What do you love?

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I got to the bottom of the page and realized that I should probably respond to this thread. These are the things that pop into mind:

The things I love about me...
My passion for things I believe in
That I wear my emotions on my sleeve
My brown eyes
My smile
That I really do laugh out loud when I think something is funny
That I'm sensitive and caring
That I'm the handy one around the apartment (learned from my mama)
That I didn't settle when marrying the man I love (we are equals in this relationship)
That when I'm determined to do something nothing can stop me
My morals and values
That I don't take things for granted
That I'm trying to become a better person on a daily basis
That I'm open-minded
That I love learning about new cultures and traditions
That I don't look my age (what can I say I have great genes)
I'm a great listener
That I finally realized that happiness comes from within us not from the approval of others (it took me almost my whole life to figure this out but I'm glad I finally did)
That I realize that my body is a work in progress and that just because its not the way I want it to be shouldn't be a reason not to love myself.

Making this list was harder than I thought but I'm glad I did it.

By the way Beth you look awesome!! Seriously I think I need to stop hating on other women and appreciate how beautiful we each are.
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Default What do I love about myself

I love that my size 81/2-9 feet that are long and narrow, I love my smile and beautiful blue eyes,I love my thick hair most of the time except when I have cap head after chores. I love that my but is getting smaller and my tummy firmer and my breasts are okay too considering their age. I love my legs from knees down they have always been nice. I love that I dont cringe anymore when I see myself naked in the mirror. Ive been told Im fun to be around and easy to talk to. Most important I love my husband as he has been so supportive even though he's a skinny and doesnt need to work out but wants to keep his heart healthy, so he works out with me and he's always telling me how great I look...
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I love that the belly is finally smaller than the boobs (barely, but I'll take it ) and the back boobs are gone!!! I love that (except for workout gear and work scrubs) spandex, drawstrings, and elastic waists have been permanently banished from my wardrobe. I love that I'm wearing pants that haven't fit in about 4 years as I type this. I love that it's spring and I don't have to drive to work on dark snowy roads. I love that my hair is finally long enough to wear in a ponytail without looking ridiculous. Mostly I love being able to see the progress in this "work in progress" body.

Oh....and I love that the hubs is checkin' out my rear when he thinks I'm not looking
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Nice idea Stacey-well here goes.....
I love having a gorgeous fiance to show off when we out-hes a perfect human being!!!
I love cooking delicious evening meals that are loved by the family.
Im proud of myself for going through childbirth twice and producing 2 healthy children.
I love my long black hair,my green. eyes and neat brows.
Im proud i was born in Ireland and will never forget my roots.
I love my 3 tattoos.
I like my dress sense and quirky humour.
I like my handwriting-a teacher once brought it home to show family when i was 6!!!!
Im pleased that im wise for my age and thankful for life experiences that ive learnt alot from.
I love my singing voice-think a mix of cher,bonnie tyler,tina turner,celine dion in one.
I like my taste in music- a bit of everything except dance tunes.
I like what i see in the mirror when im dressed up.
I like that i have a crazy,looney personality at times and laugh at themost stupid things.
Quite a few more than i thought but hey why not eh. Feel better already!!
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oh goodness this is really hard, but i think i should try too:
i love my long naturally curly hair
i love how my brown eyes make everyone pay attention
i love my full lips, and beautiful smile
i even love my tiny height used to hate it before
i love my 34 c or d size boobs, not bad after 2 kids
i love my hourglass shape, very small waist
i absoulotely love the way my butt looks, and seems everyone else loves the way they look too
i love my tiny legs, and tiny size 61/2 feet, very tiny, doll size
i love my self confidence
i love when walking with my kids, people think i'm their sister
i love how, after 17 years marriage, my hausband is still kinda addicted to me
i do also love my parents and how they raised me
wow, seems i love too many things about me
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These posts are awesome! Although I'm just beginning my weight loss journey (again!) there are still things I can be positive about:
-I love that I am really dang smart - I love learning and school and I was the youngest person ever to earn the highest certification in my field.
-I love that I birthed my son, who came out with his hands and arms over his face, naturally with no drugs after 14 hours of of labor and 3 hours of pushing.
-I love that I am really strong. No one ever has to lift a box for me or move furniture for me. I can flip a tractor tire, use a sledgehammer effectively, and when I was weightlifting, at my best I was curling 45-pound dumbbells for my bicep workout.
-I love my green eyes, just like my moms.
-I love that I have a tattoo and my husband doesn't - I'm just a little more badass than he is!
-I love that even when I'm heavier, my weight is distributed pretty evenly so I can hide it well!

That's all I can think of for now, but this post definitely needs to stay at the top for a little boost everyday!
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Great Idea Stacey...Although it's probably going to take me an hour to think of a few things I love about myself, I'm also posting because I believe this thread is worthy of being at the top of the page. As women, we are far too
self critical, and should really stop and focus on what we love about ourselves. Ok...here goes.

1) I love that I am strong, independent and self sufficient.
2) I love that I'm tenacious and I NEVER quit.
3) I love that I can be logical And emotional at the same time (husband hates this).
4) I love my passion for the things I believe in.
5) I love when I over-hear my words coming out of my 21 yo son's mouth (means I was worth listening to)
6) I also love my tats and what they represent in my life (and, like the previous poster, that my husband doesn't have any)
7) I love my legs...killer calves.
8) I love how my strawberry-blond hair sparkles in the sun (wow...that sounds vain)

Thats what I like about me and...if anyone out there thinks finding things you like about yourself is easy....try it...
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I've got a new one! I love that I'm finally confident enough to take a new position in my company as a sales rep instead of sitting behind a desk all day
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Good for you thats excellent. Its amazing the difference a bit of self confidence can make. Keep going you could be manager next!!!!
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one more try for me:

i love that i searched so much to find this website with all this amazing people! you ladies ROCK!!!!!!!
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