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cjohnson728 03-02-2010 04:08 AM

5 - 15 Pounders Weekly Check-in 3/2
Hi Everyone!

It's that time again! When Tuesday rolls around to you, jump on and check in with the group and post whatever info you want to be accountable for and/or to share with others...weight, measurements, goals, successes, hiccups, healthy behaviors you're trying to's up to you what to share about how your week went. No membership required...we can all benefit from everyone's experience! Hope everyone is off to a great week!

Built 03-02-2010 11:11 AM

Pluses and minuses for me this Tuesday.

+ Side - Side

Melted 3.25 inches of fat since Dec. 28th Went up 1 pound on scale:(
Decreased weight by 4 pounds
Flossed 6/7 nights
Exercise has been consistent
12/28 3/2
Chest: 34.5 34.25
waist: 29.5 27.5
Hip: 33.5 33
thigh: 20.5 20

I've increased my starchy carbs this week and need to get it back to 2 servings per day. Hopefully, that'll make a positive difference.

agarner3706 03-02-2010 12:02 PM

Good morning! I was able to lose this week, but I could have probably lost more if I would have stayed on track this weekend. Down 2 pounds from last week to 149. I haven't done measurements yet, might wait until Thursday for my logging day.

Beth~ great job! Your measurements are amazing , keep up the good work:)

mcestnik 03-02-2010 01:45 PM

yesterday was a pretty big success for me by being able to control my eating. I am excited to continue that trend. Someone even came over and asked if i wanted to try this awesome cheesy dip they made and i politely said i just ate some brocolli and i'm stuffed. it was SO empowering to just say no thank you knowing i made the right choice.

As for weight, I'd like to be at 160 something by next Tuesday. currently i teeter between 172 and 170. i just want to see a six after the 1.

Current Measurements (in):
Chest - 43
Waist - 33
Hips - 43 (ba donk-a-donk!)
Thigh - 25

i'd like to see my hips go down and maybe my thighs a bit, they are pretty muscular so i don't think they will get much smaller. (more of a long time goal, but i thought i'd post anyways)

my last goal is to increase some of the weights i lift, or get better form. This week i am really working on my power clean form so that i can hopefully increase my personal record on Friday.


quinnesec 03-02-2010 01:54 PM

A Week of Lessons Learned
Maintenance continues to be successful although, as many of you know, I definitely hit some speed bumps this week.

On a positive note, I just looked at my Fit Day before and after measurements and am thrilled to say that I have lost 10.75 inches from my original measurements taken on 1/5/10 and have a total weight loss of 16.4 lbs. 16.4 lbs doesn't sound like much, but when you're near your ideal weight, as we saw with ArchyJill, it makes a HUGE difference. I have dropped my BMI, my original goal, from 23.3 to 20.5 and 2 jeans sizes.

I've learned that I had sheltered myself from nasty eating situations during my weight loss and now that I am trying to re-enter, I have to "pull up my big girl panties" and just say "no". That peer pressure actually exists in the adult world with food as it must with drugs, alcohol, whatever your vice may be and I have to be up-front with people and simply say "I'm sorry. I can't eat that".

I learned that shopping for jeans CAN be fun. :)

I learned that I actually like the way I look, something that I haven't been able to say for a very long time.

And, most importantly, I learned that a steak the size of your head swimming in clarified butter is not a treat!

I learned that a big red 2 can bring a smile to my face.

Ah, lessons learned...

cjohnson728 03-02-2010 01:58 PM

Awesome job, Miki, Beth, Quinn, and Andrea!

I think I'll skip the measurements this week...don't know that I have any appreciable change and therefore it would be the "watching paint dry" syndrome. Maybe I'll go to once a month.

However, I am down 2.2 pounds to 117.2 from the dreaded standstill I was stuck at for three weeks. FINALLY! The scale is not broken after all! :D

As for the "mental report," I have really been working on straightening out my brain this week. I struggle so much with negative messages and poor body image and I tend to get so caught up in things like, oh, how come my hips can't be that small, or how come that person weighs less than I do at the same height....comparing, comparing, feeling inferior. I realize that if I'm going to be healthy about this, I need to trash those thoughts.

So I made a promise yesterday to myself that I would be in a bikini this summer. I have never felt able to do this (although as I posted somewhere yesterday I did buy a "cheater" last summer with the little skirt to hide a multitide of sins). But committing to getting a real one this year will have the following benefits:

1) It will keep me on track with my diet and exercise even after I reach goal (2.2 pounds away now),
2) It will force me to recognize that I don't have to have a perfect body to wear a bikini in public,
3) It will give me the satisfaction of doing something I thought I could never do,
4) It will ensure that our summer vacation will be at a beach somewhere (LOL, jk).

It feels powerful to have made that decision. Other people might not think twice, but for me this has been a huge hangup. As long as I'm making changes, might as well go big or stay home!

dhh8193 03-02-2010 02:20 PM

3 days and counting on this elimination diet (soy/sugar/dairy/eggs/gluten)....feeling great -- sooo much more energy. Learning to like chicken with homemade salsa for breakfast! Weird I know, but you do what you gotta do!! Keeps me from falling on my face on my elliptical in the morning without protein! :p

My first measurements & weight announcement in public -- wow, what a leap for me!

Height - 6', Weight 157 (goal 137)
Chest - 39-1/2", Waist - 27. Hips - 37" Dreaded thigh - 21".

Working on cardio & core and focusing on gluts to get my legs back in shape from that ACL surgery. Amazing how quickly you bounce out of shape missing a few days/week or so, but how long it takes to get back in shape, after 40 !! Just threw the horses in the field (running them to the furthest gate these days rather than taking the easy, close one) -- exercise + mud factor!! Now onto my elliptical :)


Cher Ben 03-02-2010 02:34 PM

I'm so proud of all of you! I weighed in at 120.4,so that's a .8 loss this week. It was kind of a transition week for me as I tried to get back to healthy eating habits. I admit I had a couple of days of eating like a jerk in there...But this week I WILL do better! I really want to leave the 120s behind for good. On the postitive side, I ate my 5 fruits and vegies everyday and plan to continue this. I started my 1/2 marathon training yesterday. It's a 14 week plan...the half is on June 5. Knowing that I will probably be breaking out the running shorts and tanks in the next month is very motivating!

kcaliff 03-02-2010 04:06 PM

I have learned some of the same things as a lot of you this week. I dropped two "eggs" this weekend. After I ate way more than normal on a date with DH, I realized that my stomach just can't take that much food at one time anymore (it was a seafood meal). I felt like I had a rock in my stomach for the rest of the night. But, it did taste good!:p

And, like a few of you, I want to get down into that next set of 10s on the scale (from the 130s to the 120s) - but haven't cracked it yet (except for the week I was sick - but I knew that was going to come back).

I was at about 130.5 this morning, so no real weight loss. I am however feeling my jeans get a bit looser and find myself pulling them up more often! May be time for a shopping trip soon! I would love to see another size drop - I've dropped from a 12 to an 8 since March 2009.

Thanks for being such an inspiration, ladies!

runawayspoon 03-02-2010 04:41 PM

I feel really good that I am still losing although it is really slow!
I weighed in at 137 again today, so I am keeping the first 5 lbs off....My measurements went from 38/29/38 to 36/27.5/36-- what I want, is 34, 24, 34!
I've not been exercising enough but in this nasty weather I really don't want to risk getting ill. I did buy some tapes and have been jumping up and down in the living room when only the dog can see me!
My goal is to lose another 5 lbs in March-- does anyone want to do a March challenge?
Thanks again everyone for your support, and for reading and sharing in the forum. It really helps to know I have someone to reach out to as I navigate this well worn path know that story, you walk down a road and see a huge hole and fall in it, over and over, and finally you walk around the hole, and eventually, you just take a different road! Sometimes I just say, oops, fell in the hole again! ha! ha! Good luck and congratulations, all you beautiful women!

Built 03-02-2010 04:53 PM

Cassie: Woo Hoo! So glad to hear that scale isn't broken. Your perseverance is an inspiration!

EVERYONE: As said, I am very proud to be traveling this path with such a positive group of ladies! We may not be perfect (thank goodness), but everyone is aiming high! What impresses me is how everyone respects each person's right to choose her own path according to her needs and goals. Very refreshing!

mambogirl81 03-02-2010 07:21 PM

Weigh in
It is so helpful to read how every one struggles with weight loss, and adult peer pressure, and eating right. I know now that I am not the only one :)

Everyone is doing so well. Seeing your success keeps me motivated too.

I am down one pound this week. Started at 140 on 2/11 and am at 138. I haven't taken any measurements, but probably should. I know the jeans I am wearing today feel looser. Yeah! This despite the Girl Scout cookies arriving at my house, and a few meals out which I didn't know exactly how many calories they contained. Keep up the good work everyone!

dhh8193 03-02-2010 09:44 PM

Ladies --

WOW! Big high five to everyone for such a great job, whether in maintenance or the journey to your goal! What an inspirational, fun group.

I know I'm the newbie on the thread -- I'd just love to know where everyone is from? Sorry I haven't had the time to go back & read thru all the threads yet -- I'm here in Northern Virginia, 20 minutes from Washington DC!

Can't wait to hear how the journeys continue to unfold...YOU GO GIRLS!!! Here's to getting your sexy on or improving what you already have (as my 20 yo daughter likes to say).... and that can mean whatever you want it to!! :)

Have a fabulous one.

PS I dropped an egg too this afternoon. 1/4 cup Edy's Girl Scout thin mint ice cream i bought today for my 13 yo son....but it hit the craving/sugar&dairy withdrawal spot & I'm THRILLED it wasn't the whole 1/2 gallon!! WOW - I did good!!! (probably because it took me 40 minutes on the elliptical to burn 600 calories this morning!) Exercise Pain reinforces no snacking in my book now!! ;)

agarner3706 03-02-2010 10:38 PM

Great job everyone!!!:D It's so good to see everyone focusing on being healthy instead of just the pounds...inches are a big indicator of the good you are doing for yourselves!

It's nice to know that we are all going through such similar situations trying to get fit and sexy! Cassie, I bought a bikini last summer and am determined to wear it to our lake trip with our friends this summer. My friends were making fun of me last year for wearing an "old lady" suit. One friend pointed out that I shouldn't care what other people think and that I probably would look better in one than at least 1/2 the people there:p I looked around and realized she was right!! So bikini here I come!

Kara, great job on the pant sizes, WOW! A 12 to an 8...amazing!!
Cherben, you are a trooper! Good luck on your 1/2 marathon training!

cjohnson728 03-03-2010 12:16 AM

Just wanted to jump in now that most of us have posted and say congratulations...everyone had something very positive come out of this week and I think we all took our learning experiences and turned them around as well! I am so proud of everyone! On a more personal note, you all are super and I doubt I would have made it through the past 3 weeks or so without the encouragement. It helps so much to have that from people who know where you're coming from without you having to start at the beginning and explain everything. Thanks bunches!!!

PS...Debbie, that thin mint ice cream comes in a light version, can have half a cup next time :) What part of VA are you in? I have a niece in South Riding and family in western MD...have you had enough snow this year? I can also attest to the fact that it's challenging to buy and keep food that will meet the needs of a food-conscious 40-something female and a 13-year-old boy!!!

dhh8193 03-03-2010 01:59 PM

Hey Cassie -- Small world. I live 10 minutes from South Riding. Shop in the Harris Teeter grocery store there daily - they have a fabulous sushi bar and the best strawberries right now. I can definitely say I'm ready for spring....we had more snow in 3 days a few weeks ago than the last 10 years combined. Even my son was begging to go back to school after the 13th snow day in a row...

The icecream was more the withdrawal craving for having to give up dairy...that's why i buy the "real" stuff -- it's not as appealing to me to eat. Thankfully my 13 yo son likes to eat pretty healthy, so not much junk food in the house. And I only buy the girlscout cookies 1 box at a time and he hides them in his room! GREAT SON!!! :)

Have a great one to the my date with my elliptical :)


staceyalberta 03-03-2010 02:07 PM

looks like everyone is doing well. i kept up with my exercise all last week & even added bellydancing.

rubypeanut 03-05-2010 03:41 AM

I didn't do so well (ate about 1800 cal's every day, lots of treats and brownies and coffee cake every day at work for birthdays and meetings and such) and only did four 30 minute workouts, but luckily my weight didn't increase (yet; keep your fingers crossed!) and I'm finally over all my colds!

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