7-Day Motivational Thread: Week Starting 03/28/2011

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Yes! Dishes in the dishwasher count! Full credit, too

Mern, I am paying for cheating on the soup. I used prepared chicken stock instead, and I think the salt in it has me bloated up today. But it is still good for what ails us. I had a stomach thing going on; the boys have sinus infections. Fun times. My son is braving it better than my husband.

Almeeker, I hear what you're saying. There are times when flying by the seat of your pants is appropriate, but IMO not all the time. Like when you have a language arts teacher who is super detail oriented, gives exams college kids would have trouble with, and sees it as her personal mission to teach her classes responsibility.

Not that I have an issue with that .

But I agree, last minute efforts usually DO produce more creativity and problem-solving skills than planned efforts, and those are valuable skills to have. In an ideal world, I'd prefer a little of both; just more tricks to pull out of your bag when you need them.
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Yeah I love crawfish, too bad they are so expensive now. After easter the price should drop though. Slidell is a nice place but I kinda want to get away. What brought you to Turkey?
I know what you mean about wanting to get away. That happens. I miss it when I'm away, but when I'm there I hate it lol I came to Turkey for my husband. We're trying to get his visa to bring him to the USA, but it's been a rediculous process so I've been here for 2 years. We plan on moving up north when we do come back, but I want to show him the south at least once. He's never experienced the likes of Louisiana Humid Heat lol

Mern, Thank you for letting me know. I actually juice my cucumber with the skins in the juicer, and it's much better than processed in a processor. It does take some adjusting for its taste as I said before but I developed a taste for it, and really like it now ^_^ So, I'll give the recipe a shot!
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so far having a good day. tonight however is busy my son has basketball practice & then after that i have dance class. okay that doesn't sound busy but i have an hour from when i'm off work to grab food & get my son to practice...lol.
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Lindsey, maybe you'll get that feedback soon. Great job on your calories and exercise Monday!

Mike, good that you could block your too friendly YouTube admirer. It may just have been a comment made as a joke. But it's behind you now, so you can let it go and file it under odd experiences.

Cassie, I'm glad you enjoyed the soup despite the sodium. You know how that goes-- drink extra water to wash it through. I hope you're feeling better. Aw, that's cute that your son is braving it better than your husband. Sinus infections can be so darned painful. My husband is just unbearable when he's sick--even just with a cold. He literally drove me to tears one time. No sooner than I would get downstairs, he'd be moaning for something else. I know he felt bad, but I don't feel well I want to be left alone and rest. When he's sick he wants to be waited on hand and foot.

Crimpet, I don't have a juicer. But I do EAT a lot of cucumbers.

Stacey, basketball practice for your son and dance class for you after work in the same night DOES sound busy. Hope you have/had a good evening.
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mern ~ yeah i guess it's busy...lol...just not sure what i can eat that quickly....lol
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hi guys,
hope your days have been pretty good minus colds and whatnot.

i'm in data-crazed mode and i'm staying late at school. i'll prob still be here a while, needless to say i missed WW. i'm still hoping to stay on track and eat very healthfully. using fitday and journaling will help me stay focused.

i want to workout tonight but I'm not sure that will happen...maybe I will wake up early in the AM?

that test I took before spring break was really bad, so bad that no one in the class did well and we ALL have to retake it. i'm hoping tonight i can start re-studying. gah.

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Default Tuesday Report

I have to admit it was difficult to get up the motivation to workout tonight. In the end I am so glad I did. Although it was only the balance ball routine for 50 min. I found incredible improvement in my flexibility, my core strength and form.

I usually workout in the mornings...but since granny has moved in with us, we are sleeping in the lower level. It is much darker and as a result so hard to get up in the mornings. I am trying to do my workouts in the evening (not something I have been successful with in the past). So far so good.

Goals for the week:
  • 1000 daily calorie deficit yes, yes
  • Elliptical 3-4X per week yes, no
  • Balance ball stretching no, yes
  • Read a book started
  • Limit coffee to one cup per day yes, yes
Here's looking forward to a great tomorrow....
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Mike – I think we’re all in agreement here. If it made you feel uncomfortable, you had a right to delete the comment and block the user. And I completely agree with Terri – deleting it was a non-aggressive way to show you didn’t appreciate the comment.

JJ – A phonecall in the middle of the night from an ex is always ignore-worthy. I’m jumping on this band-wagon, too and saying I’m sure he can find his own music. The internet is a stellar place to find rare objects, and Google is very easy to use.

Mern – thinking of the Easter Bunny, ours is coming around with Lego in place of chocolate this year . . . okay maybe one egg. You got jelly beans for Easter? That’s both odd and cool. Yum!

Lindsey – at least they like your enthusiasm. That’s a bonus!

Julia – that sucks about having to re-take the test. I hope you find some time to get some exercise in!

Jacqueline – at least you did a bit, so good for you. I have difficulty doing exercise in the afternoon or evening, too.

Terri – glad your boyfriend’s hand isn’t all infected. When I was about 7 months pregnant, I stood on a mosquito coil holder (you know, they’re a metal stand and the tip is a blunt round that pierces the middle of the coil) – just under an inch of it went into the arch of my foot. There was a lot of blood and a lot of expletives. Thank god we have free healthcare, because I went straight to hospital, got anaesthetic, a tetanus shot and the doc cleared it out with alcohol (apparently there were still lots of shards of metal in there as well as ash from the extinguished coil) and then stitched it up (3 stitches). If it had been about 3mm to the right, it would have torn the tendon in my foot. We don’t use coil holders anymore. I will not allow them in my house. Hehe. Is your boyfriend allowing embroidery needles in the house, now?

Feeling a little bit worn out today. My exercise is done though, thankfully, so I think I might go do something entirely unproductive and what some may call time-wasting. Bugger the washing. It’s not going anywhere.
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Tuesday Report Card:

Health & Fitness Goals

1. Keep calories to 1,500 M-T-W-T-Sat, 1,800 F-Sun. 1,495, 1,937, the 94 min workout left me "on empty", I ate clean, just too much.
2. Calorie deficit for the week 3,500. -833, -733 (total 1,566)
3. Exercise 6 hours. 48 min, 94 min (total 2:22)
4. 96 oz water. YES, YES
5. Carbs under 45%. 48%, 46%
6. Protein over 40%. 26%, 31%

Other Stuff

7. Call SIL and find another race, 5/14/11 is not going to work out. NO, NO
8. Clean 2 rooms (15 min each) + 1 load of laundry. NO YES
9. Figure out basement shelving layout. NO, NO
10. Write library proposal. NO, NO
11. Work on church design 2 hours (or more). NO, YES
12. Fix starting block covers. NO, YES DONE
13. Sew patches on GS uniforms. NO, NO
14. Plan some activities for Spring Break. YES, going to see in-laws (the kids will love it, me somewhat less so), YES got a schedule for the pool and have a day picked out for shoe shopping.

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Fitness Goals:

1. Achieve at least ONE unassisted pull-up. Not yet, Got a little bit higher but still no,
2. Give every workout everything I've got. Yes, Yes, Yes
3. Drink 2L of water per day. Yes, Yes
4. Keep carbs at or below 30%. Yes (25%, 61g), Yes (23%, 64.8g)
5. Take multi-vitamin daily! Yes, Yes, No - my partner told me they're mouldy so I have to get more (I wasn't even looking - yuck!)

Non-Fitness Goals:

1. Finish washing clothes. No, No
2. Keep positive attitude in the house. Yes, Yes
3. Make an appointment to see 8yo's teacher. No, No
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