7-Day Motivational Thread 4/25/11

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Health & Fitness Goals:

1. Eat clean and kept calories 1,350-1,600, 50 push-ups for days I'm over. 1,521
2. Drink 96 oz of water. Y
3. Exercise 6 hours. 0 min
4. Calorie deficit of 3,500 for the week. -503
5. Carbs 45% or lower, Protein 30% or higher. (55c/28p)
6. Log food and report every day even weekends. Y
7. Grain free 3 days. M-YES,

Non-Fitness Goals:

8. Get DD ready for State finals on Saturday. Y
9. Call the autobody place and set up appointment. N
10. Call my doctor's office and work out the prescription problem. N
11. Smile more, bitch less and (stealing from Crimpet) instantly drop into a 2 minute plank for infractions. NO, and forgot to drop and plank, will catch up tomorrow.
12. 1 hour of cleaning in the basement. N
13. Order more parts for the money pit, um I mean elliptical. N
14. Housework:
Monday down-stairs bathroom, up-stairs bathroom, laundry
Tuesday kitchen, stairwell, hall, laundry
Wednesday living room, bedroom laundry
Thursday dining room, bedroom, laundry
Friday den, master bedroom, laundry
Saturday, State Finals, gone all day
Sunday, basement, cupboard, laundry

Today was difficult, Mr. Screamy Pants was here and screamed non-stop all morning. My brain doesn't function well with all that screaming, at one point I looked down and was walking around with my belt unbuckled and my zipper undone. Hopefully he gets better soon, because I don't think I can take care of him and 5 other kids all summer long.

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Happy Monday everyone...Rough eating this weekend, man I do love my sweets!. I promised goals for this week so here goes...

Cardio~60 min everyday Mon~Yes
Lower Strength~ 20min 3x's Mon~Yes
Core Strenght~ 20 min 2x's
Curves Circuit training 3 x's Mon~Yes

1300-1600 Cal
Increase Fiber and Protein
Continue with the massive amounts of water
Keep Carbs in check

Home: Get Caught up on the inside chores so if the sun ever comes out and stays out for awhile I can be outside...

Oh yeah BTW: one of my cats had her kittens Easter morning, oh so cute! 5 of them...The other one had four last thats enough already I am absolutely getting them fixed. They are outside cats thank goodness!!

Glad to see everyone had a good Easter
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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
I kept telling myself I was going to "keep parenting her until I got her right." And I finally did.
Mern, I have to say this line is genius, I even used it on little Miss Spoiled Rotten cranky child tonight. Only I didn't say "parenting", I do believe I said "I'm prepared to beat your little butt as often as it takes until you get the hang of behaving yourself", or some such. She was horrible today after school, just horrible and mean.
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almeeker, slip him some benedryl or nyquil.
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I'm a little early with my numbers, if anything changes, I'll edit.

Health & Fitness
1) Gallon of water per day yes
2) Remain injury free yes
3) 2100-2400 cals/day no (2133)
4) Macros (+/- 2%): 50%P, 30%C, 20%F yes 50/31/19
5) P90X at least 6 days a week (even do Yoga) yes
6) Eat clean every day (no cheat day) yes
7) Floss 7 times yes
8) Weigh in and take pictures on Monday yes
9) Daily-
Vitamin: yes
Fish Oil: yes
Glucosamine + MSM: yes
L-Arginine: yes
Z-Force: yes
10) Make a new YouTube Videos for the launch of my next 90 days yes (posted earlier)

Non Health & Fitness
11) Smile more, bitch less yes
12) Get daughter a graduation gift no
13) Make money no
14) Get appt. for Chloe’ to see the Vet no

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Mike, I was going to post earlier; I agree with Mern, you still look awfully good where you are now...and a far cry from where you started.

Cybervox, sorry you had such a rough day. Being hit from all sides, it seems. Hope tomorrow is better.

Kim, enjoy your kittens! I'm a sucker for feline friends .

Quinn, sounds like Easter was lovely. Let's just get through the home stretch to the end of the school year, shall we?

Mern, happy Monday to you...let's you and I make this a good week!

Almeeker, maybe the bah-humbug is a Y-chromosome-linked thing...I have that here, too, and my dad was the same. I would suggest that you give the 5 kids a challenge to think of a creative way to get Mr. Screamy to stop, but I'm afraid of what they might come up with.

My day was ok:

1. Calorie deficit of 350 daily, on average. 346
2. Balance the pie chart. Yes
3. 64 oz. water daily. 66
4. Total 5 fruits and veggies daily. 5
5. 25 grams fiber daily (no supplements). 28
6. Exercise 6/7 days. Rest day

7. Be positive! Reframe stress and focus on what I'm thankful for (I'm truly in a funk lately; everything seems to be going wrong). Struggling
8. Get shade garden done by end of weekend. Not yet
9. Work on cleaning garage before it gets too hot! Not yet
10. Paint one room's trim IFF no tourney this weekend. There's no tourney, so I gotta do it
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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Mike, I was going to post earlier; I agree with Mern, you still look awfully good where you are now...and a far cry from where you started.
thanks. Are you sure you didn't mean awful? lol
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I guess there is no need in waiting 90 days to say my measurements...

My biggest disappointment is my waist, it went from 32.5" to 34". My goal may not be realistic but I'm shooting to get down to 9%bf. That would mean that if I got down to 167pounds, I'd have to lose over 10 pounds of fat, while gaining over 4 pounds of muscle. I don't know if it's physically possible, if not, I'm in it for the long haul, but I'm going to give it hell for now. So... to go from 14.8% to 9% is what, about a ~40% drop in bf? Is that right? Too many #'s, I'm going to sleep.
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Mern - I'm very definitely British, living in the Sunshine Town of the South Coast (i.e. the place where it only rains half the time) aka Bognor Regis, the butt of many jokes and the home of the flagship Butlin's Holiday Resort, God alone knows why tho. I was born and raised here, tho apparently I have a strange accent and people keep asking me what country I'm from. I've been mistaken for South African, Australian, New Zealander, American and even Irish. Go figure I do have a little bit of Native American Indian blood in me, but although it's visible in my father and his siblings, all black haired and slightly darker skin, none of my generation show it. I'm a typical English rose - fair hair, VERY fair skin (needing Factor 50 sunblock in the shade), permanent blush.

I don't think my week's gonna be any easier - it's got worse already. One of my chickens, the only one I've raised from a chick, is very definitely sick or egg-bound, and is currently undergoing home treatment for eggbinding tho if it doesn't work, I'll be taking her to the vet in a couple of hours. It's only just 8am. The only goal I hit yesterday was avoiding eBay, and that's only because the computer crashed.

Terri - water gain is a massive bummer, I agree, but at least we're wise enough now to know it's not a long-term type of thing. There was a time for me, too, not so long ago, when I would've seen a gain and thought "Oh ****, what did I do wrong? I know I didn't eat that much!" and totally stress out. It's so nice when people can put it into perspective for you and you can see it's no big deal.

Almeeker - Sounds like your girls had the best - and probably healthiest - Easter on either side of the Pond I guess I'm glad we don't have such easy access to jelly beans here, they're VERY expensive and not particularly easy to find. I remember eating some on my one and only trip to the US in 1996, and they were dangerously tasty.

Kim - congrats on the little furballs, I've never dealt with kittens less than 3 months old, so I don't know what it's like, but I hope they need minimum intervention from you.

Mike - your video is streaming, I'll watch it as soon as it's done - this computer's not very good for media besides music, it's soooooooo sssslllloooooooowwwww...

Off to check on my little fluffball now and see if she's laid that egg yet
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cybervox, i hope that chicken lays an egg soon, sounds painful though. i studied abroad in England in 04 and everyone thought i was Irish?! Professors, bus drivers, other students?! I've been to Bath before, is that near you? I loved it!

Mike, glad to hear you are back on track! Gaining an inch and a half isn't that big of a deal! It will come off, or maybe, that weight/bf% was unsustainable?

I'm glad everyone had nice Easters, even if you were over your cals for the day. It's soooo hard to stay on track when you aren't doing the cooking. Congrats Quinn for doing so well!!

Does that baby have colic or something, Almeeker? I remember babysitting for kids that I thought would never stop screaming, horrible experience.

Cassie, sorry to read that you are in a funk. Maybe today is better? You'll get to exercise today, so maybe that can help lift your spirits. Do you have time to go someplace scenic for a walk/jog/hike? Sometimes I feel like we all just go through a bit of a down swing, but fortunately, we eventually swing back up.

Yesterday was good. I keep forgetting to weigh myself, but I don't think I've lost any weight in 2 weeks. I haven't been to WW for my "nighttime" weigh in for a month! So tonight is the night. Hope they don't make me pay. I've been eating around 1300-1500 per day and leisurely exercising for 45-60 mins a day (not burning much though). Even if I haven't lost, I feel like what I have been doing for the last two weeks is completely maintainable as I haven't struggled and have enjoyed all my meals.
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