Not sure how many this happen to? Women only please...

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Default Not sure how many this happen to? Women only please...

I lost about 87 lbs. in about two years, and I'm realizing I've started a little bit of an image disorder, because It really does torment me, that I can't lose every spec of fat... so I'm working on that. However, I haven't had my "monthly" in about 6 months now, and I know that's not good.

129 lbs.
size 4? If that helps?

I do "not" want to gain any weight, but I'm ok with not losing any until I get It back, does anyone know of anyone, or "has" anyone lost their period before because of weight loss?

I look online for the amount of calories I'm supposed to eat to maintain, and I never find the right number, and I can't seem to find anything about what to do to get my Menstrual Cycle back. So, any information would be great.

I did go to the doctor to see If I was pregnant, and I'm not, also, I don't have any health/medical benefits for a few months, and normally figure out my ailments w/out a doctor if possible in any way.

Anyways, thank you so much for reading.
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Hey there BZilla. I will preface this by saying I am NOT an MD, and this is just what I know from some hormone study...You should definitely check with a doctor if at all possible, because the loss of a period can be more than something obvious. However, these are some questions to ask yourself...

Amenorrhea can occur because of weight loss, but that's usually extreme weight loss in a short period of time - 87 lbs. in 2 years is not extreme. It can also occur due to excessive working out. Female athletes often get amenorrhea, though that is because they are working out HARD for hours a day (usually 4-6+ hours). Have you been working out that hard?

Also, have you completely lost your cycle, or are you simply having irregular or very light bleeding? Do you have any "symptoms" of your cycle (such as any PMS symptoms you would have before your cycle, but simply without the menstruation?) Have you checked your cycle/ovulation with an ovulation checker (which you can purchase at a CVS or similar store) to see if you are still ovulating on time? Do you have any other symptoms such as pain during any point in your cycle? Have you ever been diagnosed with a thyroid problem?

The loss of a period can indicate a lot of medical problems, or it may indicate that you're working yourself out very, very hard. You can even lose your menstruation due to stress. It can also change from going on/off birth control -- I know I've switched the amount of hormone in my birth control pill and lost my period for two months before, though not for something like 6 months. I know that Depro Provera as a birth control method can often cause ceasing of the menstrual cycle.
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Hi, this happened to me over 25 years ago when I lose 60 lbs. I lost my periods for 6 months.
My doctor said it was because I had a very low body fat and said I needed to gain just a little back- just 7 lbs which worked.
You really need to sort out the problem because it can affect your bone health in later years and cause problems such as osteoporosis.
Make sure you are eating healthy fats found in nuts, flaxseeds and oily fish such as salmon, see if that helps along with omega 3 supplements and other womens supplements.
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I noticed in other thread you said you have very low fat diet. May be you can look up to see how much good fat you should have a day. Certain amount of fat actually good for you. And too much carb could store as fat. I am not an MD but though are info I have collected over the years. Try to do thing a little diffrent, switching around. If things doesn't work out, check with your doctor.
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Hi BZilla! I'm about the same measurements and age as you and a few years ago I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). It happened after not having my period for almost a year! Anyways, I went to my gyno and she told me that not having your period for that long can be very bad and lead to an increased risk of uteran cancer. Also, I had 2 breast tumors around that time which I attribute to my whacked out hormones! Your gyno could prescribe you birth control or provera to induce a period (even if you don't have something like PCOS and are just working out too much.) If you don't have health insurance you could try to find a clinic that works on a sliding scale - I think Planned Parenthood does and they have gynocological services. I went to a gyno clinic when I had no health insurance and paid only $36!!

If you want to try the natural way I've had luck with Saw Palmetto and Progesterone cream, although is typically used by men for urinary health and Progesterone cream is illegal in some states because it may increase your risk of cancer.
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