7-Day Motivational Thread: Week Starting 03/28/2011

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I did not want to face today. Cranky people at work, head cold and no me time... However, the day worked out and rather than doing my usual, I opted to go for a 35 min walk with hubby. Great to have company, private time and walk.
Goals for the week and results (it's all about the results)
  • 1000 daily calorie deficit yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
  • Elliptical 3-4X per week yes, no, no, yes no
  • Balance ball stretching no, yes, yes, no, no
  • Read a book started---- noooooooo
  • Limit coffee to one cup per day yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
Here's looking forward to a great weekend....
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Well, today is (or was) the day I originally set my goal to be at 200lbs. I did not make it, BUT I am darn close! MUCH closer than I was anyway. I weighed myself this morning, and came out at 204! Probably only a couple more weeks and I will be there. I have done REALLY good this week with keeping UNDER my daily calorie goal Ė VERY proud of myself since I think this is the first week Iíve done this since I started posting here?

Still need to work on some of my life/personal goals, but I am hoping to do some tonight like work on my budget and get a little reading in.

I havenít had much time to read through everyoneís posts, but I did see Sandi say she reached maintenance Ė that is FANTASTIC!!!! Congratulations, I hope that someday I will be able to join you in saying that Sandi!

Since I didnít reach my goal this time, I feel like I should set a new goal. So I set something that I think should be attainable Ė I want to be 195, or under, by the time May 1st shows up! Iím keeping my fingers crossed, and mentally prepping for this! Wish me luck!

Health/Fitness Goals:
1. Eat between 1200-1500 cals/Day 1376, 1289 (with ice cream!), 1487, 1344, currently have 1147 planned (will need to have a little something else when I get home)
2. Get at least 7 hrs of sleep/night Yes, No (dogs didnít want to let me sleep), Yes, Yes
3. Consume 100oz. of Water/Day Yes, Yes, Yes, No (I forgot?)
4. Take Fish Oil & Rosehip Supplements RH-Y FO-N, RH-Y FO-N, RH-N FO-N, RH-N FO-N
5. Exercise with EA Active for Playstation 3x/Week (Tues, Thurs, and Sat) No, No
6. Limit myself to 1 Diet Coke/Day Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes

Other Life Goals:
1. Spend 20 minutes/day reading one of my books Havenít done this all week!
2. Vacuum the floors, and Mop Dining Room & Kitchen Havenít done this either!
3. Complete Budget for April 2011 Or this! :-P
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Jen, congrats on getting sooo close, you'll be there really soon.

I've been feeling really stressed lately so loaded the mustang on the trailer and I'm going to the drag strip tomorrow. I figure the smell of race gas and testosterone in the air may brighten my day. I'll get some video of the mustang going down the track. Then I can do something constructive with my time and make another YouTube video.

Back To Basics!

Health & Fitness:

1. floss 7 times yes, yes, yes, yes
2. gallon of water per day yes 147.6, yes 130oz, yes 140oz, yes 140oz, (still drinking)
3. Vitamin Daily yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
4. Fish Oil Daily yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
5. Weekly calories consumed to be +/- 500 burned -54, +36, -227, -131, -364 (but ate like crap)
6. Workout (like a beast) 3 times no yes no yes no
7. 200 Chinups 30, 45 (15 of which were weighted!), 0, 65, 43 (I was able to do 20 in a row) [183 & counting]
8. get back to my journal no, no, no, nope, no
9. Protein Shake ONLY FOR POST WORKOUT (get nutrients from real food) yes (none), yes (PWO), yes (none), yes (didn't even have one PWO), yes (none)
10. Weigh in Monday morning and Sunday morning and post #'s (stay +/- 1 pound) 170.4
11. Push, motivate, or encourage the next person (behaze) no, no yes& also do one of their goals.
Non Health & Fitness:

12. Business drop-ins once no, no, no, nah, nope
13. Call 10 current clients and touch base 2,3,3,2,2 Total = 12
14. Say something nice to a stranger (not flirting) 3 times no, no, no, no, not yet
15. One RANDOM act of kindness no, no, no, yes, no
Originally Posted by behaze View Post
Keep positive attitude in the house.
yes, yes, yes, sort of, yes

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stacey: I totally take you up on your $10 bet! I'll find you! hehehe.

Cassie: Feel better soon! Darn those familial germs!! I hope you have some great wonton soup -- that does sound good!

sandi: SUPER CONGRATS on hitting maintenance! That must feel so good.

Bubbs: I hope you had a blast on your walk. Those feel really good and are often far too rare in this busy life

Jenny: You will be there in no time! You're doing everything right and your body will (eventually) reward you for it. And even if the numbers on the scale don't show up, and it's frustrating, take a look at everything else that's changing for you - how good you feel, or maybe take your measurements, or put on some clothes that haven't fit in awhile!

Mike: Looking forward to your video, I LOVE watching fast cars even if I don't know anything about them!

Friday Report Card

Fitness, Exercise and Lifestyle Goals:
1) Under 1400 calories, track everything M: yes, 1,355 T: yes, 1,448 W: oh yes, 1,725 Th: yes, 983! F: yes, 1143
2) Average 30% protein for the week M: 17% T: 29% W: 15% Th: 45% (that's more like it!) F: 30% (weekly average: 27%)
3) 96 oz. water daily M: yes T: yes, 104 W: yes Th: yes F: no!
4) 5 hours of exercise, split between weights and hard cardio M: day off T: 15 minutes cardio, 45 minutes lifting. W: No exercise Th: 60 minutes hard cardio (HIIT) elliptical F: No exercise, but was on my feet all day
5) Use heart rate monitor each workout this week M: N/A T: Totally! W: N/A Th: Yes, and holy cow!! F: N/A
6) Use new protein powder in a shake after each workout: M: N/A T: No W: N/A Th: oops! forgot F: N/A

Non-Fitness Goals:
1) One hour of needlework every night M: not quite an hour, but close T: No W: Yes Th: No F: Yes
2) Rework 2 original chapters for book by Wednesday M: DONE! Go me! T-Sun: N/A
3) Focus on extra work coming, do whatever hours are necessary this week/weekend M: N/A T: N/A W: Oh boy, did I. Th: Yes! F: Extra work started!
4) Buy a couple of small plants for the apartment, the place needs some green! M-F: No, probably this weekend

Had an awesome 12-hour workday yesterday, and the trend is probably going to continue today (hopefully, I have tomorrow off). The scale said 195.8 this morning. I had to laugh at it. Whaaaaat? I've been very, very good the past couple of days. I don't know if it's because I didn't get my water in yesterday (no time, dirty hands, couldn't refill my bottle) or what, but I'm going to consider it a late April Fool's joke No weighing again for me until Monday, that's an "official" day anywho! Hopefully there is not another random plateau coming on...

Also, add my name to the "avatars are gone poof" list, I can't see anyone's lovely pictures anymore.

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An update on my progress for this week:

1) Keep calories between 1200-1500-try to bring my deficit from 850 average a day to 1000 a day through calories and exercise

M-1453 T-1367 W-1467 T-1250 F-966
I also managed to bring my deficits up from 650 average to 1000 average on Thursday and Friday

2) Drink 2 liters of water a day M-NO 1.5ltr T-No .5ltr W-Yes! T-No 1ltr F-No .5ltr

3) Exercise 30 minutes minimum/5 days-Walk 30 minutes minimum/5 days- introduce Jump roping 5 minutes/3 days
Monday No,Yes,Yes(10 min jumprope); T-Yes,Yes,No; W-Yes,Yes,Yes(10 minutes Jump Rope T-No,Yes!! 6m,No F- No,Yes,No Plan to double up on exercise today and tomorrow (hopefully) to make up for the time missed

4) Get Off the Breads! I'm suppose to be gluten free M-No, T-No, W-No, T-No, F-No Shame on me!

5) Measure myself to start recording monthly M-Yes!
Non-Fitness Goals:

1) Finish the Lace Project and start the new one for my class Still working on it, but believe I can have it finished by tomorrow night

2) Organize Closet Will hit that tonight possibly

3) Finish Laundry Didn't do it Friday, will do some tomorrow
4) Treat myself to one night of REAL pampering (Havn't done it in years)Not Yet, but will this weekend Hopefully.

5) Work on my husbands anniversary gift for this coming month Will this weekend

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Mike, what exactly does testosterone smell like? Never mind...don't wanna know.

Great progress from folks; it's motivating me to get going. Terri, you are so steady chipping away at your goal, Crimpet, Jenny, Jacqueline and Mike are rocking it, too. Terri, I'm hoping to get some plants going this weekend, too, though for me it's just repotting into larger pots and might get some strawberries going and refresh the herbs.

Quinn, hope your daughter got off safely and that she has a great time, and that you enjoy the down time you've earned.

Still have the head cold going on: throat, sinuses, headache, but I feel better if I keep busy. We're having company tonight but it's a good friend, low stress situation.

Gonna catch up my goals and try to be a bit more active here for weekend support, especially since company tonight and snacks will be on the table

1. Stay on calorie target (changes daily, depends on exercise). Almost; off by <100, Yes, No, Yes, Yes
2. Balance the pie chart. I'll give it a B, B-, Fair, Fair, Fair, Fair (this is hard for me when sick)
3. 2-3 big blue water bottles daily. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
4. Sleep 7 hours per night (I will get this goal this week, dammit!). No-6, No-6.5, No-6.5, Yes! Yes!
5. 5 fruits and veggies per day. No-3, Yes, No-3,Yes, Yes
6. No sodas (had given them up, then diet ones snuck back in). Yes,No, No (wow, this has become a habit again ), No, Yes

7. Work on office. No, Yes, No, No, No
8. Finish trim in bedroom and bathroom over weekend, no excuses. Not yet
9. Shop for fashion-challenged DH before discount coupon expires Saturday. Not yet
10. Follow up on outstanding billing. Not yet

In a bit I'm taking my son out to shop for the hubby. He needs new clothes desperately but is soooo picky and, to put it bluntly, picks out stupid stuff when left to his own devices. I could vent forever on his wardrobe. Not that he has to dress to please me, but he essentially has the adult version of Garanimals, which constitutes his entire summer wardrobe. No twill, no cargo...nothing. He did agree that he would have an open mind if we went and got things and brought them home, so wish me luck!

Oh, and he wears Crocs with socks, which embarrasses my child to no end . So some nice sandals may be in order also!

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~ eat on planm no, t yes, w yes, t yes, f yes 99%
~ 90 oz of water each day m no, t yes, w 3/4, t yes, f 3/4
~ log all food i eat m no, t yes, w yes, t yes, f yes
~ cardio 4 times this weekSUCCESS GOT 5 DAYS IN
~ strength 4 times this week
~ yoga 3 times this week T yes, s yes
~ write in my notebook how i'm feeling when i 'want' to eat something off plan m no], t yes, w yes

non~ weight
~ continue doing hair & basic makeup every day. SUCCESS
~ clean apartment & get back into a routine. having a hard time with this one. m no, wed no], t yes, S YES
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jacqueline ~ i hate dealing with cranky people...lol...i don't blame you for not looking forward to today. that's awesome that it turned out better than you thought. how nice to have a private walk with hubby those moments are so special.

jenny ~ you are so close that's awesome. those 4 lbs will come off before you know it & then you'll be in 'onederland'

mike ~ that sucks that you've been feeling stressed lately, but your plan to feel better sounds like a blast. have fun. hey what's your youtube channel i've never seen any of your videos.

Terri ~ omg i can't remember what i bet you...lol...but okay take me up on it

Cassie ~ ever wonder what that 'special' smell that radiates off of men's shoes? that's testosterone lol. hope you feel better soon.

omg i can't believe i actually got on here to post...lol. boy friend has some over time so he'll come later tonight. i have a bingo to work tomorrow yuck, but it's my part-time job i co-ordinate it so i make sure there are enough people at the bingos for the Boys & Girls club. man people lie to me all the time...lol. doing to big clean up today, get some food in the house, go for a walk, get an oil change done on the car etc.

still waiting for my dance teacher to give me her input on music i want to get started as they could take awhile. going to try on the costume i bought & see if the belt fits yet. i think the bar is still to small, but i can fix that. omg so much to prepare before june our student hafla (recital), but we really dress up. belly dancers often like costumes, makeup & glittery stuff...lol.

i was down again today to 158.2. i can't believe how easily i can go up & then how hard it is to go back down. i'm planning the menu this weekend so that i will eat on plan.

okay i think i've babbled enough...lol
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good news partly i tried on the costume i need to work on. the belt fits when i bought it, it didn't, but fits at the waist it needs to sit more on the hips, but i have until june soooo i'm sure as i lose more weight it will sit more where i want it to. so i'm not worried about that. plus i can move two of the hooks to give me a little more room. the bra on the other hand needs some work which i knew when i bought it off this lady. i need to extend the back strap which i knew & i think i need to 'add' gross grain ribbon to the cups, but maybe not as i lose weight my chest should 'shrink'...lol. but i was happy that the belt fit...woo hoo. the bra i can alter.
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cassie, I almost answered that but I caught myself.

I'm back from the track. I edited the video and I'm uploading it now. the "01GT4.6" is the Lamborghini Orange (and black) mustang. I bought her new back in late 2000 off the car hauler. It was Mineral Grey. I had a lot of fun with it and put a lot of miles and money into it. I changed just about everything, motor, suspension, rearend, I added nitrous, etc, etc. I ended up having a bad 3rd quarter about a year and a 1/2 ago and needed money badly. So I sold it to my good friend, David. Since everywhere he went, everybody would talk to him about how he had "Mike's old car" I think he wanted to make it his own, so he changed the color to orange along with some other changes. It now sits in a garage and he very rarely drives it. I told him that I didn't want to race it this time b/c i think he needs to drive it and enjoy it. So I stayed behind the camera today. I'll post the video up when it's done.

Going to the track did help some but I don't know what is going on with me. I had another meltdown last night. I feel like I'm losing control of my emotions and the stresses that I have are overwhelming me. That on top of not getting an uninterupted night of sleep (but maybe a few times in the past year) has taken it's toll on me and I just snapped. I don't feel like myself and I know that I haven't been very pleasant at times to be around. Last night Chole' was my victim. She would not lay down and sleep. She was up and down all night. I don't think that I got more than 1-2 hrs of sleep before she'd wake me up and I finally had it. I got on to her and threw her out, into the back yard. She'd never had to sleep outside, ever. She didn't this time either. She sat at the back door and whined and whined. I left her out there for maybe an hour and let her back in. Today I get home from the track and saw that she is covered in mosquito bites I was heart broken, but I feel like if her and Mytsie don't let me sleep (or I don't get help with them during the night) that I'd have to get rid of them. That is not like me at all. Those two girls are my babies. I really feel like a schmuck. Well that's it for my rant.


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