7-Day Motivational Thread: Week Starting 03/28/2011

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Well, those strawberries ARE almost gone--probably only enough to make half that faux strawberry dessert crepe. Maybe I'll try to save room tomorrow for half a portion for about 7-8 carbs. Still almost 1/3 of my carb allowance for the entire day. I'll think about it to decide if it's worth it. Today I was too hungry, so was glad I traded for cauliflower with cheese.
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Mern, thanks. You always have something nice to say! I wish I had your attitude sometimes.

almeeker, did you check out my channel?
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quinn, you are absolutely right. I do feel better getting it off my chest. I even just took Chloe' for a walk, it was like a bonding moment.
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almeeker, re forgotten yoghurt, it means that she probably didn't wash the inside of her fridge for quite some time! You are lucky you ate the yoghurt that was safe in its packaging, and not some loosely lying veg. Think of all the germs that had been breeding in there for so long....
I think I'm going to wash our fridge this week
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Weekend Report card

- keep my protein intake up yes no yes no no no no
- drink my water!!! no yes no yes yes no yes
- work out 4 times this week only twice (6 ks, 5 ks)
- drink only one cup of coffee per day yes yes no yes no yes no
- track everything I put into my mouth no, not once
- work on my dissertation hardly
- calorie deficit of at least 400 yes, but only Tuesday and Wednesday

Well, the above chart is clearly proof that I screwed up completely last week!! However, I somehow managed to lose another pound
Biggest downfall came on Saturday: I was invited to a garage party and overdid it with the liquor (I did ok all evening until one of the hosts decided to serve shots of yummy colourful liquids... I think I had about six, seven or eight?!).

I was slightly more successful with my running: I'm currently trying to contentrate on speed rather than distance and one of the side effects is that I really need to watch what I put in my mouth before a run. Fatty foods and pasta are a complete no-go.

I'll try to get better with keeping up with everyone's posts!!
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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Mern, thanks. You always have something nice to say! I wish I had your attitude sometimes.

almeeker, did you check out my channel?
A little, the girls and I watched the racing, and then my oldest DD clicked on one about shopping at Express. And then we watched Stacey dance. Now my girls and I all want to drive fast to the mall, spend some loot and take bollywood.
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I went AWOL this weekend, too, just between being sick and trying to keep busy so I wouldn't notice I was sick (well, that backfired; I feel worse today than I have so far). I met my sleep goal and my painting goal but probably nothing else. No energy to exercise, though I did walk Thurs and Fri on the treadmill. I know you're okay to exercise if your symptoms are above the neck, but I can't figure out how to do that when I can't breathe. It's frustrating because I can't take any decongestants due to a heart rate problem that I've had in the past.

Oh, and I met the shop for the husband goal. There was some whining and gnashing of teeth at first, but I gently explained that not only was he wearing the grownup equivalent of Garanimals, he was putting the hippo with the lion, he got it. Only had to one round of return-exchange. Win!

Mike, I'm really sorry you're having a rough time. The only thing I can say is to wait it out, focus on what you can control, and try to let go what you can't. It is rough out there. My referrals all come from state agencies (court, protective services) and those budgets are dwindling, so I imagine for you likewise it feels like holding your breath waiting for a turnaround. You will make it. Do your best and be smart about what you do and know that you are providing a service in an ethical way and trying to help others with their needs; you are probably better at it than most and when things start to turn, your business will reflect that. If it leaves you with some free time now, use it to work on things you've been putting off and you'll get a boost from that accomplishment.

Quinn, hope your daughter enjoys her trip! Yes, our trees and flowers have been blooming for 2-3 weeks now and the weather's perfect. It's my favorite time of year here...so pretty

Going to jump over to the new thread in a bit and get some goals going for this week.

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