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Rubystars 09-26-2011 04:07 PM

My goals for this week.

Try to keep under calorie budget every day (had to increase it to break plateau, so now around 1800 which I've been losing weight at steadily again)
Don't murder co-workers.

01gt4.6 09-26-2011 04:26 PM

Originally Posted by Mern (Post 57809)
Yunalee, I hope you feel better soon!

Thanks to everyone who posted a "shout out" for me last week. I had fallen off the wagon big time and just didn't care. I appreciate very much the unconditional acceptance by members here whether I'm true-blue committed or occasionally unmotivated.

I'm in and I'm promising myself to stay on track all week.

Ma'am, I think what you need is a swift kick in the ass!:D SNAP OUT OF IT! We all fall of the wagon, but don't let it run you over!!!!!!! Now go post up some goals, and stick to them!

Mern 09-26-2011 04:31 PM

Thanks for the welcome back, Quinn. :)

Terri, glad your cold is gone. My list is long like yours but kinda has to be because so many of my goals have to do with my lifestyle changes for blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride management. I feel like you--when I see a lot of green in my report, I find that encouraging. Hopefully someday we'll be able to join the people with the short lists. I really am glad they can do short lists--and from what I've seen they certainly paid their dues to achieve their short list status. :)

Oh, I forgot to tell something to those who were involved in a conversation we had a few months ago about family members not taking care of themselves the way we wish they would and about trying lifestyle changes before resorting to meds--not for everything--just where it makes sense to try. Good news: my DH got aggravated with his doctor for not prescribing a refill for his Lisinopril for high blood pressure (140 over something) unless he came back for another checkup. He didn't feel at that BP he should have to go in for a checkup every three months. He was on a low dose anyway so rebelled against her by going off his meds for several months and eating more low carb after I told him I read low carb may help reduce high blood pressure. He's not logging his food, just not eating as much starchy potatoes and cut way back on cookies and snack cakes and chips. When he finally went back to the doc, his blood pressure was normal and she told him to just keep on doing what he's been doing and she didn't give him another prescription for meds.

Mike, you shave your arms???? Rooting for you to sell that one policy to reach your bonus. Congrats on being off to a good start.

bojibridge 09-26-2011 04:32 PM

I'm in... goals are the usual suspects, nothing crazy - I've got exams this week, so that's kind of my focus, but I should be able to stay on track, of course, because busy weeks don't mean I get a break!

Mern 09-26-2011 04:35 PM

Best wishes on your exams, Joanna! :)

mtlgirl 09-26-2011 04:36 PM

I'm in! Just poking my head in to say that I am super busy at work right now but will post my goals later. Glad to be a part of this amazing group! You are all awesome!

Mern, welcome back! :)

01gt4.6 09-26-2011 04:43 PM

Mern, yes I do but not as often as I should. I didn't worry about it when I was really fat, I only do it when I'm working out.

Kumochi 09-26-2011 04:53 PM

I'm in. I'm feeling motivated again. Finally back in losing mode. The regained pounds are gone - now on to smaller and better things. This week

Y workout X 3
Calorie defecit for week -- 5000
Other exercise X 5

One other goal is to get my bike serviced. Brakes would be sooo nice. Mary

dar n 09-26-2011 05:19 PM

Quinn I appear to be suffering from obsessive compulsive dieting right now, can I still play.:) Simplified goals and focusing on life and not food sounds great to me.

Yunalee Sorry to hear you are still sick, get well soon.

Mern Glad to hear you are feeling better this week.

Terri Glad to hear you are over your cold.

Joanna Good luck on your exams.

Ladies and Mike just wanted to say thanks for the great advice you all had when I had my emotional Monday. My calories were too low, I added a grain, I upped my protein, I feel more emotionally stable and lost 2 pounds all because you gave honest opinions I could try. Thank You.:D
Say something on the forum every day
Do not talk diet with family
Exercise daily
Calories less than 1500 per day
Calorie deficit of 5000 for week

almeeker 09-26-2011 05:50 PM

I'm in. It's too bad Mike didn't put together a slacker list this week, I would be at the top of the list in bold, underlined letters. Ugh, this weekend was filled with diet disaster and at the same time some really good steps in the right direction. I made my exercise goal last week, which is the first time since the swim season ended that I've managed to reach 7 hours. But ultimately this past weekend was a calorie disaster.

And wait for it, my stream of excuses: our oldest turned 10 on Sunday, so we hosted a slumber party on Friday night, and of course she wanted to have a pizza party along with cake and ice cream. And I mean seriously how often does your only oldest child turn 10? Just once, so you have to eat cake and be a party mother for the weekend right?

For entertainment we took her friends to the movies, but I didn't have any popcorn or junk during the show (score 1 for mom). I bought all the kids a "munchie" box, which has a drink, about 3 cups of popcorn and a piece of taffy, so all in all not too bad really. Except some of the kids got Mountain Dew slushies as their drink. Ugh. Then we had the pizza party back at the house, and once I got started I spiraled out of control and ended up eating like 4 pieces of pizza and a bread stick, and that was BEFORE cake and ice cream (strike 8 against mom)!!!! What a nightmare, I was so bloated and uncomfortable that I almost couldn't sleep.

But on a more positive note, once the kids had eaten pizza they got to playing "Just Dance II" on the Wii, and regardless of weather or not they had a remote they were all dancing. It was hilarious! Makes me wish our living room were twice the size so we could have Just Dance parties every Friday after school. Okay, maybe only every other Friday, but seriously it was great to see all the kids laughing and having fun together, doing something positive and good for them.

So now I'm back in the diet zone as it were, although I've had a little trouble today because I had to attend a "Birthday Club" luncheon for the eldest. But hopefully the birthday business is now over with and I can get back on the buggy.

Healthy Goals:

1. Calories at 1,400 or less 4 days, 1,500 (or less) 3 days.
2. Exercise 7 hours.
3. 100 oz of water.
4. Calorie deficit of 4,000.
5. Protein at 25% or higher.
6. Log intake and report here, every day no matter how ugly.

Other Stuff:

1. Get oil changed in car.
2. Clean car.
3. Big fat load to Goodwill.
4. 30 min housework + 1 load laundry + 1 drawer, cupboard or closet.
5. Make appointments for orthodontist and wizards.
6. Call Grans.
7. Work on Halloween costumes.

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