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I think almeeker did mention taking baby steps. It could be that's all you're able to do with your current health situation. Did you ask your doctor about possible ways to exercise that would be healthy for you? He or she might have some good ideas so that you can get in a workout without harming your health.
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Originally Posted by PurrfectBetty

Thank you for the advice about the pie chart. I'll have to see what my ratios currently are and make some adjustments where possible.

As for the butt-kicking portion of your response, it's rude since you don't have all of the facts. I am all for telling someone like it is and I try to be very honest with myself about what I am capable of doing (but yet are too lazy to do) and what is not in my best interest. For starters, I have a PhD in Behavioral Medicine, so I know about the benefits of an active lifestyle (especially for those with sore joints). However, I was diagnosed with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis 12 years ago. Within the first 6-months my elbows deteriorated to the point where I can no longer straighten my arms fully (making weight lifting painful since I can only strengthen 1 section of muscles). Within 1 year, I was bed-ridden and have had to fight my way through that. 2 years ago I tore the cartilage in a previously injured knee and have had a slow and obstacle-filled recovery. I am still on crutches. Also at that time, I had to have wrist surgery and the surgeon said my bones looked like those of someone who was 87 years old (so our age difference is irrelevant!). So while I appreciate your go-get'em attitude and your taking the time to "support" me, you don't have all of the information and you are not my health care practitioner so please do not for one second "know you're right" about my capabilities.

Even though I think you brand of support is ignorant, I wish you good health.
Okay so you hurt and struggle with exercise, and I really am sorry that you have so many health issues. However I'm still going to stand by my advice, if you move more and workout more you will not only burn more calories, you will feel better and give yourself a better quality of life. Although clearly you will have to take baby steps to get there. My own mother has RA and fibromyalgia, and guess what? She watches her diet and works out every day, just to feel sort of normal. Her workout is not your typical trip to the gym, she goes horseback riding, and she swims. Both of which cause her pain, but it's the best medicine for her conditions. She's even been able to go off some of her pain meds.

One of my knees has no cartilage left, the damage was so complete they ended up removing the whole thing during the last reconstruction surgery, so I'm bone on bone in the right leg and it's about 1 1/2" shorter than the left. When I was at 244 lbs, it hurt constantly as did my hip, the pain in and of itself was downright debilitating. However at a lighter weight and with daily exercise it's much better. If I go 2-3 days without exercise it hurts more. I suspect that if you're still on crutches that you might have access to a physical therapist. The PT I saw for my knee was at a sports med clinic. He had this theory about treating the whole body rather than just the broken parts. So my suggestion to you would be to discuss your workout limitations with your doctor and PT and get some routines and machines specific to your needs. Seriously, this is up to you. You can either sit around and lament how incapable you are, make one excuse after another and call me ignorant, or you can do something about it.
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