5-15 Pounders Weekly Check-In 2/23

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Cassie- Had to laugh... we have exactly the same measurements!!! LOL
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Congratulations to EVERYONE! I'll have to add my measurements later today but so far here's where I am:


start (1/29/10): 129 2/23/10: 124.2 Ultimate goal: 120

Dental Flossing

Every night since we talked about starting this thread!

Glad you're all following through with this...it's nice to feel everyone's reaching for their best health ever and we're ALL gonna be feeling wonderful It's one of the best gifts we can give our loved ones!
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Hi everyone! Got over the hump and starting to get into the '30's at last! I started on Feb 2 at 142, and lost 5 lbs so far! This site, especially the calorie counting and no lying, is really working-- I appreciate the support of friends as well-- so thank you all!

Starting weight: 142-- 2/02
weight: 137
goal: 125
bust: 36
waist: 28 (!)
hips: 36

Now on to the next five pounds: yeee haa!
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Hi all,

I haven't checked in since I first joined this group a few weeks ago. I was at 132 with a goal of 125. I started this effort on January 14 and have only lost between 1-1.5 pounds so far. I guess I have to keep it in perspective - I started to change my eating/exercising lifestyle last March at 152 lbs and as of this January had lost 20 lbs, which equals a little less than 1/2 lb per week.

I feel like I've been doing good - getting at least 30 minutes and sometimes more exercise per day. I've been keeping the calories to between 1200 and 1300 a day. Maybe I need to cut that down - when I lost weight last year, I kept it at around 1100 calories (so hard to do!).

I can relate to the people who feel afraid of what will happen when we reach goal and can up the calories a bit to maintain. I now feel like any mistakes I make go directly to poundage!

Does anyone know what would be a good balance of carbs/protein/fat to shoot for? On my fitday pie chart I average about 50% carbs, 32% fat, and 18% protein - I have no idea what I should be averaging to help my metabolism.

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Default weigh-in

woops! thought we were posting on the other thread...

ok here goes...

height: 5'1"

starting weight: 119.2

current weight: 114.2

goal weight: 100 (by end of April)

phew... good luck ladies!
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Age: 50
Height: 5"2"
Current Weight 121.2
Goal Weight 112-114
Bust 33"
Waist 27"
Hips 35.5"
Right thigh 22.25" (no this is not a typo)

I will eat at least 5 fruits and vegies each day!
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