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New here and want a new me before turning 40


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Default New here and want a new me before turning 40

Well...I have been overweight nearly my whole life. It has always bothered me but I guess never enough. My mother is extremely obese and I figured I have maintained my same weight/size for the last 10 years so that was an accomplishment. My husband is extremely thin, can eat whatever he wants and not gain an ounce and if he does it is gone tomorrow. He does not harp on me about my weight as much as he once did, but I know that he would want a skinnier wife.
So this year I am turning 40! And I want to lose atleast 40 lbs before then. 12/25! I work from home so staying motivating is hard for me. I have been off most carbs (except for no fat yogurt) for the last 5 days so that cravings are pretty much gone! I am just always hungry. Today I started incorporating fruits and veggies, but I think I am not having enough fat
I am hoping that I can get some cheerleaders and help along the way

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Hey Genie, I am brand new to this website... started today... I have had wieght challenges my whole life... I am just over 40. So I am right there with you sister! I recently had a scare with my body when I kind of went on a crash diet. can't do to my body what i used to I guess!!! Well feeling better now... doc's got me going in the right direction and steered me to this website.

So let's get off and running with HEALTHY weight loss. No crash courses... the crash is harder these days than it used to be!

Good luck!!!! chat with yoiu soon
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Welcome aboard, this is a great site for motivation and information. I hear you on the skinny husband, every time I got pregnant DH lost weight. I thought the daddy was supposed to gain sympathy weight? Nope not in my world.

I guess the best advice I can offer is to get up every day and start again no matter what happened yesterday.
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Hey Genie! Welcome.

Working from home does mean you have round-the-clock access to food, but it also means you're free from office muffins/cakes/doughnuts and the often limited (ie fast-food) lunch options around most workplaces.

I think it might help to get your husband on-board the healthier eating train, even though he's thin... there's no worry about cravings if there are no temptations in the house. Crucial to make your new way of eating exciting and pleasurable for both of you - he will want to share it with you! (Dudes like low-carb, in my experience. Particularly if you go barbecue. Come on, grilled steak with steamed green beans drizzled with lemon? Who's gonna say no!)
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Hi Genie,
Your goal sounds very reasonable. I think you can do it. I am over weight most of my life to (more on the left side of the BMI). I always in some kind of diet. However, this year I found this forum and it is extremly motivate me to stay on track. I felt of the wagon a lot of times but I get back on before it too late.
I am working from home to but for me, being alone is easier to control my diet than being with company, coworkers, going out, family.... That is my experience. I am good and keep my cals in budget most of the week days. The hardest thing for me is weekend. We are out and about and eat out.
Are you the cook in the house or your husband. If you are the cook, it's easier to bring healthy food in to your life.
And one thing to remember that you want this skinny girl for yourself. That way you will take care of her better.
good luck,
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