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Mern 05-30-2011 03:02 PM

7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 5/30/11
Wishing everyone a wonderful memorial day.

This week's goals:

Calorie limit 1600
Calorie deficit 800 per day
Carbs less fiber 25g
Track grams & % of calories from protein
Track % of calories from saturated fat (10% target)
Track mg. cholesterol (300mg. target)

Artificial sweetener limit 1 packet per day
Sugar free candy limit 2 pieces per day

Water 64 oz.
Exercise 30 minutes, 5 days--no lame excuses
Be sure the day's custom foods in FitDay have sat fat & cholesterol listed.

01gt4.6 05-30-2011 03:14 PM

happy memorial day everyone.

Mern, I'll let you in on a little secret. ;) To change the title of the previous thread click "Support group for just woman" when all the threads pop up, hold your cursor just outside of the hyperlink, to the right, of the thread & double click. It'll highlight the title, now click inside the title and chance it to read what you want, then hit enter or click outside of it.

Now for that little tip, I ask one favor... no Jane Fonda workouts today. ;)

taubele 05-30-2011 03:22 PM

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Thanks for starting the thread, Mern!

So... I stepped on the scale this morning and....! Absolutely no change from last week, exact same number. I didn't get disappointed though, I just laughed. Oh, scale. You tease.

I know that I'm getting to the weight that I was for a very large part of my young adult life... between 170 and 180 lbs. (I'm 180 and change right now). I'm telling myself that my body is comfortable and "used to" being at the weight that I am now, and it might just take awhile or more extra nudging to get the scale to move beyond that "comfortably fat" zone that I had for so long. I have a new jeans size to celebrate, and that's plenty motivation other than what the scale says or does not say. I know it will move soon. My body can be stubborn and comfortable all it wants - it won't win! I'll bust through 180 shortly. I can feel it. It's coming. Far cry from where I was last week, scared of it.

My goals aren't changing much except to add a caveat about the balance of my working out. I'm really focusing on the workout and protein goals this week - I am constantly under my 30% mark, and that needs to change. It will only change if I concentrate on it, though! Off to a good start this morning - I included Greek Yogurt in my breakfast to get that protein boost. I'm at work currently - it will be interesting to see how many people actually show up on Memorial Day!

Food, Exercise, Lifestyle Goals:
1) Achieve a 7,000 calorie deficit through a combination of eating and exercise
2) Do not skip exercise two days in a row.
3) Three "Cardio Days" and Two "Weights Days."
3) At least 120 oz. of water daily
4) Weekly carb average of 50% or less
5) Weekly protein average of 30% or more
6) Do not eat out more than twice for lunch and twice for dinner

Other Life Stuff:
1) Smile more, bitch less!
2) Make an effort on my appearance every day
3) Journal or talk about my anxiety. Don't self-sabotage.
4) Read articles every day.

Here's to a good week, everyone!


Mern 05-30-2011 04:03 PM

Terri,congrats on the skinny jeans! You are so right to not go by those scale numbers--go by how comfortable you are in your clothes and how you feel about your success so far. Scales are liars anyway--and fickle, too. LOL Congrats on making changes to your diet to see if you can nudge the scale, though. Too bad we have to figure out all this stuff ourselves--wish there was such a thing as a one size fits all diet. LOL Interesting the change you made to your diet--the Greek yogurt. Just last week I changed my breakfast from eggs or a protein shake to non-fat yogurt with flaxmeal. Sucks that you have to work today!

Mike, thanks for your help on my thread opening today. Thanks, also for telling me how to change the title of the thread. I copied and saved your tip in case I ever do that again. :) I promise no Jane Fonda workouts today. LOL I'll just do 2 miles of my aerobic walking DVD. The pic of your pooch with the stick is darling. So sweet that you got her to stand still, posing for the photo op. Wow! Your report for calories eaten last week is really impressive, especially the carbs and sat fat! Congratulations on a job well done! Wasn't that you who baked and ate cookies--and you wound up that fantastic anyway? I'm just about speechless!

I'm trying to get my sat fat down to 10% also, but my doc doesn't want me to have as many as 120g per day protein and I have to keep my carbs at 25g or less after deducting fiber to keep my blood sugar in the normal range. I made a host of changes to my lifestyle diet to lower total and saturated fat and increase monounsaturated fat and Omega-3, but the only way I can get closer to 10% without increasing my protein or carb grams is to eat less calories as well; and eating lower fat and lower calories is making me feel hungry just an hour after eating a full meal. I've been really moody since Wednesday--don't know if it's just me letting people and situations annoy me too much or if it's a brain thing going on from messing with my macros too much all at once. I got squeezed in for a 15 minute conference this coming Wednesday with my new doc to discuss the list of changes I made to my diet (a bunch of them) to see what help she can give me. It'll be a good test to see if she's still pro low carb for me after seeing my fat intake numbers. I've been using the FitDay database to calculate sat fat for frozen veggies because even though the package nutrition labels say zero sat fat, FitDay's database says otherwise. I was amazed that even lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers contain sat fat. Small amounts, but it adds up. Maybe she'll tell me it's OK to go by the nutrition labels on the packages. That may help my sat fat %. :)

cjohnson728 05-30-2011 04:10 PM

Thanks for getting it going today, Mern. I know it's still the weekend for some, but I need to start over today. Last week was abysmal and I am afraid to get back on the scale. Back to the basics; when I do it, it works. Problem is, I just haven't been doing it.

1. Limit calories to 1200* (average).
2. Exercise in some form or fashion 7 times.
3. Drink 64 oz. water daily.
4. Sleep 7 hours daily.
5. Take all vitamins & supplements.
6. 5 fruits & veggies per day.
7. Journal; I've got to figure out why I keep slipping!
8. Log everything.

9. Work on the Mom Cave.
10. Catch up billing.
11. Begin organizing photos.
12. Smile more, bitch less ;).

*I am not sure about my ability to do this one. I'm going to try, but it may be that my efforts to do this in the past have left me with not enough food and caused me to rebound into eating waaaayy too much in the evenings. Or that could just be my lack of willpower and desire for immediate gratification. I'm going to give it a shot but I reserve the right to modify it if I'm crashing.

Thanks to MAIN80's goals, I did have an unexpected goal accomplished yesterday. Her goal about the clean inbox haunted me, so last night I cleaned and organized mine down from 1848 emails to 42! Felt good!

Have a wonderful week, everyone :).

cjohnson728 05-30-2011 04:15 PM

Mern, are you looking in FitDay for the veggies through the browse foods feature? When you do that, you can select "from frozen, cooked without added fat" and that may help. You present an interesting logic problem; I'll be interested to hear what your doc says Wed. Regardless, you're doing great!

Terri, sorry your weekend's over; enjoy your day! It looks like you're shaping up to kill it this week!

Mike, I agree with Mern. Your numbers from last week looked fantastic. Congrats, and may you have another good week this time around!

01gt4.6 05-30-2011 04:59 PM

I planned on today being my cheat day, I started it early. I woke up during the night with munchies, baked cookies again. This morning was donuts. I'm on a sugar high. Between feeling high and having the muchies, you'd think I used a vaporizer...

taubele 05-30-2011 05:31 PM

Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 (Post 47559)
. Between feeling high and having the muchies, you'd think I used a vaporizer...

ROFL. Vaporizers - they're going to be the wave of the future!

Mern: Thanks for the encouragement! I really do think the scale is just stuck. I feel great. It's just being a stubborn little monkey. I'll tell it what-for!

Your diet problem sounds like a real conundrum - I hope the doc can help you figure it out, and that you feel better after tweaking your diet! You're so rigorous with checking the sat fat % -- that's something I've been eyeballing as I go but not making a huge deal about. I'll be really interested to hear what the doc says!

Cassie: Good luck on your goals this week! They look good! I find that when I'm going for a low-cal day (>1200) that lunch is REALLY the key. I'm good on ~200 cals for breakfast (as long as it's high-protein - an egg and some of that pre-cooked bacon does it for me, they're REALLY low-cal), and if I plan my lunch right I feel great with just a small dinner of roughly ~400-500 cals or so. I don't know if that will help you, but I'm rooting for you!

cjohnson728 05-30-2011 06:01 PM

Thanks, Terri. That's about what I'm shooting for, and FitDay really helps to track everything. I really needed the pep talk!

I try to keep an eye on the sat fat to the extent that I want the other fat to be double the sat fat, but I don't do anything special other than throw in some nuts or peanut butter if it's not balanced. I usually end up with the sat numbers being like 5 or 6%. You can only pay attention to so much, ya know? I love the weekly pie chart that you can pull up, since it evens it out for you if one day happens to be off. Mern, I'm glad you have a doc who's so invested in helping you plan things out.

MAIN80 05-30-2011 06:34 PM

Happy Memorial day all.

Mern, hope you find some light in the whole macro thing and that you get enough calories to keep you satisfied.

Mike, yes I was impressed with you carb % last week considering you had 2 cheats... how is that sugar high coming along?

Terri, great attitude, the scale will move soon enough, in the mean time you can enjoy your jeans. And congrats on hitting your calorie deficit last week!

Cassie, glad to hear you got your inbox clean :) Hope you manage your calorie average this week, I have snacks in between to calm down my hunger before the meals.

I feel like I need a cheat day soon, I am feeling more cravings for the past days and like my appetite is coming back. I need to plan it though and also work around not feeling guilty when I do it. I will see if I can make it through this week, if I feel like it's not going to happen then I will just probably have it sometime in the middle.

1- Maintain a 1200 weekly average.
2- Drink 3 L of water a day.
3- Exercise 5 times during the week.
4- Organize photos
5- Finish the report

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