5-15 Pounders Weekly Check-In

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Talking Good Morning Ladies!

So glad to see everyone is doing so well! A group like this makes all the difference, doesn't it? Seriously, we all should be really proud of ourselves and our commitment to a better body. As you go about your day today, hold your head up high and be proud of what you have achieved!

As for myself, I had a wonderful week! (In every aspect of my life!) I accomplished so much, I stuck to my food plan, I maintained my weight for a third week, my family is accomplishing great things and the weather is 20 degrees above normal, a miracle here in the north!

My weight has decreased about a pound a week on maintenance but still within a normal range for 5'5". Never posted my stats before... kind of shy... but here goes... my body out there for all to see!

bicep 1/6: 12 3/9: 10.5
waist 1/6: 28 3/9: 25.5
hip 1/6: 40 3/9: 37
bust 1/6: 35 3/9: 33
thigh 1/6: 22! 3/9: 19
calf 1/6: 15 3/9: 13 (who knew my calfs were fat?! )

Have an incredibly awesome week! Spring is here and great things are ahead- just hang in there!

Things to work on this week: My posture!!! Have to learn to stand up tall! Why am I always looking at the ground?
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Default 1st wiegh in

Hi everybody. I really love reading everybody's post. It helps me stay on track and some give me a little chuckle along the way. This is my first weigh in. Yesterday, Monday, 03/08/10 was actually my first weigh in since starting FitDay but I said I would wait till today to post my results along with everybody else so here they are:

Drum roll please . . . . down 2.4 lbs this week

I have been an emotional roller coaster for the past 4 months which caused me to gain 16 lbs. I lost about 5 1/5 lbs before I joined FitDay which left me about 11-12 more lbs to go. Thought it was going to be an uphill battle but now I feel great and know I can do it with all the support I am finding here.

Here are my stats:

07/15/08, 06/01/09, 03/08/10
Wt -180, 122, 130.2
Bust - 42.0, 35.25, 36.0
Waist - 32.0, 24.25, 25.75
Hips - 42.0, 35.25, 36.0

As you can see, my weight kind of went on that roller coaster too with my emotions. I originally lost 58 lbs and maintianed if for quite a while until the last 4 months when I gained the 16 lbs back. But now I only have 8 more lbs to re-lose and I am back down to 122. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it . . . .

Goals for the week:

Increase activity level

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Great stories, everyone! It's so important to stay positive and not beat ourselves up too much, or at least that's what I try to do. I'm still losing weight, still really hungry....Beginning stats and now:

Feb: B: 37 Today: B: 36
W:29 W: 27
H: 38 H: 36
Weight: 142 Weight: 135.2 Goal: 125
Height: 5'4"
Age(You gotta know):64!
So I've lost 2 lbs this week, and 7 since we started. I'm taking in about 1300 calories a day...hope to lose another couple of pounds before the next weigh in! Now, a nice hot cup of non-fat latte and some nasty oatmeal! You are all looking absolutely gorgeous, inside and out! Sharon
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my 1st weigh in in this thread!

I've lost 2 lbs this week, down to 133lbs! 13 lbs to go!!! I am loving these results!

I haven't taken any measurements but I should probably do that! I'll make it my goal for the week!
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GREAT results ladies. You all are doing awesome. Y'all make me jealous of your tiny waits...lol. Mine is like 29.5" BUT keep in mind I am 5'9"...lol. That's my excuse anyways.
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