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Dragonmaid_Danae 03-05-2010 10:06 PM

Little help for a pear-shaped woman?
I've recently just gotten over what I'd like to call COD, or "Compulsive Eating Disorder". It's not that I would eat all the time, it's that when I DID eat, which was at meals, I could eat a good 1000 calories at a time by just the sheer volume of the food. It's not what I was eating. It was that I was eating way too much. I've seemed to fix that problem, so I'll move on.

I've always been extremely athletic, so I really didn't have that much of a weight problem. I still don't. I'm 133 and 5'4", about average, however, I might be what some people call "skinny fat". While I am by no means skinny, much of me is definately fat. I jog, sure, and I swim, but it doesn't seem to be trimming any of the extra fat off the sides of my thighs or from my stomach. I weightlift too, and I'm proud to say I can lift a good amount of weight. But yet the fat still sticks to me like glue.

Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Or maybe there's something I'm simply NOT doing? I want to get a headstart on my summer figure, and now's as good a time as any. Feedback is much appreciated!

Built 03-07-2010 01:29 AM

Hi Dragonmaid-welcome to the forums! I'm not sure if you've been using the foods and activities tools but, if not, they have been invaluable to me in decreasing fat. I realize your weight falls in the normal range (thank goodness) but as you said skinny fat is a common problem. Have you had your bodyfat tested at a gym? That will give a baseline upon which to measure your progress. Also, taking your measurements help. There's a tool here for that. You also might want to start by using the profile and weight goal tools to get your estimated metabolic rate and then set a goal of 5 or 10 pounds to see what your daily calorie intake should look like. Checking the report tab under weight goal can help you see if you're staying on track.

Lastly, you might want to join us on the 5-15 pound thread, although the people here on any thread can relate to the challenge of improving our health habits and the forum community is filled with positive support.

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