7-Day Motivational Thread for 4/11/11

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  • No worries, almeeker. Always happy to help.
  • behaze: Sounds like you had quite an interesting weekend! Just shake it off, recuperate, and get back on. I hope the food was at least awesome! You can always blame the wee one sending you into the binge Sorry to hear about your little one, as well. Hope he's feeling better very soon, and that the medicine helps!

    Julia: I hope you enjoyed the beach.

    Mike: Does that mean your pimp cane is spicy now? Looks like a great time! Recuperate!

    Crimpet: Sounds like a crazy week! Life sometimes gets busy, but that can help us make new interesting goals (or find new ways to deal with old ones!) Kudos to you for juggling it all!

    Mern: I realized just now that I forgot to comment - you asked me if it was time to update my signature. I do definitely weigh less than it says there (yay!) but I tend to update it once a month on my anniversary (the fourth of every month). I like seeing the numbers change in a big way

    Sunday Report Card

    Food, Exercise and Lifestyle Goals:
    1) Achieve a 7,000 calorie deficit by the end of the week (through a combination of eating and exercising) M: -1,115 T: -1,608 W: -669 Th: -770 F: -991 Sat: -1,303 Sun: -924 (Week total: -7,380)
    2) Do not take off two days in a row from exercising. M: Very light exercise T: One hour HIIT cardio (elliptical) W: Day off Th: The gym was closed! A flood, the plumber was fixing it. F: 45 minutes lifting, 15 minutes non-HIIT cardio (elliptical) Sat: 45 minutes HIIT cardio (elliptical) plus some tub-scrubbing! Sun: 30-Day Shred
    3) Achieve a 30% protein average for the week M: 36% T: 26% W: 25% Th: 31% F: 28% Sat: 25% Sun: 34% (Weekly average: 29%)
    4) Carbs at or below 50% average for the week M: 44% T: 49% W: 45% Th: 50% F: 53% Sat: 41% Sun: 39% (Weekly average: 46%)
    5) Protein powder after every workout - in a smoothie! M: No T: Yes W: N/A Th: N/A F: Forgot! Sat: Yes, a small one Sun: Yes
    6) At least 96 oz. water daily M: 80 oz. T-Sat: Yes Sun: 88 oz.
    7) Report here each and every day - that includes weekends! M-Sun: YES!

    Other Life Stuff:
    1) Clean both bathrooms M-F: No Sat: 10-4! Sun: N/A
    2) Easter/Anniversary presents for family M: Got the anniversary present out T-Sun: No
    3) Work on my embroidery for at least five hours this week M: No T: yes, one hour W: No Th: one hour F: No Sat: 2 hours Sun: 1 hour (Weekly total: 5 hours)
    4) Don't worry, be happy! M-Sun: Totally
    5) Finish one chapter of side-project book M: No T: DONE! W-Sun: N/A

    Not too shabby!!!!! Gonna keep on keepin' on next week. Busy at work, but this plan I have right now makes me feel really good and steady, so I'm going to do my best to stick with it until it doesn't work anymore

    Have a great Sunday evening, see you next week - same bat time, same bat channel!

  • yeah, behaze, thanks for going into the details. I have had crazy binges, esp in college. maybe it was emotional eating due to the idea of your son possibly having asthma?

    i ate a lot of cheese. i had been craving cheese all day. i went to the store for my weekly grocery run and thought I would buy low fat cheese, but found "end pieces" on sale for $1.00 per pound. i've never heard of such a thing! i felt super lucky and decided that I should get the one and only package--it was for an assortment of ends and it was two pounds.

    i honestly can't believe it was two pounds bc I ate more than half of it...but it said so on the package.

    so my day was healthy, then I ate 8 thick slices of cheese (i can't believe that's more than a pound! ugh) and I'm over calories by 350. BUMMER.

    i felt disgusting afterwards and pretty nauseous. I had a bunch to get done tonight including preparing my lunches for the beginning of the week, so I made sure to make them very healthy!
  • behaze & Julia...those crazy eating days! What is it about them that sneaks up and bites us like a snake sometimes? Thanks for the food porn, behaze; at least I could enjoy it vicariously . Hope the little guy is better soon. Julia, you're already back on the horse; 350 over isn't doom & gloom. You'll make it up in no time.

    Terri, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? You've got your mojo going...look at that calorie burn! How was the cookout?

    almeeker, you will do better this coming week. Put a sock in Mr. McScreamy and duct tape the daughters and do what you know so well. I've been wondering all week, though, why do you have to bless out the eye doctor?

    Mern, hope you enjoyed your weekend and look forward to chatting with you during the week.

    Crimpet, smart to keep the goals simple. I'm so excited for you!

    acameron...a sane bride with some common sense! I'm sure friends and family appreciate you!

    Cybervox, glad you jumped aboard. Definitely more fun with more folks! Welcome.

    Here's my day:

    1. Stick to calorie limit. I'll give it a B, Yes!, Yes, Yes (bumped it higher because of the exercise), Yes, Yes, Yes
    2. Balance pie chart (no specific percentages; just use common sense). Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Meh; marginal, Yes
    3. Exercise 6 days. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Planned day off, Yes
    4. Sleep at least 7 hours nightly. Yes, No, No, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
    5. Drink 2-3 big blue bottles of water each day. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Nope. Not feelin' it today.
    6. No impulse snacking! Mostly, Yes (meaning no snacking), Yes, Once- went to say goodnight to my hubby and he had those damn bunnies...so I snatched 7 or 8 of them, about a quarter serving, Yes, Yes, Yes

    7. Clean out purse & wallet and file receipts. Done!
    8. Sweep garage. Done!
    9. Flowers for front porch. Done, and repotted a big ole' plant in the family room.
    10. Make healthy snacks/quick breakfasts/bread for the week and for freezer. Yes
    11. Change sheets and towels for MIL visit Friday. Yes
    12. Plan meals for weekend. Yes. Had to plan around son's preferences, as he's the one putting it out there in a tourney this weekend, and all I can say is that I might possibly have some teensy, weensy regret over pledging to post my weekend food journal!

    Thankfully my son picked a chain restaurant to go get "Mexican," so I was able to look up calories and log it accurately. At times this weekend I was hanging on by my fingernails, but I made it through. I can has accountability pictures by cjohnson728 - Photobucket

    I'm back into my "comfort weight" range; would still like one more pound, but I won't force it. This is a dangerous time; my brain thinks, "Oh, everything's okay now, you can eat that. And that. And that" and before I know it, I'm back up a few pounds and all angry and defeated again. Maybe my goals for the week should be about preventing relapse .

    Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and that this coming week will be a good one!