Cultivating Gratitude

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  • I am glad to have a positive focus place-- great idea!
    I am grateful for:
    This amazing opportunity to experience life on planet Earth
    The beauty of people , places, living beings surrounding me
    My health, and a body able to experience life
    My loving and thriving children and grandchildren
    Supportive and willing friends, family, husband
    An amazing experience as a full time student after teaching for 32 years

    That kind of sums up the big stuff.....and grateful to all of you who are helping me get my body back!
  • Runaway: A couple of times I've noticed you mentioned "planet Earth" which reminds me of the Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction series (excellent IMHO). Are you familiar with it?

    As to gratitude, a few years ago someone recommended the book "Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban Breathnach. If anyone hasn't heard of it, I highly recommend it. As a part of the "program" she recommends keeping a daily gratitude journal as the single most important transformational tool. I found that to be true so I consider this my mental workout

    1. Sundays (no schedule to keep except formal worship if that's my choice)
    2. Extra time found to devote to the whimsicle.
    3. The way seeds sprout under proper care.
    4. Remembering things I admire about my husband of 33 years.
    5. My 16-year-old daughter's smile.
  • me too! me too!
    1. I'm grateful for the 9 months I had off. Though unemployment is scary, I was able to really decompress after 5 years of high-stress levels and ridiculous schedules. I was able to achieve peace and balance.

    2. I'm grateful to be back to work. This job is just right for where my head and my heart are at right now. The hours are steady and the start time of 9am allows me to get my workouts in with plenty of time each morning.

    3. I'm grateful for fresh, clean, and neatly folded laundry.

    4. I'm grateful for the first light of the day during my walks with smoochie poochie in the morning. Gotta love a gorgeous sunrise.

    5. I'm grateful to be blessed with a sound, healthy body that responds and does all I ask of it. I'm happy for the opportunity to make the most of it.
  • Each day, something to be grateful for
    1. The beautiful sunrise I was witness to yesterday morning while setting up for work
    2. The perfect day that I got to spend outside with wonderful people.
    3. That I have made it thru one week of being accountable for everything I eat and I am still loving it.
    4. That I joined the gym - the cold will not stop me from walking!
    5. That I know where to find other people who want to make the most of their day in a positive way.
  • 1. Clarity in thinking.
    2. My little Rat Terrior, Zoe.
    3. Hitting every stop light green on the way to work and leaving in plenty of time if they all end up red so I'm not stressed.
    4. The feeling of satisfaction after organizing a closet that was once scarey to enter
    5. Discovering a new recipe for dinner that's easy, tasty and quick.
  • 1. My husband and his support through all of this
    2. A new house (not so much cleaning it though)
    3. A job I enjoy going to
    4. 2nd day shipping (have a bridal shower to go to next weekend and i went shopping for a punchbowl this weekend and could not find one that wasn't expensive or big enough, thank you Internet!)
  • 1. People with quick wit that are thankful for things like second-day morning laugh.
    2. Having a work-at-home day in a peaceful and quiet house.
    3. Daylight hours getting longer bit by bit, and birds singing in the morning again.
    4. The little bit of soreness that's a reward from last night's weights.
    5. My husband finally working steadily again after four long years.
    6. Not giving in to wanting just-one-more-snack last night before bed.
  • So many things to be thankful for each day
    And to day it is:

    1. That I didn't let my mind limit my capabilities, and I finally took that long bike ride over the causeways to the beach. I have been working up to it, and yesterday I just decided to go for it. It was hard, but I loved it.
    2. That I am really enjoying going to the gym.
    3. That I didn't let my non-supportive family members derail my efforts.
    4. That I feel I am getting even more out of life now.
    5. That my first week weigh in was a 3 pound loss!
  • Attitude of gratitude
    1. Good tunes to listen to while I increase my cardio health.
    2. The gift of a free gym membership for myself and family.
    3. Living in a country that values life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
    4. The clients that trust me to help them reach their goals.
    5. A good night's sleep.
  • 1. It's warming up here and I can do my cardio class outside today...finally!
    2. That I still have work in the face of state budget cuts, for now.
    3. Mom's birthday...she made it to 78, and that she finally quit smoking last year.
    4. That I have an awesome son who shows more responsibility, diligence, and dedication to his obligations than I ever could have hoped (now if he could only use the hamper!).
    5. My work ethic...thanks, Dad...