Life Isn't all Diet... Or Is It??

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Cool Life Isn't all Diet... Or Is It??

I see people in everyday life eating junk who seem to never have an issue with weight, and while I'm aware of the fact "everyone is different", I'm wondering If there is ever going to be a point where I can stop stressing about everything that goes into my mouth, because It's consuming me.

I used to be 216 and after spending a year being poor, I learned to cook, had no television-so I started to workout, and totally changed my life. It took about two years but I'm now at 129.8(and been stuck there for a LOAD of time... though my health is great, I feel good, I would still like to lose a bit more.

I can't seem to do It, even working out, and now counting in fat grams and everything else, however, when does It all end? Every single day of my life I think about future meals, spend a ton of time shopping at the grocery store because I have to read just about every single label, and there are pages and pages of notebooks with my daily calories written down, and I feel like If I don't get my workout in, or my sodium is high, or the scale in the morning says anything higher, I get way too stressed out.

Anyone else with me? I would like to lose about 5 more pounds, but I feel like I've also had enough of this. I wonder If there is a chance I'd be able to just eat what I wanted in a day and not have to remember exactly how many tablespoons of ketchup I consumed, or If that slice of pizza will make me bloated for the next day haha.

Comments anyone? I'd like some tips also, I really would like to wear a swimsuit for the first time in my life (since a child) this summer, and not feel any more self consious than anyone who hasn't been a former fat chick.
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Frist, congratulation on your lost. Terrific!! Please hold on to it.

I understand. I am there too. Just less than 2 weeks ago, I said the same thing on the other thread.
I decided to take a break from it. Still watched what I eat, log in, weight 1 a week, but my mind has set to maintainance. I feel good, sane, relax.
Two weeks later, I feel ready to get back on again.
I think this would be our life. We have to watch what we eat and excercise daily, no doubt about it. Even if I get to my ultimate goal 115. I don't think I can let myself eat as I used to in the past. In some way, It's sad. But everything has a price. And when you reach your ultimate goal or every small goal you get is priceless. More expensive than gold or diamon...
Maybe some day you feel tired and throw everything off, but soon you should pick it up. We work so hard for this we can't just let go.
That's is my 2 cents.
Congrat, and enjoy being thin.
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Hey Bzilla27,
I responded to another of your posts earlier today. So let me repeat a huge congrats. You have accomplished what many set out to do, but few ever complete.

Secondly, I think if you look around you will find that most people - women especially - are way over weight. Sometimes it is easier to focus on those we think are "better" than us. But I promise you that At 130# you are waaaay smaller that 90% of the females out there.

So now what you need to do is to figure out how to eat like a 130 pounder rather than the 200 pounder you once were. Please search some of the older threads about maintaining weight, or the struggle once you actually reach your goal. Oddly, it isn't as easy as we all thought it might be. Many of us have noted that maintaining is frustratingly more difficult than the losing phase. (It mostly has to do with goal setting and the lack of a specific goal once you reach your target weight - it is tough).

But you can do it. And maintaining your food logs seems to be one of the keys. So keep us posted, and keep yourself honest by posting to your log.

We are all rooting for you!

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We'll be able to take "mini-breaks" - a meal or a few days at a time - but to answer your question- it's gonna be a lifelong struggle. Those pounds you lost will be trying to sneak back on when you're not paying attention!
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This, for me, is going to be a life-long journey because obesity runs in my family. I want to stay healthy and break the cycle. But I know how you feel. I want to eat out everyday like I use to, and I want to eat the whole bag of chips because I know I can and I'll enjoy it, but those are the mistakes we made, and that's how we made food dangerous for us. This might be the price we pay, but I feel more knowledgable and aware of food and food habits. I feel good knowing I'm healthy.
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Do you ever listen to podcasts by Russ and Jeff on iTunes (Russ Turley, but I can't remember Jeff's last name...)?

Their take on dieting (they have both pretty much mastered weight loss) is that you take it slow and build habits that make and keep you thin. By the time you reach your goal, you don't change a thing to be 'on maintenance' because you've been living the diet all along.

Diet is for life. That is, you will be following some type of diet all your life, even if it's not a weight-loss regimen. Your habits are going to determine what you eat and, as a result, what you weigh. Also, your physical activity habits.

If memory serves, it was Russ who said that he has around 8 years of food logs and activity logs but he doesn't need them because the habits are there and have been building over the years. You don't have to weigh an apple to see that it is in the medium weight range for apples when you've weighed apples hundreds of times. You don't have to measure a piece of meat to know it's 3 oz when you've identified a 3 oz piece of meat hundreds of times.

About those skinny people who eat junk food: forget thinking they are special. They live like skinny people. That is, they know that they are eating more calories and they 'pay' for that junk food by not eating as much 12 hours later.

I've never eaten so many McDonald's sandwiches as I have since I realized that calories are always going to get you and you'd better acknowledge how many calories you've eaten so that you can eat less later. You don't follow skinny people around and see that, in reality, they practice moderation over hours and days. They don't just keep eating more and more junk food and more and more calories while insisting that they have to eat full, nutritious meals with desserts just because that's what the family is having for dinner.

They actually do say 'No' even if it means the next food they eat will be a Twinkie at midnight. That Twinkie will still be fewer calories than a full dinner just because that dinner is there. I was teenager who ate mainly junk food and I never sullied my diet with real food. At the end of the day, I probably had eaten (grazed all day) 1600 calories of junk food. Had I insisted on adding real meals to that (nutritious, yes, but calories, yes!), I would have been roly-poly. I was thin - and I ate junk food - and I drank alcohol at parties where there wasn't any food or just more junk food (pretzels or chips).

There isn't magic to knowing what calories are in foods and how much you're eating. Skinny people aren't getting a free ride. If they eat crap, they are eating x calories-worth of crap instead of x calories-worth of nutritious food, that's all.

Diet is for life. At some point, you know what you've eaten, without weighing that thing because you just know - you've done it so much - and if you don't recognize it, you don't chow down and give it a ball-park estimate of 250 calories. It's probably more like 500 calories!
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Very well said Kathy, well said indeed!
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