Whip Cracking Motivational Thread Starting 6/27/11

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checking in with my number... oh and I have my epidural scheduled for the 12th

1) avg 65g carbs for the week: 28.3, 47.9
2) 3000 calories deficient for the week: -770, -114
3) gallon of water per day: yes, yes
4) workout 3 times: no, yes

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Default Report card for Tuesday

Good morning Everyone!

I had a super intense work day yesterday. I am trying to meet a deadline for Thursday and literally sat glued to my computer for over 10 hours. I barely broke for lunch, eating at my desk, and by the end of the day my butt was killing me and my hands were numb. Luckily this is a 4 day work week here in Canada because of our national holiday on Friday.

I am gearing up to go for an early morning run now despite being exhausted. Wish me luck!


1. Eat between 1100-1400 calories per day: YES 1214 YES 1337
2. Exercise 4 hours: YES 40 min
3. Drink 10-12 glasses of water: DONE! DONE!
4. Take my multi-vitamin: YES YES
5. Eat over 30% protein: YES 34% YES 38%

Other goals:

1. Hem curtains: 1 panel done
2. Water flowers: YES
3. Deposit check:
4. make pear salsa:

Have a great Wednesday, Everyone!
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Originally Posted by mtlgirl View Post
I've never tried Josie's! I will next time I'm there. My favorite restaurant in all of NYC is La Esquina, on Kenmare in SoHo. It's delicious and unique Mexican food, not your usual burritos and tacos. You have to call to reserve because the dining room is hidden beneath a diner and you have to go through the kitchen to get to it. It's awesome! We just don't have that quality of Mexican food here in Montreal. I also love Mexican Radio which is also in SoHo. There are so many amazing restaurants in New York, and frozen yogurt parlors. My personal fave is 16 Handles on 2nd Ave in the East Village. Damn, the yogurt is so good!

As for Alexander McQueen, you don't have to get special tix, just pay the entrance fee to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. After you get into the museum you may have to wait in a second line to the exhibit. It's been on for a while now though so I am assuming the lines won't be crazy anymore.

You're so lucky to live in NYC, Hope!
We're going to the Met, and probably the MOMA or the Gugg too. Personally I would go to all 3, but the kiddos and I do not have the same love of art - yet. I'm working on them. We're absolutely going to the planetarium, the kids will love that. We're also taking them to the Statue of Liberty and to Ground Zero. We told them last night that we're going on a trip and who could guess where. The youngest pipes up with "NEW YORK CITY!" And DH and I were like, "How did you know that?" We've been pretty secretive about the destination. Anyway she gives us this incredulous look and says, "I always wanted to go there, so I knew you were gonna take me there for my birthday." Ah the logic of a 5 year old. I can't believe she's getting so big.

My parents went to NYC a couple of years ago and said that there is an ice cream parlor in China Town that is not to be missed, like 100 flavors of ice cream. I think I've been to 16 handles, but that was a long time ago. In college I dated a guy from Manhattan.
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Well, I not only need the whip cracked, I need to be flogged with it. Yesterday fell under the "I should have known better" category and I am sure I will pay for it; as a matter of fact, I already am. It's DH's late week at work, so dinner is at 9, and I let myself get way too hungry, always my major downfall, because then the snacking orgy starts and does not stop. So, here's hoping it's out of my system now and I'll have a wonderfully healthy and productive day.

1. Balance calories in & out. Yes, Epic fail
2. Exercise 6 times. Ran today, None
3. Drink 64 oz. of water or more. Yes, Nope
4. Sleep at least 7 hours a night. 6.5, 6.5

5. Don't buy new clothes, no matter how good the sales! Yes, Yes
6. Work a little on organizing photos for scrapbooks every day. Yes, Yes
7. Make final decision on bathing suit before Saturday; return others. Started
8. Gotta do it...smile more, bitch less! Yes-EVEN at the cell phone store, which took Herculean effort, I only bitched when necessary
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Thumbs up First time participating in the Motivational Thread....

I'm 50 and struggling....

131 lbs @ 5'2"
Starting wgt=131
Goal wgt=117

  • Exercise daily (30 min)
  • Tennis 3 days (90 min/per day)
  • Drink 48 oz of water daily (minimum)
Going out of town this weekend goals:
  • Consume NO fried foods
  • Consume ONLY ONE glass of wine per day
  • Consume vegetables at every meal (or breakfast fruit)
  • Consume NO restaurant prepared potatoes

Let's see if posting this helps!
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Welcome Ginger!

Posting here helps me a lot, just knowing I have to update my post helps me make better choices.

Good luck!!!
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Hi Ginger, welcome to the thread. Your stats are really similar to mine; I'm the same height, started at 130, and my goal was 115. And I'm a tennis player, too .

Good luck with your goals. I will say that this time, using FitDay, I was able to achieve mine and although I slip up big time occasionally (ahem, yesterday), I've been able to maintain. If I can do it, anyone can, so I have faith in you! Looking forward to seeing you post more.
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Welcome aboard Ginger.

Cassie you sound like a teen talking about an epic fail.
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1) 1600 calories maximum (maybe more realistic): 1180, 1480
2) walk or gym 4x this week- Yes at 10pm no less, no
]3) 64 oz water minimum"] 72, 64
4) stretch"] yuuuuuuuup, no
5) cut sugar: yes, yes
6) reduce carbs-yes, yes
1) write 1 hour daily- yes, had writing workshop
2) meditate-yes, no
3) don't fight with DD- NO, Yes got along great
4) find vet for other cats and bring em-researching, made appointment
5) make vacation plans- trying, trying
6) make plans to visit colleges-No, NO
7) listen-No, NO
8) fix blocked ear (odd I know)yes

Rose, you've been doing awesome! And 10 hours of work, I envy your focus!!!

Mike I am curious to hear about your epidural in July. I know it's a bit of a ways off but hope it goes well. I expect we will hear details, yes?

Cassie, don't be so hard on yourself, honey. I like how Mike said you sound like a teenager with "epic fail," one of my DD's favorite phrases BTW.

Speaking of DD, she's back together with the BF. Yeah I know. Big hickey on her neck. YEAH I KNOW. And yes we talked about all the things we should talk about. I am trying to remain "cautiously optimistic."

DH, who did not see hickey, says he owes US and has to cook US a big meal. IDK about that but he did make a nice steak. Of course, since DH doesn't eat red meat, that does him no good. Wish us luck! He's going off to college soon; so are a lot of her friends and her BFF's boyfriend, which will leave her BFF a wreck and when she's a wreck, my DD follows. Did you get all that? As Bette Davis once said "Fasten your seatbelts. It's gonna be a bumpy ride." Give me strength. Hide the chocolate. I already hit my desk drawer stash.

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Man, getting back from vacation sucks. I've had my head in scramble mode ever since I got back - interview requests for the book are exploding, I'm starting a pilot experiment, my boss wants to go over my research proposal, and I'm working on the last stages of editing book #2. The days are FLYING BY HECTIC, and yesterday I had a 13-hour day in the lab, so my eating suffered a little, and I was way too exhausted when I got home to work out (and also had a big bowl of pasta for dinner!). Sorry for not checking in yesterday - I'll do a double-duty on my report today!

I'm still working on pink-dress pictures. My camera appears to have forgotten how to flash so most of my pics were really dark. My family got some great ones, but convincing them to e-mail them to me might take a few days.

Monday and Tuesday Report Card

Food, Exercise, Lifestyle Goals
1) Achieve a 3,500 calorie deficit by food alone M: -744 T: -429 (Week Total = -1173)
2) Achieve a total 7,500 calorie deficit by a combination of food and exercise M: - 972 T: -429 (Week Total = -1451)
3) 30 Day Shred six days of the week M: yes T: Day off
4) Two days of "extra cardio" exercise M: No T: No
5) At least 96 oz. of water daily M: yes T: I think so
6) Do not weigh until Friday M: yes T: yes
7) Achieve between a 40/30/30 and 50/30/20 (C/P/F) ratio for the week (I'm flexible on this - really I want the protein to be at 30!) M: 37/28/35 T: 48/20/32 (Week Pie Chart: 42.5/24/33.5)

Other Life Goals
1) Get my head back in research!! M: Yes T: Big yes
2) Make an effort on my appearance every day M: yes T: yes
3) Clean something every day M: yes (kitchen) T: No
4) Work on my sewing at least 5 hours this week M: No T: No

Hope: I didn't see that your cat passed on! My sympathies, sending you a big hug!

almeeker: I bet your garden looks fantastic! Great job on your goals! I'm lol-ing at Kid Clean. I remember those days fondly. Ahhh, if only it worked for real life...

Rose: Your goals look awesome! I'm loving reading about NYC. I'm happy not to live in NY anymore for a lot of reasons, but having that amazing city close was one thing I miss. And all the GOOD FOOD! This is food porn!

Ginger: Welcome. We're all here for you - the accountability of this thread really does help.

Mike: Epidural! :-o Good luck!!!

EPIC FAILZ! Pft. One day is not epic, but I love the expression! You'll get right back on track
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