Conversation with myself

  • "There's just one piece of pizza left, seems such a shame to waste it."

    "You don't need it, throw it away."

    "Yeah but it's just one piece..."

    "That you don't need."

    "It's wasteful."

    "Would you rather be fat?"

    "Well, no...but there's so many people who don't have enough to eat."

    "How is your overeating going to help them? Are you going to mail that pizza to the starving kids in China?"

    "Well, no that would be silly."

    "OK then. Throw it out, it's OK....really."

    Sorry Grandma.
  • Lol! I have had those conversations with myself as well...So did u throw the pizza away? lol
  • This is awesome. And SO familiar!
  • Yes, I threw it away lol. It's a long process, un-learning the "clean your plate" mentality I was raised with. My grandma was a very strict lady who could really only show affection through food, and my mom didn't have much money when I was little, so yeah I have some old habits that are really tough to break.
  • Hey!

    From the sounds of things, your "issues" are very common among most of us here. You're right! They are hard lessons to un~learn. I guess that is why support systems like this are so important. You can do it!
  • Ha! That lifted my mood!

    Also a familiar conversation with myself.