50 pounds to lose anyone????

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Originally Posted by hawaiiadobo
Oh my gosh - I can't believe I've been away for so long. But I'm back and am happy to say I am at 200.3 right now!! Wowzers. I actually started cleaning out my closet because a few of my bottoms were just too big - I've been on the slow and steady weight loss train, and while it does get pretty frustrating, what I have as inspiration is a picture of me at day 1. When I get a little down, I look at that picture and then look in the mirror and know that changes do happen - just gotta put in the time and effort.

Have a great weekend everyone!
I have a picture of my son and myself at his graduation on my laptop background picture. When I saw that picture, I decided to really do something about my size. I put on that same dress the other day and it fit alot better. I think it is time for an update picture in the same dress to put side by side (if I can figure it out). Welcome back and great going so far, keep it up.

Starting weight : 198lbs (6-20-10)
Current weight : 186 lbs (8-12-10)
Mini goal weight: 175 lbs (8-24-10)
GOAL WEIGHT : 120-130 lbs (12-20-10)

"Every journey starts with one small step."
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Default new to fitday

hi guys all the way from australia i am currently 176 lbs hoping to loose 55lbs to get to a healthy range weight. was shocked when forums said i was in the obese range which scared the hell out of me and thats when i desided no more yo yo diets and starvation diets. i am going to drink that water eat that lean mean and vedge

does any one have any tips or advise on what worked for them?
what were there diet plans?
did you cut out carbs, fat, ect.

i see some amazing results

im a new mum to a baby girl 4 months so the most excercise i can do atm is water arobics and brisk walking with the pram. i hope that will help me

any advise is welcome
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Hello everyone. I am new to FitDay and I'm liking it so far. I am currently at 224 and would like to be 160. I have a long journey ahead of me. I am having a hard time finding healthy foods that I like to eat. I have a sweet tooht and have always loved pasta of any kind. Any suggestions of good things to eat? Can you still lose by eating what you want but keeping within your calories and exercising?
I am in need of some supportive people. Thanks to all who respond.
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Thumbs up I dooo!!

I have 50LBS! to lose and i know its gonna be hard trying to change all my habits but I NEED to change. This extra weight its taking a toll on my health, self esteem and self image. I am ready to start getting into healthy habits and be better all around for myself.

I am going to try weight watchers I've heard really good things about it and I am also going to start an exercise routine 3 times a week. I am going to take this slowly to make sure the results last, because I have lost weight in the past and its been quick so as soon as i stop what i was doing i gain double the weight back, so now I have given myself a year to complete this process...

wish me luck and hopefully by next summer I will be able to slip into a bikini and enjoy the beach!
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I'm currently 182 lbs but would like to be 130 lbs, so I guess we have about the same to lose. I stay very close to 1200 calories per day and alternate running 3 miles per day with 30 minutes of weight lifting, 6 days per week. Have been doing this for 3 weeks and have only lost 3 pounds. It's very discouraging. I'm not giving up, though. I was diagnosed last year with insulin resistance, and that makes it very hard to lose for me. After a year of medication that didn't seem to help at all, I'm going it on my own. Good luck to you!!! I love the inspiration.
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u most defintatly could be gaining some muscle. a pound a week is still really good i think . i know we all hope for 2 pound a week or for dreamers like me 4
but any loss is a good loss
i too am sticking to the 1200 calories and using this site has helped me soo much
i try for 1 hour excercise 4 times a week.
i worry thoe once i pateau, what will i drop my calories too?
do you have any information for me on that.
i think i google too much and with so many advertising sites they tend to scare you into what they say is the "best"

any way keep up the great work and keep passing on the info
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Talking Hi!

I don't know if I should reply or not...I don't have 50 pounds to lose. I have 97. I have been doing this for a week and stick with a ratio of carbs and protein...I do zumba and try to stay active. I have lost 6 inches total body so far. You seemed discouraged before. (I noticed that you posted in Feb 2010) I'd like to know how you made out so many months later.
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Smile Welcome all newcomers!

Hi Everyone,

I'm really excited to see so many newcomers here! It's so great to see so many people wanting to do something positive about their health.

For all of you who think a pound a week is not enough, let me tell you that in 12 weeks I have lost 15 pounds, which is roughly a pound a week sometimes, two but usually one. Right now I am at that stage when my weight loss has become noticeable and friends are commenting and it feel fantastic! It took less than 3 months to get here and I tried to enjoy the journey as much as I could. Celebrate every single one of your fitness victories! For instance, as soon as I was able to run a full 5K and I got myself a new handbag ($40 on sale at Anthropologie, yay!) I find that setting mini goals for myself works well but they have to be reasonable and achievable. How ever long it takes, the time will pass anyway so enjoy the process!

Good luck to all of you!

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Thanks, evalee24, for the reply. I've been told before by a nutritionist that a plateau can last for a week or so and not to worry. If you stick with the program that's helped you, you can see that plateau move overnight once your body realizes that you're not going to give in.
What kind of exercise are you doing?
In reading some of the other posts, I really had to give myself a good talking to. Any little success is really a major one coming from staying the same over a couple of years. Hooray for us! We're accomplishing our goals one step (or pound or inch or %) at a time!
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at the moment i am doing water arobics twise a week and walking wat we call zig zag which is a very long graduall hill which takes 1.5 hours up and down then a bit of walking here and there.
as much as i can with a new baby and my partner works away.

its hard to see the light at the end of tunel. i guess thats why we are so hard on our selfs when it looks so far away haha

i got some ribbon and measured my self with it in the areas that fit day said
to measure. in a month il pull them out and see what areas im loosing weight.
if i use a tape measure i will be constantly measuring my self dwelling on the numbers

i ate roast meat tonight which put me up to 1300. will that make a huge difference? im so confused with the callorie counting normally i just read the carb and fat grams
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