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supy82 10-05-2011 06:28 PM

Need a weight loss buddy

I am 29 yr old single young professional woman in Va. I am 5 feet 7 and weight about 220 lbs. I am looking for support/ ideas. I am vegetarian ( yeah I know that seems not right ;). But grew up on rice and deep fried food. Anyways I want to lose 20 lbs by Jan.. Is it possible? Any ideas on calorie intake and exercise schedule? Also I am looking for a weight loss buddy and support :)

Cazk 10-28-2011 01:28 AM

Are you still looking for a weight loss Buddy
Hi Supy82,
I am 28 years old, married with 2 kids, and desperately wanting to lose weight. I weigh about 100kgs, which would be a very similar amount to your 220lbs! I am looking for a weight loss buddy also, so if you are still interested, email me, and we can start this weight loss journey together. Looking forward to hearing from you,

kag123 10-28-2011 02:30 AM

Welcome and yes with committment anything is possible;) You can also join the 20lbs in 3 months thread, there are a few of us working on it.

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