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littlethingoddes 11-15-2011 05:36 PM

How much should I eat?
Hi girls,

I'm not new to Fitday but I realized that I shed some weight and I end up putting it back on the next month so I keep yoyoing.

I'm 5'3 57kg and I'm aiming for 50kg.

Do you think eating 1200 cal a day is too much? too little?

I really have no idea what to do:confused:

Lisssssa 11-27-2011 05:45 PM

I'd start with 1200/day and see how your weight changes. Are you losing weight? maintaining? gaining? and go from there. You want to lose weight, but slowly (maybe 1-2 lbs/week, although usually you lose a bit more at first).

Rubystars 11-27-2011 06:05 PM

I would find out what the calories are you need to maintain your weight at your goal weight using one of the online calculators (or more, you can compare a few of them). And then eat that.

Always stay above 1200 unless you are very short.

wysiwyg295 11-29-2011 04:46 AM

I will admit that I am new to this weight loss business. With that said, I have had to change my eating habits due to being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. What I did is let Fit Day calculate what my calorie count should be and made sure that I logged everything that went into my mouth. I am 5'7" so a bit taller than you and it calculated 1610 calories a day for me. I do not allow myself the extra calories calculated due to exercise. I am loosing 1-2 pounds a week which I feel is a decent amount.

Just my 2 cents worth


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