7 Day Motivational Thread starting 08/15/2011

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Morning all, my week of must do better didn't even last a day
Yesterday evening, after i'd completed my cals for the day, a friend called and brought double chocolate chip muffins - humongous ones too - and I cut one in half and had it with her but after she left i could hear the other half calling to me from the kitchen and just before bed I gave in. So today will be the least cals I can make it and some time walking.
Did manage 30 mins yesterday and I'm walking more quickly.
Also going to do a vegetable stir fry from scratch this evening as my lil sis brought a bag of fabulous bounty from her wonderful garden.
Have a great day
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I never noticed how much walking I do at work... I walked 5.05 miles just at work alone.

Monday check-in

1. Keep calories below 1400 980
2. Drink 8 to 12 cups of water daily 8
3. Take vitamins, calcium, and fiber Yes
4. Exercise 3 to 5 times a week, 2 to 3 times each day Yes (3 times)
5. Go out for walks 3 to 4 times a week No
6. Log everything! Yes
7. Take a picture of weight loss Not yet
8. Post on my weight loss blog two times this week with picture Not yet
9. Go out to eat only twice this week Ate in

Other goals
1. Apply to jobs fast Applied to one
2. Get a new job Nope
3. Once get new job, join a gym Nope
4. Start apartment hunting, hopefully Nope
5. Post a new article in hubpages Nope

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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Just so you don't have your husband in the front yard with a "free" sign .
With a "FREE" sign staple gunned right between his eyes. I threaten my kids with this pretty much every time they are rotten, well it's either that or I say we're gonna play Cinderella before the fairy Godmother shows up.

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Goals for the week:

1. Calories 1,500 M-Th, Sun, 1,800 F-S. 1,500 on the nose.
2. 100 oz of water. Y
3. 7 hours of exercise for the week. 70 min (total 1:10)
4. 5 servings of fruits and veggies. Y
5. Calorie deficit 3,500 for the week. -1,040

Non fitness goals

6. Clean out dressers. No
7. 30 minutes of housework daily + 1 load of laundry. Y
8. Keep spending to a minimum. Y&N Went shopping, didn't spend a lot, but did spend some.
9. Create a new sketch for the church project. N
10. Clean out camper. Y

Yesterday I did pretty well, didn't swing as many of the non-fitness goals as I did the fitness. But seriously it tends to be that way for me, I can hit one group or the other, but both is often next to impossible. I woke up this morning at like 3:00am, and even made myself stick to low cal snacks that will work into my plan for the day.

Mern, DH and I will be celebrating our 14th anniversary on Sept 5th. We dated for 2 1/2 years prior to that.

Quinn, so do you still have those bikes and the used husband in the yard with FREE signs on them or did the consignment shop truck pull up and lighten your load? So when you complain about him do you start your sentences saying "my next husband will be...", or are you more along the lines of "when I'm a widow in prison"?

Cassie, I'm glad DS's first day of school went well. Ours go back on 9/6, and the oldest is already stressing over being a 5th grader. Why I'm not sure why really. Next year when she hits middle school should be the bigger transition, but then again she's a weird kid.

Mike, I downloaded the app, but can't seem to figure out how to play. It wants to connect with my facebook account? Why does it need to do that?

Lizards, one muffin does not make you a dieting failure. You might want to have a little chat with your friend about calories and dieting and what you're trying to do.

I have plenty more to say but it I don't get my fanny exercising, it's just going to get bigger and uglier.

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Well, I'm going to put a note on the fridge to remind myself to take vitamin D in the morning, and put a note in the bathroom to remind myself to take fish oil in the evening. Seems I just remember one or the other.

Monday Report

Fish oil and Vitamin D NO
Five servings veggies/fruits 5
Calorie limit 1600 1238
Carbs less fiber limit 25g 23.5
Sat fat limit 12% of total calories 11%
Cholesterol average 300mg per day 149

Artificial sweetener limit 2 packets per day 2
Sugar free candy limit 2 miniatures per day 2 1/2
Water 64 oz. about 24-forgot
Exercise 5 days procrastinated until I was too tired
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Cassie,you did great on your food and water--especially in view of the Mexican restaurant. LOL on the boy possibly becoming vegetarian after he finishes reading The Food Nation. Sure is a crazy way to accelerate the math classes. Our district goes with honors courses for "fluffier" high school grade transcripts and advanced placement courses for college credits.

Mike, that was a great cheat day with so little over in calories!

Lizzie, the exercise and veggie stir-fry will go a long way in getting you back on track after the muffin. Congrats to you on that.

ChibiSub, you're off to a good start this week. Whew 5 miles of walking at work alone is GREAT!

Amy, congrats on those 14 years coming up! Also congrats on your great start for the week on your food and fitness goals!
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1. log, Log, LOG! M:Yes
2. 500 calorie deficit daily M:-599 Weekly total (-599)3. 80oz water daily M:Yes
4. only one diet soda daily M:Yes
5. 45 min exercise 3 days week M:No (15 min)

1. Catch up office paperwork & filing M:About half
2. File paperwork at home M:No
3. Clean car windows & vacuum carpets M:Raining
4. Weed flower & veggie gardens M:Raining

Lizzie...You can cook real food too. And once you get used to it, it really doesn't seem to take much longer. I enjoy it because the smells and colors are so much better than with the ready made stuff. Just because you ate one muffin doesn't mean you are doing terrible. Is your friend aware of what you are trying to accomplish? You are going to eat good tonight with those fresh veggies! Yum!

Rose...That spin class sounds like such a good workout. I wish I had the nerve to be around other people while exercising, but not yet.

Mern...I'm glad to hear that you are happy about your granddaughter moving in.

Amy...I'm on my first hubby too! We are a limited bunch. Mine will be 18 yrs in October. We only dated 10 months before marriage though. Sorry to hear about your friend who had bypass surgery. So many people think that is the easy way out but I really don't think it is. Good job on getting in 70 min exercise!

Mern...I often have to remind myself to do things. I send myself emails at work from my phone at night when I think of stuff, LOL

Quinn...did anyone come pick up your hubby?

Mike...Rum cake? Never had one but glaze sounds delish!

dlw1464...Good job on the logging. I bet you saw things you didn't expect! Keep up the good work.

Cassie...Sounds like all in all a good first day in high school. What kind of cookies did you make for when he got home?

ChibiSub...Wow that's a lot of walking just at work all day.

I really hope that my scale is not just playing games. Yesteray I hit 286.2 for that nice round 45lbs lost figure. Today it is 284.6 which is another 1.6 lbs in only one day. And not even a day that I ate really well and worked out either. Hmmmm....I will take it but I am weighing daily to try to see a pattern. I'm trying not to become obsessed with it though.

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April, congrats on that round 45 lb. weight loss. I hope your scale is right at the lower weight this morning--that does happen sometimes when the fat is melting away more rapidly. THIS granddaughter is very mature and demure, has a boyfriend, but both she and he are education oriented and looking forward to college next year. I would not invite her teenage sister to come live with us--I wouldn't be able to put up with her moodiness and attitude.
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April, congrats; you will hit that 50 lb. mark before you know it. I made the peanut butter sandies from the Prevention website. It was the right choice bcs they are good, but not so good that I will shovel them in my mouth all day long.

almeeker, "When I'm a widow in prison..." too funny! Good job on your exercise yesterday, what a great start to the week. 5th grade is a fun, fun year. I'm sure after first day jitters she'll be on her game.

Lizzie, sounds like a potential brief derailment but I'm sure you're back on your game today. Are you getting excited about your vacation yet?

Chibisub, way to go! Most people overestimate how much they walk a day. Looking forward to your posting pics.

Mern, I have a hard time remembering my calcium at night. I made it a goal so I would see it when I checked in, but it didn't work all the time bcs I sometimes checked in the next morning. I think a big ol' bright note would do the trick. Or, in keeping with the theme of the thread, stick your husband there with a big note on his forehead . Thanks for reminding me...I need to get some more info about AP classes. When I was in school you took them as juniors and seniors only but I've got an "intent" form to sign here for SS this year. I know it is nothing compared to those of you with upperclassmen, but it feels like every organization and then some wants my money this year!

Going to see if I can make it through cardio tennis today without coughing my head off. Sure is strange to have it so quiet here!

Have a great day, everyone!

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Amy, I don't go through facebook, it wanted me to but I didn't choose it. Go into setting and just choose a username, then send me a pm with hour name & I'll set the game up.
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