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Default Help, Metabolism has stalled

My metabolism has stalled, I think from dieting too much on very low calorie diets. I used to be anorexic but now I'm on meds that cause weight gain. Does this fitday program really work? HELP! I started on 8/24, haven't weighed myself lately but I know I lost 2 1/4 lbs before I started this program. My weight is 129 and my goal weight is 115 by 10/24. I'm doing low impact aerobics every day for 20 minutes for now while I build my way up and also a little hiking. Anyway I really like this fitday program please tell me if it works for you. And any ideas on how to jump start my metabolism would be great, thanks.

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You may not want me to say this but the number one way to jump start your metabolism is to eat. I know it seems like a contradiction in terms but this is how people's bodies work. You need enough calories to be able to meet all your body's needs.

Have your doctors told you what a healthy, normal weight for you should be?

If they tell you what it is, then listen to their advice. It's actually healthier for you to be a few pounds overweight than it is a few pounds underweight. You might not think of it that way because of all the emphasis on the obesity problem in America and all the obesity-related health risks, but that mostly applies to people who are more than just a few pounds over the limit.

It's unhealthy to be obese but it's even more unhealthy to be significantly underweight.

As a rough estimate of where you should be at you should check your BMI (body mass index) which is a good guide for most people, although your doctors may override this and can tell you whether what the BMI chart indicates is right for you.

You didn't say how tall you were so it's hard to know where your goal weight falls on the BMI chart, which would give people here a good indication if what you're aiming for is realistic.

Once you know how many calories you should be eating (your doctor can help you with that) then you can use fit day to log your foods and see if you're eating enough or too little.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but eating disorders permanently change your metabolism, and i am in the same boat. i have found that the best thing for me is to focus on getting lots of protein, calcium, and iron and not focus too much on what i should not have. as long as you are picking foods that have lots of nutritional value, you are on the right path. we are about the same weight it seems, and have similar goals, because i too, in the healing process put on a few more pounds that i feel comfortable with. if you would like diet/exercise buddy, let me know
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If you used to be anorexic, then your doctor is familiar with your medical history. Why are you dieting? Does your doctor say you are overweight? The meds that you are taking - what is the explanation for their use from your doctor? I don't really believe the whole 'broke metabolism' and 'stalled metabolism' stuff myself - and I realize that I am somewhat unique that way. But dieting - and setting a goal - when you were previously anorexic - sounds like something that should be done with medical supervision. Anorexia is very serious (kills people).
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