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quinnesec 07-25-2011 04:42 AM

Just got back from an 8 mile bike ride... first time since I had my first SI joint injury several years back. (Use to do 10 miles each morning before the injury.) We'll see how it feels in the morning. I'd love to get back to cycling again... I really have missed it!

For anyone who has been experiencing problems with logging in to fitday, the forums, logging foods etc., download Google Chrome. I was using IE and it was really fighting with fitday. By using Google Chrome, all of my issues cleared up instantly, for some reason.

I'm with you. Forget logging and just try to eat as healthy as possible while on vacation. As far as the jello shots, my husband's sister introduced my daughter to them...ugh!!! I think that she may have enjoyed them a little too much!

MAIN80 07-25-2011 05:52 AM

And catching up!

Cassie, Thank you for your wishes, you sound like you had a busy busy weekend and managed to report here so many times and keep your goals in check! Sorry I missed your challenge on reporting here over the weekend.

Rose, thank you for the encouragement, glad to hear your ankle is better. Enjoy the heat before you have to endure english cold, although you are probably used to it.

Mike, best wishes for the coming week with your goals and computer news. And I certainly wouldn't want a hurricane to hit your way, so I will keep the breeze then ;)

Mern dear, sorry to hear about your uncomfortable moment with your friend and the subsequent stress eating. It is hard to understand people and the reasons behind our reactions. But lovely breakfast you had, sounds very romantic. I am currently dealing with my cheese addiction I find it hard to just have a piece when I start, but you are right I had noticed that I could skip the cheese in sandwiches because it got lost in all the other things. I think I did really good on the week and ok over the weekend, I cut, weighed and just had that piece so...

Mary, have a good day in court tomorrow, surely I am happy Monday is coming soon, I always feel its like a fresh start.

Quinn, your bass story is perfect! I imagine the heels and the smirnoff, very classy. Jello shots to begin with have been my doom plenty of times.

Hope, I just watched True Blood, I love Eric, I thought I should let you know. And also dont worry you will get back on the horse tomorrow!

Joanna, great you can report even on your trip! You are doing great.

Rubystars, get more food in ok? :)

Chibisub, my best wishes for your job and I hope you are feeling better.

Good night!!

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