Looking for some advice. Need to know if Im doing this right!

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Default Looking for some advice. Need to know if Im doing this right!

I apologize if this isnt the correct area to be posting this but Id really genuinely appreciate any help!

Upon joining this site it has provided me with the following information:

"Calories you burn" (2519)-"calorie restriction" (926)= "calories I can eat" (1593).

Does the "Calories you burn (2519) figure in my
daily exercise? I walk or bike for about an hour, burning typically 200-400cals. I am 5ft3, 185lbs and am trying to lose 40lbs by the middle of January.
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This isn't an answer to your question (sorry) but I just want to comment that it's very difficult to estimate how many calories are burned with an activity. You write that you burn 200-400 calories by walking. I'm heavier than you are (more pounds to move) and when I walk - it takes an hour - a measured route (flat terrain, at a steady pace), I don't even get 200 calories burned. And that's what fitday is telling me. I think that there's a lot involved in measuring activity. It's a very loose approximation, calories burned. Compared to that, 'calories eaten' is easier!
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I usually don't add in my activities and just keep my lifestyle as sedentary, little movement because I figure that might be an accurate way. Exercising does burn calories, but if you eat more because you exercised, you erase the benefits of the exercise in most cases, unless you're doing heavy physical work all day and NEED a little bit more food to be able to function.
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