7 Day Motivational Thread starting 08/08/2011

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I'm sorry that I really haven't replied to anyone, today has been hectic, not because of the stock market crash and burning, just a busy day.

I thought my cheat was much worse than it was until I realized that I had my Subway sammich listed twice.

1) Eat clean 6 days (only 1 cheat day): no
2) 3000 calories deficient for the week: +175
3) Weigh in on Monday and post a picture of the scale & my weight goal chart: yes
4) Make my food log public: yes
5) walk 10 miles: 4.01
6) gallon of water a day: yes
7) work out 2 times: no
9) daily:
vitamin yes
floss yes
10) no more than 2 servings of nuts per day (including peanut butter) yes (2, unless a Butterfinger Blast counts as nuts)
11) 5 servings of veggies a day (green veggies don't get logged) NOPE (maybe one with the veggies on my sammich, but I doubt it)
12) no bread (of any kind) for 2 days no

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Hi everyone,

Just dropped by to wish you all a great week. I will be internet-less for the week so won't be joining this week.

Have a great one!
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I was really bummed out about not being able to find any almond milk anywhere in Bristol. But yesterday my coworker told me about a health food store right around the corner from where I work so I went to investigate. I didn't find the almond milk but I did find hazelnut milk! Whoa, where has hazelnut milk been all my life?! I steamed some for my morning coffee and it was delicious!!! And it pretty much has the same nutritional content as almond milk! It's the little things that make me so happy! I love my morning coffee!

Mike, gorgeous sunset shot! And how CUTE are your dogs?!!! I can hardly stand it! that Mytsie is so priceless! She makes me want to rush out and get a chihuahua right now! Except for the killing sprees, that is a bit of a deterrent.

Hope, I loved reading about your hail storm adventure and how grateful you sound that you experienced it with your friend. Thank goodness the dog was not lost! Hope you have another special day today!

Lizzie, thanks for the welcome! It has been a real treat being here on your side of the pond for the last couple of days! However, I'm in Bristol and last night there were riots going on. It sounded like they were right outside my window! I heard screams and police sirens for what seemed like hours. It was pretty intense.

Debbie, welcome to the thread! You are certainly not alone in having tried every diet under the sun! Glad you found us though. This is a great group and you will definitely be motivated!

Quinn, don't be so hard on yourself! You walked 2 miles yesterday and that is really good and your calories are not over by very much at all.

Cassie, so sorry to hear that you are still fighting that nasty cold. I'm hoping you got a good night's sleep!

Everyone, have a great day! I am going to set out on my one mile uphill climb to work... sending you all the best wishes for a spectacular day!
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Monday Report

Health & Fitness Goals

1. Calories less than 1,500 M-Th & Sun, 1,700 F&S. 2,104
2. Workout 6 hours. 60 min (Total 1:00)
3. Keep carbs below 50%. 53%
4. Drink 96 oz of water. Y,
5. Calorie deficit for the week of 3,500. -918

Other stuff

1. Get coupon binder straightened out. N
2. Housework, 30 min/day + 1 load of laundry. N & Y
3. Pack for this weekend. N
4. Deal with some of the state paperwork. N
5. Call YMCA. N

No time to chat today. I have to get out to the garden.

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Default Monday Report :-(

1. log, Log, LOG! Yes
2. 500 calorie deficit +581
3. 80oz water daily Yes
4. only one diet soda daily Yes

Ugh! That is not a good way to start the week. This is the first time that I had to post that I had no deficit. We had oven fried chicken last night and I went way overboard followed by a binge on cheez-it crackers later in the evening. Oh and a lettuce & tomato sandwich on white bread with mayo. OMG! What the heck happened!! That and my exercise was limited to a 20 min walk during lunch yesterday. I was out for my 1.5 miles but about 1/2 mile in my stomach started to feel...well ya know and I HAD to head back.

Today's exercise may be limited as well. I really need to step it up! I am not going to get any further by doing the same things as I have in the past month. That is why I am stuck. I'm mad at me today for this. I haven't gained but I haven't lost either and now that I am back to logging I definitely see why I am not losing. Someone give me a firm kick in the ass please!

Mike...I love a guy who knows how to take care of his dogs and pampers them! I love the sunset picture! I would feel weird seeing myself every time I came to the thread too.

Rose...sounds like you are off to a good start over there. Glad you found fresh veggies at the market that make it easier to stay on track.

Debbie...welcome to the site and the thread. Congrats on deciding to find the healthier you!

Hope...I loved your adventure story. Glad that it worked out well in the end.
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Hey everyone. Mike, your dog is adorable and that picture of the sunset is beautiful. I wish I were looking on that every night.

Was able to get a good workout at the gym yesterday. Ran two miles on the treadmill and then did a lot of leg and core work, plus pushups. So since I haven't done those in who knows how long, a little sore today. But plan on hitting the gym at lunch as well.

Keep up the good work everyone and keep this week going strong!
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Quickly popping in-my online time will be very limited this week. My daughter (single parent with four kids) is on crutches since moving a heavy nightstand and knocking it over onto her foot. Not broken, but very badly bruised and swollen and she can't walk or drive. So I'm the family taxi for now and am taking care of the kids--at her house more than mine, plus driving her back and forth to work. I'm so glad I live only four miles from her and she works just one exit up the Interstate.

A special hello to Rose across the pond in Jolly Old England!

Kudos to you who are doing well and big hugs to those who are struggling.

Monday report

Fish oil and vitamin D daily NO
Five servings veggies/fruits daily No
Calorie limit 1600 608 (six hundred eight-crazy day)
Sat fat limit 12% 16
Cholesterol average 300g per day just 35g
Net carb limit (carbs less fiber) 25g 13
Track protein 31g or 25%

Artificial sweetner limit 2 packets per day 0
Sugar free candy limit 2 pieces per day 2

Water 64 oz. YES
Exercise 5 days YES
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quinn: Glad to hear those college apps are all done!

Ann: For the scale - that's funny!! Can I have your scale? Or maybe Mike's magic scale? I think you should use whatever number "feels" right to you. Great job on your exercise! Very inspiring.

Hope: Yay! Good to see you, how was your vacation? LOL at your story, it's not pathetic, it's awesome!!!

Joanna: It does feel good to be in the 160s, thanks! Just the motivation I needed I think. I usually don't weigh every day, but I had to peek this morning, and I was down to 168.7, so I guess it wasn't a trick my scale was playing on me! Great job on your calorie goals last week!

Cassie: Welcome back! Sorry to hear about your cold, they're always so inconvenient. I wish you much rest and relaxation and some nice homemade chicken soup to cure what ails ya

Mary: What a GREAT idea about getting the food shopping done! I may have to use that next time the fam goes on a long vacation, I think that's really smart and well worth the $30.

April: I usually miss the weekends too, I just tend to unplug and stay away from computer screens. I'm going to try harder this weekend though to at least check in. Good luck this week, keep your eyes on that 50 lb. goal, i'm right there with you, I'd love to see 165 by the end of August for my 50 lb. mark! We can do it! Keep your eyes on it girl and do better today, yesterday is HISTORY!

Lizzie: Hi there! It's nice to see another cross-stitcher! I try to keep up with mine but it tends to come in spurts. What are you working on? I'm working on a very large piece that's a "Christmas Faerie" -- she's about a foot tall, taking me forever! I was hoping to have it done by Christmas but that's not looking too good.

Mike: Beautiful sunset picture!!! Worth it being out on that boat I bet, even if the fish weren't biting And hey, your cheat day wasn't too bad this week! Though that doesn't mean you get another one!! Lol. Mystie is an amazing walker, good training Dad you are!!

Debbie: Welcome and good luck! We're a good group here, let us know if you need motivation on those great goals!

Main80: Thanks for stopping by, have a great week! Looking forward to seeing you back!

Mern: Good to hear from you, and I hope your daughter feels better soon, that sounds like it hurt! Ouch! Glad you're able to help out with your grandkids; what a blessing!

Monday Report Card

1) 6000-7000 calorie deficit for the week M: -886 (Week Total: -886)
2) Average of 1200-1400 calories for the week. No single day over 1,500 calories M: 1,157 (Week Average: 1,157)
3) Exercise 3-4 times this week M: yes, 30DS, Level 2
4) Eat a fruit or vegetable serving with every meal M: No (breakfast)
5) Daily multivitamin M: yes
6) Cals over 1,100 on Saturday and Sunday M-F: N/A
7) Report/read this thread every day, including weekends!!! M: yes!
8) 96 oz. of water daily M: yes

9) Clean/vacuum out car M: no
10) Donate laundry bags full of fat clothes M: No
11) Balance August budget M: A little

Pretty happy with that report. I'm sore today, but it's that good sore that I like. I have a lot of housework to do tonight so we'll see if I get exercise in, but I'm going to try! However, the laundry pile is starting to look like it's developing eyes...and a mouth... oh dear!

Need to find a good fruit that doesn't give me intestinal turmoil after I eat it for breakfast, OR, need to find a better way to incorporate veggies in breakfast. Unfortunately, I'm super-picky about omelettes and I haven't mastered cooking them yet, or that would be easy. It does seem that I handle peaches OK in the morning, so that's something (had a peach with breakfast today and so far, so good!)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Ann....good for getting all that exercise in. I may need to steal a page from your book

Mern...sorry to hear about your daughter's foot. I hope it heals quickly. I can't imagine not being able to run after the kids & house.
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Thanks Terri! We will keep each other motivated!!
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