Whip Cracking Motivational Thread Starting 6/27/11

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Hope, sorry to hear about your babies not doing well.

Mern, of course you were missed. Keep that in mind the next time you decide to run off...

Cassie, don't beat yourself up.

Enjoy your 4th everyone.
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Hope, I can totally sympathize with you about your kitties. I have had a hell of a difficult Spring with my dog. He was brutally attacked by another dog in late March, spent 5 days in intensive care, then suffered a bladder infection and a month later I found out he had cancer. He had to have surgery and I have spent about $4000.00 in total on him. Luckily the old guy pulled through everything and aside from his impaired eyesight and hearing (he's 14) he is a happy little pooch who still has a spring in his step believe it or not! All I can say, is definitely get a second opinion! Vets are people and unfortunately some of them just see dollar signs, and want to convince you to run every test under the sun on your pets so you have to watch out for those. And please don't worry about being a Debby Downer! If you can't vent on this forum, we might as well shut it all down. May I say, that I think you are doing amazing! Naturally you feel like holing yourself up in your bed with a bag of chocolate, but you didn't do that! I certainly wasn't strong enough to resist which is why I was away from the forum for about 2 months. My greatest goal is learning to deal with my emotions, without numbing myself with food. I think it's great that you can express yourself here because I am sure that it helps you resist that bag of chocolate.

Mern, yay! Nice to have you back and hope you enjoy your new Asics! I am definitely and Asics girl all the way! My Y is just a short walk away too.

Cassie, thank you! I did have a good week except for that big hunk of birthday cake on Saturday night. I am so jealous of your jetskiing this weekend! Glad you had a good time at the in-laws!

Main80, wishing you a great week!

Mike, Happy 4th to you too!
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Thank you everyone! Rose, what an intense story! It sounds like you went through so much but I am so glad your doggie pulled through. It also gives me hope for my guys. Meanwhile, DD is volunteering at the animal shelter (she is a good kid) and is trying to convince us to come look at the kitties. She thinks we should adopt Harry an adult and a baby (or three) she has her eye on, not to replace just to enhance and cheer DH up.

1) 1600 calories maximum (maybe more realistic): 1180, 1480,1298,1780 (so hungry lately), 2500 (gulp), 1185,1345
2) walk or gym 4x this week- Yes at 10pm no less, no, no, walk, no,no, no fibro bad
]3) 64 oz water minimum"] 72, 64,36?, 64,72, 72, 80
4) stretch"] yuuuuuuuup, no, tried to fibro prevented movement, yes, yes, yes, yes
5) cut sugar: yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes ate sugar free chocolate tho
6) reduce carbs-yes, yes, no, no had pizza, no had big pretzel, yes, yes
1) write 1 hour daily- yes, had writing workshop, wrote all day, yes, yes, no just a bit of journaling, 3 or more hours
2) meditate-yes, no, no, no, yes, no, yes
3) don't fight with DD- NO, Yes got along great, yes, NO fought yet again, how do we get into this?, yes but I was a bit nasty, yes tho I had good reason to lose it, I kept it together, was fabulosu we watched tv in my bed together and talked and laughed
4) find vet for other cats and bring em-researching, made appointment, left message for old vet for records, vet on Friday, went to vet, very depressing, vet after holiday, same
5) make vacation plans- trying, trying, TRYING, YES booked a trip, Virgiina Beach
6) make plans to visit colleges-No, NO,NO, NO, ish, DD must take the incentive, same
7) listen-No, NO, yes, eh, yes, uhhhhhhhhh no, yesyesyes
8) fix blocked ear (odd I know)yes, fixed ear again

Happy 4th everyone!!!!!

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