7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 5/9/11

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Default 7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 5/9/11

A new week; let's get it off to a good start! Goals, anyone?

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend
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My goal this week is to keep my carbs below 100gms my calories below 1500. I have been having a problem with carbs being too high, over 200. My goal each day will be 60 - 100. I also want to exercise everyday. 4 days of sunshine should make that easier. My journalling, water and supplements I have control of. Mary
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Splurged a little yesterday, getting back on track!
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Health & Fitness
1) eat clean for 6 days
2) drink a gallon of water a day
3) take daily:
fish oil
4) 1500 cals deficient for the week
5) floss 7x
6) good/ productive work outs
7) encourage/ push the next person to post

Non Health & Fitness
8) 2 random acts of kindness
9) post a YouTube update

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FINALLY the forums are working for me!

I couldn't log in all weekend to the forums I could enter food, but whenever I tried to log onto the forums, I got logged out. I'd re-log in, try to enter the forums, and get logged out again. Over and over and over. Sorry everyone

I'm logging in now from work. I'm going to check my cookie settings at home, maybe there's something wonky?

Accountability: I had a hell of an unplanned cheat day on Sunday. Long story short: Went to play disc golf with my boyfriend. We had a great time, though I was not feeling well (still am not feeling well). When we got back to the house at about 3:00 or so, he called a couple of buddies from work just to chat and brag about his score (BF is pretty good at disc golf. I suck!). It ended up that I got about half a dozen mechanics over to our apartment to spend the evening -- on Mother's Day! I kept asking them if they weren't supposed to be taking out their mothers and wives One of the mechanics told me that their wives told them to "get out of the house!" lol - I assume there were shopping trips or spa days involved, but I don't really know, and they wouldn't give me a straight answer - or everyone gave me a different answer. I love those guys, though, and it was nice to have a total boys' night at the house. I have an inner tomboy that got to come out and play.

I had not gone grocery shopping and was not prepared to cook for so many people, though, so we ended up ordering out for pizza and subs.

Three light beers, four slices of pizza, and about half a dozen cheesy breadsticks later, I stand here chagrined. Carb binge and overload of epic proportions. I logged everything and the numbers are not pretty. I don't even want to know what the scale says Since it's my favorite TOTM and there's going to be associated weight wonkiness on top of the damage from yesterday, I'm just not going to step on the scale again until next Monday, and try to suss out the damage this week. I'm still feeling pretty badly health-wise (I have laryngitis and a bad cough, as well as a general BLAH feeling. It may be a bout of mild allergy-related illness), and it's going to be a challenge every day not to go for comfort foods. If I can eat clean this week, I consider that a success. Thus, my goals are changing just a little bit to reflect my illness and my "eating clean" to try and work out the bad and get back on track. I need a back-to-basics week.

Mike: Just wanted to tell you, from last weekend, that you have a lovely daughter, and she does look like you! Thanks for posting the graduation pic!

Food, Exercise and Lifestyle Goals:
1) Achieve a 3500 calorie deficit from food alone
2) Exercise 3x this week (health depending) and record exercise deficit here
3) Achieve a 30% protein average for the week
4) Carbs at or below 50% average for the week
5) Five servings of fruits and veggies a day
6) Drink a gallon (128 fl oz.) of water daily
7) Report here each and every day
8) No takeout food at all (exception: lab meeting always has pizza. I can't avoid this)

Other Life Stuff:
1) Handle stress directly and appropriately
2) Work on my embroidery for at least five hours
3) Do not weigh all week, until next Monday
4) Try two new recipes
5) "Smile more, bitch less"
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This is my official restart of my fitday! My goal for ths week is to eat more veggies and get back into the 150's.

I need to loose this weight. I am sooo close and my wedding is only two months away!!!!
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Hi everyone - I'm just going to jump right in here. I'm still getting in the habit of using fit-day so my goals are not particularly grand at the moment.

1. Enter foods for *every* day, including the weekends.
2. Keep calories under 2,000
3. Physical therapy for my wrist 3x/day

Oh ... and I'm all flustered about not being able to track my weight especially well. I went to the doctor a week ago and fully dressed & in shoes weighed 210 at the doctor's scale. But at home my scale weighs me, naked & first thing in the morning, at a little over 215 - and it wobbles depending on how I stand. I don't so much mind weighing more at home since I just need the information for tracking purposes... but my scale is just so wonky it's hard to tell if I'm making progress or not. So maybe my goal this week will be to get an accurate scale too!

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Thanks for starting the thread Cassie. My internet was down this morning, so I'm just logging on now for the first time in 2-3 days.

Health & Fitness Goals:

1. Eat clean and kept calories 1,350-1,600, 50 push-ups for days I'm over.
2. Drink 96 oz of water.
3. Exercise 6 hours.
4. Calorie deficit of 3,500 for the week.
5. Carbs 45% or lower, Protein 30% or higher.
6. Log food and report every day even weekends.
7. Grain free 3 days.

Non-Fitness Goals:

8. Get coupon binder sorted out.
9. Call the autobody place and set up appointment.
10. Fix middle DD's dresser.
11. Smile more, bitch less and (stealing from Crimpet) instantly drop into a 2 minute plank for infractions.
12. 1 hour of cleaning in the basement.
13. 2 hours of gardening.
14. Housework:
Monday: down-stairs bathroom, up-stairs bathroom, laundry
Tuesday: kitchen, stairwell, hall, laundry
Wednesday living room, bedroom, laundry
Thursday dining room, bedroom, laundry
Friday den, master bedroom, laundry
Saturday, front porch, basement, laundry
Sunday, Middle DD's 1st Communion Party, no time for anything else.

Things got completely out of control on Friday and sort of spiraled downward from there. I didn't go to the gym on Saturday, which is really out of the ordinary, but the oldest DD had an away soccer game right in the middle of the morning, sort of threw us off. And then on Mother's Day I ended up eating whatever I darn well pleased, so ended up feeling sort of sick and had a nasty case of heartburn to boot. I used to have heartburn everyday, but now I only have it when I go off plan for a couple of days. Apparently I'm "junk food" intolerant or something. So you would think I would be naturally thin because I should have an aversion such foods, but I don't. Anyway I'm back on the wagon this morning after a very hard fall from grace. The funny part was every time I put a bite of food in my mouth I was thinking "on Monday I'll be back on plan, same as always, so it's okay". In the past I would have been freaking out that I was completely out of control and that I had totally blown my diet so I might as well eat the world. So I feel like I'm making progress on my relationship with food, albeit very small baby step progress.

My DH got me an iphone for Mother's Day so I've been tinkering around with the fitday application on there. It's not too bad, although it's not quite as easy to use as the PC version, but it sure beats trying to write it all down and entering later.

Well I gotta get going, the timer is going off which means that Mt. Washmore is calling again. There are days I regret not being a nudist.
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Default I'm baaaack...

Hi Everyone!

I have missed you all so much you have no idea! I feel pretty bad about being gone for a month and instead of letting this get more out of hand, I'm coming back and it's all because of you ladies and Mike. I can't stay away from the forum and I can't let my goals fall by the wayside. I started running again this morning and it feels so great.

After a month-long unlucky streak in my life, I'm ready to pick up the pieces and face the scale (not just yet but next Monday) and get back on track. I don't know how much damage I have caused but my jeans are a little tight so I know I have gained a few pounds back. I won't even go into details about everything except that my poor little dog, Chico, who was attacked by another dog and spent 5 days in intensive care, recovered from those injuries. However we have since discovered that he has a cancerous tumor on his leg and will have surgery at the end of the week. The prognosis is pretty good considering he is almost 15 and has reduced kidney function but as long as he is a happy dog, I want him to have all the treatments necessary to keep him around. He truly is my best friend and I love him to pieces.

I hope you all have been having a great Spring so far! Thank you to each and every one of you for being such an inspiration to me!

My goals for the week:

1. Eat between 1300-1500 calories per day
2. Keep carbs at 35% max
3. Take my multivitamin
4. Drink 10 glasses of water per day
5. Run 3X this week
6. Circuit training 2X this week
7. Spin class 1X (or more) this week
8. Sleep 7 hours per night
9. Log all my food daily
10. Take a walk after dinner 3X or more
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Rose, welcome back! Glad Chico is recovered. Hope the surgery goes well.

ZoeDuc, welcome!

Rebel welcome. Many of us don't have grand goals. Hope the PT helps your wrist. Did you suffer an injury?

Almeeker, I did as you--every time I put a bite of off-plan food in my mouth Sunday I told myself it was OK because I'd be back on the wagon today. And I honestly felt OK doing that (and would do it again for a special day) BUT I got really sleepy early in the evening--very likely from the carb binge and rapid fall of blood sugar.

Terri, I hope you recover soon from your carb binge and feeling poorly! I have trouble getting to the forums sometimes and most times it takes me several tries to get a post through. Could be because it's such a popular site it has Internet traffic slowing it down.

Mike, no need for an apology--I just wanted to make sure you understood where I was coming from--and you do. I totally agree, many people, adults and children alike, don't know just how good they have it. I sent a comment to Sunny Anderson of The Food Network that I was "astounded" when she made a certain chicken dish on a TV episode and said the celery and carrots were just for flavor so they should be disgarded. I cordially told her I suspect many viewers don't take kindly to wasting perfectly good food and told her I'd have suggested that the carrots and celery could be eaten as a snack later, or refrigerated or frozen and added to the next batch of soup or casserole or stirred into mashed potatoes. I don't have a chip on my shoulder about growing up poor--I learned a lot of valuable lessons from that.

Quinn, LOL on the Cheetos. My son got me flowers, a small chocolate chip cookie cake to cheat with on Sunday and some Russell Stover sugar free chocolates for Monday and beyond to ease my guilt. LOL

Cassie, I'm sorry you didn't get that frozen yogurt. I know you were looking forward to it. That's a very hearwarming story your Mom related about there really being no tough times because the family was so close. In the depression era--wow! Kinda reminds me of that TV series The Waltons. Yeah, my Dad was a real sweetheart, very affectionate and giving of himself.

Cybervox, sorry you had to invest in a new monitor. I hope you got a good price. Good for you on writing up the week's shopping list--I always use a list, too--prevents a lot of impulse buying.
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