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Eating raw veggies is not 'starving yourself'. It's delicious and it fills you up with lots of nutrition and fiber AND it can taste wonderful.

I think if people ate more fruits and vegetables every day they would have enough calories left over at the end of the day to have a higher calorie meal for dinner. I say higher, not enormously caloric.
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Man, I just lost my writing.
Anyway, Thanks Kathy. I know what you mean and agree with you. You could sabotage yourself big time if you are not always think about calories. I have been there.

Thanks for the encouragement. Everytime I read, I regain my power. I fell as if I found myself again now.
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'I think if people ate more fruits and vegetables every day they would have enough calories left over at the end of the day to have a higher calorie meal for dinner. '

I agree. That was my point. You can have the low-calorie veggies (raw or otherwise - they're still pretty low-calorie, as a group) AND have the room in your daily diet for something a little 'richer' in calories. You balance it. It's the 'feast and famine' pattern where you say, 'If I'm going to really have a good time, forgetting all about calories and eating whatever I want, then I have to pay for it by eating minimal calories and depriving myself'' that gives calorie-counting a bad name!

I'm not saying anything new. It's how Weight Watchers works, for example.
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I don't think I could ever forget all about calories unless it was one of those once a year deals. I would want to log something even if it was high calorie.

I guess my point is that vegetables are a perfectly good food and eating them isn't depriving yourself in any way. They may not be a double quarter pounder with cheese but they can still taste pretty good and fill you up.

I eat raw and cooked vegetables and fruit for most of the day and I enjoy it.

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Default Getting to be "fine with it"

Take no prisoners, (wo)man up and acknowlege that people like us may never be able to eat "normally" for whatever reason. Just like alcoholics can't ever drink "normally". I've come to that realization and I'm fine with it. After 15 months of daily logging it's second nature and I plan to do it "forever".

YOu are so right and I can't believe this is a lesson I forgot. I did two years of regular logging, paying attention to my calories and letting NOTHING get in the way. I have to accept that and MAN-UP!

SO, that said, I'm going to close out this thread and start a new "MAN-UP" Thread. I love the discussion here.

RUBYSTARS __ I think you are right in that you've figured out WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!!! One thing I did learn on my first truly acceptable weight loss success (after being on my first diet at like 8 or so (maybe even six?) -- the old fashioned weight watchers with the "diet meal" of hamburger and cottage cheese? Remember that?

Anyway -- I think that we all have to hold each other accountable and know that what works for one doesn't work for others but share EVERYTHING that works for each of us. ANd everyone needs to respect the differences because the ONLY QUESTION THAT CAN DETERMINE IF IT IS RIGHT OR WRONG IS: "ARE YOU LOSING WEIGHT???"


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