5-15 Pounders Weekly Check-In 2/23

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  • As generally agreed, we're going to begin checking in on Tuesdays for accountability, support, encouragement, and pats-on-the-back. Please feel free to post weight, measurements, any other stat that means something to you, successes, failures, what worked well this past week, what didn't work, or any combination of the above. Looking forward to seeing everyone on board!
  • Hi ,

    I not do muts yesterday but today i am going for a long distance walk .
    I'm 5.08 voet and i weigh now 144.4 pound ,
    My body measurements are
    Neck 13.7 inch
    Bicep 10.6 inch
    Forearm 7.8 inch
    Chest 34.2 inch
    Waist 33.5 inch
    Hips 37.7 inch
    Thigh 19.7 inch
    Calf 13 inch

    I want to lose so 20 30 pounds so i weigh than betwein the 121 and 110 pounds .
  • Well, I am checking in at 151 today That's 4# so far...getting closer every day!


    Start / Current
    Neck:13.25 / 13
    Bicep:11.75 / 11.25
    Forearm:9.25/ 9
    Chest:36 / 34
    Waist::33 / 32
    Hips:39 / 38.25
    Thigh:22.75 / 22
    Calf:14 / 14

    Can't wait to see everyone's great results for the week!
  • A Good Week
    This is my first week of maintenance after reaching my goal. I must say that it has been full of trial and error, but I'm slowly finding my way from weight loss to maintenance. It's actually a lot harder than I though it would be. After meeting my goal, I actually went down 1 lb. Not that I'm complaining, but it means I haven't quite figured out my caloric needs. Maybe I'm just scared to go back to my old eating for fear of gaining it all back again. Have to find balance. With your help, my new goal is to get off of the gain 20/lose 20 merry-go-round and be at peace with food and my weight. KEEP ME HONEST! And thanks so much for your support along my journey... it makes all the difference! This week: 124

  • Welcome monnikjuh!

    Nice job Andrea! You should easily reach your goal at the pace you're going

    Excellent Quinn! Yeah, I've wondered how long it would take to readjust cals and whatnot during maintenance, so keep us posted.

    Starting weight: 160
    Goal weight (short term): 150
    February Challenge Weight: 159
    Last week's weight: 160.2
    Today's weight: 156.6
  • well after over doing it on the weekend i'm losing that weight quickly. i was right looks like a lot of it was sodium. i swear to god salt & i = camel that's how badly i hold onto water...lol. i need to just be more accountable well dbf is around.
  • Tuesday weigh in
    I have to remind myself that this is going to take time! After eating well and working out more this week, I am only down 1/2 pound, but it's a full pound after 2 weeks, so I should be happy.I just want it all to magically fall off while I am sleeping

    Started 140
    Current 139
  • Hey Quinn, I can relate. I have this fear that when (and if) I get to goal, I will be afraid to add the calories back in to maintain. Although now that has shifted to the fear that I will never be able to go back up on calories.

    I am still stuck.

    Weight is 119.4 (started at 129.8 on Jan. 5). No changes for 2 weeks
    My goal is 115.

    According to my handy-dandy Tanita body fat scale, though, my body fat percentage has gone from 28% to 24%.

    I didn't take measurements when I started (or I did, and didn't enter them?).
    But I can start tracking now:
    Chest: 33"
    Waist: 26"
    Hips: 37.5" (I know this was 38 a week or two ago when I measured for jeans).
    Yes, I'm a classic pear.

    Trying to focus on the positive. I am really proud of my results from my physical last week...cholesterol 115, triglycerides 43.

    Exercise...going great...6 days a week and right on plan.
    Eating...going well...no big splurges, only small ones I planned for.

    Not letting work stress get to me and sleeping 7 hours a night are goals for the week (and beyond).

    Carry on!
  • Hey Cassie - do you like your scale? I have one that claims to measure body fat but the numbers are always so wild that I have a hard time believing it...
  • AJ...I like it as long as I understand that it's all relative. It seems reliable enough that I can say that yes, my body fat is lower than it was, but I'm not under any delusions that it would be the exact reading I would get if I had one of those fancy body fat tests done at some university. But the numbers I'm getting are slowly but surely decreasing, not all over the place. It's always off during my cycle, though, cause a larger percentage is water, I would imagine.

    Everyone is doing great!!! Congrats!