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lastri 04-21-2011 01:19 AM

Thanks Cassie,
It's all about learn and don't give up.

Calories in: 1,416
Calories out: 2,144
Defecit: 728
I am on track, that all I want to say.
I did my stratergy as I said yesterday (eat small lunch and dinner with some fruit) That will leave me cals budget for my 3pm snack (carb, vegi, protein as a lunch) Sound weird! Hey, It works.
I felt very satified, happy and I don't feel like I am a diet.
Today i have an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Candy every where. But I don't feel like I want any. After dinner, I feel like I want some ice cream, so I have 1/8C of it. Still in my calories count.

I ran 4 miles today. It was hard for some reason. But I pull it through. I am very happy about that. May be the heat, 86 degree here today.

Thanks all (everone) who read my journal. To know that someone read, it helps me to stay on track and hold myself accountable.

etlosenow 04-21-2011 12:49 PM

Hi Lastri,

Good job on your dedication. I will read your post as well. My goal is 115 by summer--I was at 137 at the end of November, I just weighed myself this morning and finally broke the 120 lb mark at 119.0 That had been a challenge for me. I have been stuck at 121-123 for a couple of months now and need that final push to get my to my goal and maintain.

I will read your post to help keep you on track. Good luck over the easter weekend. It's hard for me with all the chocolate around but now that I finally broke the 120--I have extra incentive to not blow it!

lastri 04-21-2011 02:44 PM

Hi etlosenow, Congrat on your goal too. You only 4 pounds away.
I just noticed that you and me have the same goal except that I have more pound to lose than you. 115 by Jun 4, or 120 will do. But at this point I just take one day at the time.
128 broke this morning. Now I am 127. I am very excited. This is the lowest I have ever been for more than 10 years.

lastri 04-22-2011 02:55 AM

As much as I excited with 127 this morning, I throw my day out of the window. I did not so bad after my dinner, however, my husband came home late and I make him his own dinner (garlicky shrimps with garlic bread). Then I have dinner all over again. That make my calories +100.
I am quite full now, between 9-10. Will I do my last 30 minutes work out to make it -100cals instead, or should I let it go and make up tomorrow. It's 9:48pm already. Should I ? should I not? I let you know tomorrow.

There is one problem. Sunday: Indian buffet with friends, and Easter dinner at mother in law. What should I do? Two big meals in one day, too much. I think I will skip buffet and just go for Easter dinner. If i want to lose these stubborn pounds I need to be strong and sacrified some part. I know it's all about will power, but I don't have that yet.
I love that skinny girl inside of me so much that I have say no to some fun thing sometime.

lastri 04-22-2011 03:17 AM

Ok, it's late 10:15 pm
But I think I have to make my day -100 instead of +100.
So I am off to work out for 30 minutes.

lastri 04-22-2011 04:07 AM

Ok, Now I am -187 cals.
I feel better.

lastri 04-23-2011 01:36 AM

will power
Calories in 1253, calories out 1853---- defecit 600
today is my running schedule but it's raining here.
I am doing very good today. For some reason I don't feel very hungry. My husband want to go out today. I ordered scallop with warm spinach salad (340 cals) and I only eat half of it. The bread, calamari, and chocolate cake, red wine did not temp me. I have my will power today. :D

My big goal this weekend is either buying a new belt (smaller size of course), or make a new hole in my old belt.
The weekend will be a biggest challenge of all. I said no to 1 big meal and still have Easter dinner. On Sat my husband will be busy so we (me and kids) will be on our own that will be easy control. Just 1 left is dinner on Sat.

Will power, will power.....

lastri 04-24-2011 03:19 PM

Well, I tried to control myself today. 2pm my husband came with chinesse order in. Can't control any more, Have 1 cup of fried rice and a bunch of stir fry pork and vegi. And now I have 488 calories defecit, Not too bad but my husband ordered pizza.
Pizza is at the dinning table. Will I have my willpower or I won't. That is a tough challenge.

Be strong. Be strong. Be strong
I am going to run frist thing in the morning.
While I ran this morning I just found out that I always set my goal and never reach it. I have yo-yo diet for many years.
Last Summer I set my goal to run ten miles. I trained consistantly, and run up to 9 miles. The week I support to run 10 miles. We have to go on vacation, then holiday came. I lost my momentum and I let my goal slipped away.
In Jan/2011 I set my goal to be 125 in my birthday (which is in March). I did not reach that goal. On my birthday I weight 128. Instead of wait to reach the goal I had set. Right away I set another goal to be 115 by Jun 3rd.
What is this mean spychologically? Will this affect my life in a long term?

lastri 04-24-2011 03:20 PM

I actually did not run yet. Now we head for Dimsum.
Willpower again.
I was strong not to even look at the pizza last night.
I am so proud of myself.

lastri 04-25-2011 02:29 PM

I did run yesterday. I ran from my house to my in law house, 42 minutes.
I eat quite a lot at dinner, ham, potato pie, cream of spinach. Desert is cake, cupcake, and chocolate.
I managed to just have 181 cals deficit.
Today is a new day, and a new week. I have to work at it. I want to see number 126 on the scale this Friday.
Gotta focus.

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