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  • Late Tuesday night, we had a police officer shot on duty here, in the city. My husband works for the county police, so.... a lot of sadness, anxiety, stress right now. Yesterday I went off the diet, gave myself permission to eat whatever, a lot of junk, and pretty much just blew it out of the water. Today though, I am getting back up. One day is not going to turn into a week or a month the way it used to. Today I go back and fill in, honestly, what I ate yesterday, no excuses. I've changed my attitude. If I don't do the work, I won't get the results, end of story. I won't make it to the gym today, husband had overtime, his dept covered the city so the whole city department could have yesterday off. But I do have my pilates and yoga on DVD, if the weather holds, I can put my son in a stroller and get outside for a walk. Doesn't really matter what I do today, just as long as I do something. I can't control my husband's job, but I can control what goes into my mouth and I can control whether or not I get off the couch today. I've decided to take care of myself no matter what life throws at me. Didn't expect this. But I can handle it, one day at a time.
  • Sending my prayers to the officer, family , & police dept. that is really sad. Good for you for getting yourself together & doing what you need to to stay healthy. Congrats on that.
  • You are an inspiration...
    .. really!
    It is so hard to feel fine, or even good, when you know others are suffering. But, wow, I love how you processed, ran the risk/benefit analysis, and identified exactly what you can and cannot control.

    Spring is around the corner, and for many, outside activities are such a cure for the blues.
  • Good For You!!
    Way to go! Don't let one mistake be an excuse to not try anymore. You really want this, it shows!

    Congrats, winning the little battles leads to winning the war.
  • Hey Lizzie...
    I am impressed with your awesome attitude and your perspective. I can definitely understand the stress and anxiety and it's good to see you not beat yourself up for a slip-up. You are taking care of you and the rest will follow. Great job!
  • Lizzie
    My heart goes out to you, your husband, and the police officer's family! Ditto on the prayers.

    Girl, excellent job of not beating yourself up, cutting yourself a little slack, and reaffirming that you can and will do what you need to take care of yourself! Perfection flat out does not exist for any of us. Continued progress toward abundant good health is our's for the asking when we put one foot in front of the other and do the next right thing. You sound like that's what you have done. Thanks for sharing!!!
  • Thanks everyone for the kind words. Today, life has handed me a sick toddler, but this too shall pass . I've decided this is God's way of telling me to slow down for a few days lol.
  • Lizzy, I think I need some of your positive attitude to rub off on me.

    I hope your baby gets to feeling better soon!
  • I so understand the impulse to eat when faced with the kind of stress you faced. The loss of the police officer was just too close to home. Good for you for not adding to the stress by being hard on yourself. This is really so sad.
    I am wondering what others do instead of eating when stressed.
  • Lizzy- You are such an inspiration to me. What a traumatic experience to go through! Your positive attitude is amazing and I just grew strength from it.

    As I type this I am coming off three days of making bad food choices. I need help to stop and get back where I was doing well and making progress. Your post totally helped bring me back.