan Welcome!

Pam I had a job interview this afternoon so I am working on that 2012 career goal. I think it went well considering I am sick I have a second one with their Hr team on Tuesday.

Beth I am glad you are feeling better I hope mine stays in my head also but right now my sinus are killing me and the last cold I had turned into a full blown sinus infection.

Tori Glad you enjoyed your date and my fingers are crossed he gets a weekend pass.

Cassie I am glad you enjoyed your driving lesson with your son. Good job on sticking to your plan today just doing one day may help cut cravings a lot tomorrow, hereís hoping tomorrow is great for you.

Fit4luv Great job on your bible reading (listening) and your walking was awesome also.

Well my Nyquil allowed me to have a little nap but now I feel kind of queasy hopefully just from the Nyquil. I am off to bed but I promised myself I would post, I really need to stay on track sick or not.
Have a great night everyone.

Walk 25k: M= 6.9k, T=2k, W=4k, T=9.2k, F=N, S=N, S=N = 22.1
Exercise 5 days: M=Hike, T=Treadmill, W=Treadmill, T=Hike, F=30min Aerobics=yes
Squats 5 days: 8 months M=Y, T=Y, W=Y, T=Y, F=Y=yes
Ab work 5 days: M=Y, T=Y, W=Y, T=Y, F=Y=yes
Calories less than 1400: M=1237, T=1232, W=1396, T=1303, F=1338, S=1585, S=1486 =nope, Nyquil ruined it.
Calorie deficit of 5000 for week: M=-1084, T= -676, W=-649, T=-854, F=-576, S=-265, S=-574= -4678 =no
No sugar: M=Y, T=Y, W=Y, T=Y, F=N ate mints to resist theater popcorn. Nyquil=no
Cleanse\Eat raw 2 days: M=N, T=Yes except 1protein shake, W=N, T=Yes except 2 protein shake=yes

"If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves."
Thomas Edison

Jan 2008=195 lbs
Nov 2009=135 lbs
July 2011=169 lbs
Jan 27 2012=143
Jan 25 2013=168
Mar 15 2013=158
Goal=140, June 17,2013
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Old 01-09-2012, 06:39 AM   #392
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My company just left. I had a great time but ate way too much and my choices weren't good. I picked up another king cake, it got eaten by us like a pack of wolves. I hope tomorrow will be better but I have tickets to tailgate with Budweiser for the BCS game. I won't be drinking but I'm sure I'll be eating some good, but not good for you food.

See y'all next week.
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