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erinmrystrom 04-01-2011 10:06 PM

Bad..Bad day....
Started off with a package of pop tarts (cherry frosted of course). Moved on to a 1/2 of a donut. :eek: Had a decent lunch. But have been munching on candy constantly ever since (jelly bellies mostly...). Just ate the other 1/2 of the donut. :rolleyes:

I've just about decided to throw this day to the wolves. At least I was able to go for a 3 mile walk at lunch and I'm HOPING to do some ab work tonight with Exercise On Demand.

Tomorrow is a new day right?

changeisgood29 04-01-2011 10:44 PM

Aww Erin, it's just a bump in the road - that's all. Don't let it derail you! Believe me, we've all had bad days. In the long run, it won't hurt your progress unless you let it.

I've just about decided to throw this day to the wolves.
Noooo! Every single moment is a chance to make a good decision and a chance to improve. I know that may sound a bit hokey, but it's true. Put the past (and all its jelly beans ;)) in the past, learn from it, and move forward.

And don't hope to exercise tonight - tell yourself that you WILL work out tonight. You'd be amazed how much better that alone will make you feel. And yes, tomorrow is a new day - but start right now. :D

Crimpet 04-01-2011 10:53 PM

Don't throw it to the wolves!! You can still turn the day around by NOT eating anymore of them today. I know how HARD it is to not eat them, or limit them once I've gotten the taste in my mouth (drools over donuts) but really, you have to ask yourself why you really want them (other than the fact that they taste good). Think how your exercising could burn off the extra calroies leading to that extra lbs rather than burning the extra ones you caved in to.

Once you eat a little sugar, your body starts this vicous cycle of craving MORE's like the ripple effect in the pond. So, maybe what you can do instead of eating all the sugary sweets is make a healthy equivalent in bulk and freeze the extra, then when you start to crave them, defrost and tadaa! I had to do that this week because I've had major raging cravings for icecream. After blasting through two icecream sandwiches last week in one sitting, I realized I needed a solution or I'd fail to reach my goal and set myself on a vicous sugar craving cycle. So, I spent an evening making fat free, sugar free strawberry frozen yogurt, sweetened with stevia. What kicks butt about it is...I can eat 173 grams of it for roughly 100 calories..NO fat no if later I want a second serving..I don't feel guilty at all!! It's a good size bowlfull ;)

You made a choice to lose weight right? So you have to decide how commited you are to it.

There's a quote at the bottom of one of the ladies (cjohnson) signatures that I LOVE!! It says something like "If you drop an egg, you don't say, 'Oh, shoot' and drop the other 11, do you?"

This is soooo true...many of us will say Oh Shoot and just drop them all, and buy another dozen the next day...We eat the junk, and the next day say we'll 'start over' but it also becomes a habit if you havn't sorted out why you're willing to give up in the first place. Figure out exactly why you're crqaving it so badly, why you're willing to let yourself cave, and battle that.

For me, I write down in front of my computer on a paper the calories I burn every day, and the calories I eat. Then I subtract to get the deficit and write it in a list so I can see it at all times. I total them each day so I can see my number progress of calories burned for the week. If I have a bad day I can see that I ate 500 calories or so which kept me from reaching that 1 pound mark for the week, and it motivates me to stick to my guns. Do I really want that piece of cake or do I want that 1 lb. loss? (I can totally eat an entire cake in one sitting)

You are a strong person, you made the choice to lose the weight. You put your best foot forward, and made the efforts to work on YOU for YOU..So, You have the strength to say no to sugary foods, or even to limit it. Again, try to find out why you let yourself cave into them, and try to nip that in the bud.

(As well as emotional binge eating, I do psychologial tricks on myself that allow me to coax myself into bad treats, but I always regret it later lol, so now I keep my list to knock some sense into myself)

I can also give some recipes which are healthier substitutions for common sweets like donuts, cakes, icecreams etc. I've experimented a bit this year, and rescently learned to make them in bulk rather than small servings lol

I know you can fight the good fight!! You really deserve to have the best of health! (Sorry for the Looong novel)

cjohnson728 04-01-2011 10:55 PM

Sorry, Erin, about your bad day
changeisgood and crimpet are right on target. Great advice. But take heart, we all have days like that. I was truly famous for letting things go to h-e-double hockey sticks once I slipped up once, but you gotta get back on the wagon and start it again. The quote in my signature line helps remind me of that (sorry, Crimpet, you posted while I was typing!).

If you exercise tonight, even if it doesn't "erase" the calories, it may make you less likely to keep eating down that slippery slope.

I believe there is a saying in the 12-step programs..."You can always start another 24 hours."

Great job getting on here and posting it; I hope it helped you stem the time a bit. Hang in there, girl!

mecompco 04-02-2011 12:21 AM

Log the Pop-Tarts, deal with it, and move on.

"All or Nothing Thinking" is a slippery slope (I know, I've slid down it in the past).


PS I LOVE Pop-Tarts. In the past I've been known to eat a whole box at one sitting :eek:. Was checking one of my computer labs the other day at school and found an unopened pack of brown sugar frosted Pop-Tarts (kids get free "breakfast" at school). This time last year those would have gone down the ol' pie hole--this time, they went into the trash.

rmdaly 04-02-2011 02:15 AM

What triggered the bad eating today? Are you tired? Depressed? Did you not eat enough the last few days? Try to take a few minutes and figure out what caused your bad day. Is there something you could have done that might not have put you in the binging mode? If you had eaten a better breakfast would the poptarts have been so tempting?

With me, I know when I get tired, it is much harder to eat right. If I'm tired, I will skip workouts and then I will overeat. I know I need to work harder on those days. Be kind to yourself and get to tomorrow.

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