7 Day Motivational starting 10/24/11

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Default 7 Day Motivational starting 10/24/11

Are you ready? I am!

OK so I'll start:

1) 8 glasses H2O minimum
2) gym or walk 4 days this week minimum
3) Low carb
4) stretch daily
5) Get out of funk

Short n sweet. And you?
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Daily Goals for 10/24 – 10/31
1. Drink 3L:
2. Walk Steg 3mi:
3. Stretch Twice:
3. 100 Situps:
5. Take Vitamin:
6. Effort in Appearance:
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Thanks for starting it Canary. Maybe "get out of funk" should be the theme this week. I know it will be one of my goals

My Goals

Get back in control
Calories below 1500 daily
Y times 2
Bike X 2
Morning Sauna and stretchs X 5

Get out of funk goals
Read something motivational
Get outside
Start planing something fun

Have a great week all. Mary
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I don't know if I'm "ready", but I'm "in" all the same. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one having trouble logging on to fitday. Here goes nothing:

Health & Fitness goals:

1. Calories 1,400 M-W-Th-Sun, 1,600 T-F-Sat.
2. Drink 100 oz of water.
3. Calorie deficit of 5,000 for the week.
4. Exercise 7 hours.
5. Protein 25% or higher
6. Log everything.
7. Report here on the motivational thread everyday.
8. 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 squats, 15 sets of calf raises.

Other Stuff:

1. Housework 30 mins + 1 load of laundry.
2. Get coupon binder sorted out.
3. Plan yearly 4-H calendar, and work on project for Nov.
4. Call Grans and Clayton.
5. Get Halloween costumes done!!!
6. Deal with outside flower pots.
7. Bake up and freeze the squash.

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Thanks, Hope. I'm ready to go at it this week. If I don't get a handle on things by Thanksgiving, I am truly in trouble. Same old basics for me.

1. 1300 calories per day max.
2. Balance the pie chart.
3. Sleep 7 hours a night.
4. Drink 3 sports bottles of water daily.
5. Exercise 7 times.
6. Do shoulder exercises.
7. Log everything!
8. Post daily.
9. Take vitamins, fish oil, and calcium daily.
10. No frozen yogurt.

Chores and projects and work stuff are all outlined in a spiral, so don't need to put those up here. I'm hoping for a really focused week. Happy Monday and good luck sticking with it, everyone!

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I'm in! My scale finally shows a loss this morning, after being stuck for a couple of weeks, and that's after having a crazy cheesecake extravaganza on Saturday, so not too shabby. I think I'm going to try not to weigh in all week until next Monday. I don't feel like I obsess over the scale, but I do think that I forget how much weight I've actually lost over the course of a week 'cause I just see it going up and down by 0.2 lbs every day. I may not make it 'til Monday, but I'll give it a try!


1.) Under 1400 calories/day
2.) Drink at least 64 oz. of water
3.) Exercise 3 times
4.) Do Astro 542 HW by Wed.
5.) Study for Astro 542 exam on Friday
6.) Read LAE/HETDEX papers by end of week!
7.) Don't weigh this week

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1. Exercise 4x
2. No trans fats
3. Emphasize proteins, veggies at every meal except breakfast
4. Stay hydrated and do lower back stretches (last week I had non-stop lower back pain and Braxton-Hicks contractions; I think I was fighting a cold too b/c I was just runny and congested and exhausted)
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Good Morning Everyone!

I'm back to square one... 5 pounds to take off (again and again and ....) I will take it off within the next two weeks, which would be November 7th. No excuses.

1. Calories between 1000-1200; LOG EVERYTHING!

2. 80-90 oz. of water a day, no excuses.

3. NO BREAD Monday-Friday, which will force me to eat the things that I should be eating instead.

4. No butter, margarine, spreads... nothing.

5. Take all vitamins and supplements; don't skip the big, nasty ones.

6. MINIMUM of 3 fruits and veggies a day.

7. Re-eliminate my "5 forbidden foods" entirely. I've proven that I can't handle a little bit of anything.
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YES! I did see the Saints game! 62-7... wow. That's humiliating. Brees is one of my favorite quarterbacks to watch. Rodgers, Brees and Favre, before he became "Brett Who?" If you didn't catch it, check out a video of the kick to TJ Lang during the Packer game. Of course, it was the Vikings... 'nuff said. (Sorry, Vikings fans! lol)

Mary and anyone else in a funk,

On the last thread I recommended a book called The Last Lecture. It will make you feel fantastic about your life, whatever it is. They should make it required reading for all 18-21 year olds. I wish I had had the opportunity to read it before I started out as an adult; a book version of Mike's "Hey, Fattie" thread, if you will.
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Glad to see so many people in, already one more step towards getting out of my funk. Showing up here.

Mike, Mern, Main, to mention a few, where are ya? And the rest of you all too!!!!

Plus I dropped 2 of my sodium pounds according to ye olde scale theis am. Sweeeet!!!
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