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mlssptrsky 02-12-2010 05:34 AM

Genetically Confused
I'm 18 years old with a BMI of 29%... whatever that truly means. Although when described I wouldn't say I'm fat... the thing is I am no longer petite/thin as I was a year ago either. I get flustered when it comes to counting calories, and I feel like my family is always working against me. They point out when I do eat something unhealthy like 'thought you were on a diet.' It's like well, I am, but I can have half a cup of ice cream, right?... or can't I?
When I was 11 years old my grandfather died of morbid obesity. He weighed 600 lbs, and when he died of congestive heart failure he weighed 444 lbs. This scares me greatly. It's not so much that I think I have 'the fat gene', it's that I think maybe I don't have the 'control your own actions' one. And although I loved my grandfather dearly, he sat in a chair all day and was in pain from simply standing up from the massive amount of weight he had to carry around. I just fear that I will wind up like him. . . I know it's a long way off, but when he was my age I don't think he ever thought he'd weigh over 300 pounds! Mind you he was also a foot taller than me.
I just never thought I would weigh this much.... and I don't want it to get worse. I feel like no one supports me, and my wonderful husband who does at the end of the day still doesn't get it... at all.
Just want some support... even if it's someone I can't go for a walk with to burn off those extra calories.

cjohnson728 02-12-2010 06:18 AM

Hi m...

You are in a good place for support. Even if your husband doesn't "get it," people here do, because we're living it.

It is fantastic that you are taking steps to do what you need to for your own health. That's a big step, especially for a young person, so congratulations.

I don't know about any reasearch on the "fat gene" but I think that people can and do make arguments for or against its existence. However, you always have a choice to control your actions. Using the tools here will help you learn how to do it in a way that works for you.

There is lots of advice here; take what you want and leave what you don't, ask questions about what you want to know and ask for what you you did tonight.

Finally, take one day at a time. Take one step at a time. Put those steps into a plan and you will get there.

I know there is more I should say but it is very late where I am and my brain is fuzzy. :)

Keep comin' back!


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