7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 8.29

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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6
The last time I did a head shot was when I was dialing in my scope.
Almost would rather have that kind...I HATE having pics taken; will put up with candids, but posing, phhhbbbllltt!

Have you heard anything from home? Anything floated away yet?
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Nothing floating. It's starting to finally clear up.
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Hey everybody! Great job on the race Mike! I'm really impressed with you, and totally cracking up over the "I'll take a pic of the guy walking backwards juggling, right before I trip his ass". LOL. That's awesome that you finished 13 minutes faster than you were hoping for. Sorry we were all off-line. I tuned in this morning, but did not see any of your posts. I wonder if there was a glitch?

Cassie, I'm soooo with you on getting portraits taken. Hate it. Sorry that it was so pricey, too bad you don't live closer I have a slew of photographer friends, and most of them can be convinced to barter/swap services. So maybe you just need to keep a look out for a crazy photographer? Okay maybe not crazy, just a little unbalanced?

Mtlgirl, LOVE the pics!!! You have talent girl! Makes me want to be in England all over again, although I was not nearly as well behaved as you. I ate and drank whatever I wanted and came home with a bun in the oven!

Mern, you had such a beautiful green week. Congratulations. I gotta say you're really determined. This morning as I was tossing down the last of the pumpkin muscle muffins I happen to see some leftover spinach in the fridge and thought to myself, "there is no way on God's green earth I'm putting hot sauce on that for breakfast". I don't know how you do it, spinach for breakfast would leave me eating through the fridge door by 10:00am.

brandismom, I'm so glad the GF diet is working for you. Hopefully it will continue to work. I can manage it for about 4-5 days and then the dam breaks and it gets a little ugly.

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I actually got a pic of him juggling, I'll post it up tomorrow. I didn't trip him bc he wasn't going backwards.
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