7-Day Motivational Thread: Week Starting 03/28/2011

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Thursday achievements:

Calorie limit 1600, actual only 1098
Carbs less fiber limit 25g, actual 22.3g
Protein goal 120g., actual 87.7g but that was 45% of my calories
Omega-3 from flaxmeal
No sugar free candy yesterday

Water goal 64 oz. achieved

Exercise was 2 miles aerobic walking DVD (30 minutes at 4MPH)
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Originally Posted by MunaAmin View Post
They haven't but my sister who has a degree in Biochemistry suspect it might be Staphyloccous Aureus (my son had skin infection, the kind which is caused by S. Aureus, and he had it at the same time like i was ill).
I'm proud of my sister she was best in her class, now she is 28 and studying for PhD.
That is a good sister to have, good luck to her with the PhD. I'm sure she will bug you about it too but please have them test for it, Staph A. is known for resistance to certain antibiotics like penecilin. Hope you're back to 100% ASAP!
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Today could be rough: spent last night waiting up until 1230am or so for the in-laws to drive into town, so it was a mighty late night. Hopefully I don't use that as an excuse to make poor choices today, though.

Thursday report card:

1) Keep calories under 1400
M 1,176 T 1,457 W 1,527 R 1,331

2) Exercise 30 minutes minimum/5 days
M yes T yes W yes R yes

4) Keep carbs down - 170 g/day or 130%, according to my fitday meter
M: close, 178.6 g T: 197.8 g...ugh! W: 220.6 g double ugh! R: 184.7 g

5) Start bi-weekly (Weds/Sun) weigh-ins on Wii-Fit: it's more accurate than my bathroom scale.
Sun: yes Mon: no Tues: no Weds: yes...and the scale and I were not friends today Thurs: no

Non-Fitness Goals:

1) Clean kitchen
M: uh...does dishes in the dishwasher count?!
T: made a mess making pizza and cookies, and never really finished cleaning it up...oops.

W: YES! finally! did dishes, cleared and re-stacked dishwasher, cleaned stove and countertops
R: YES! Crunch time before the in-laws arrived. Cleaned all the stainless steel, did countertops, cleaned stove.

2) Put away clean laundry, and tidy closet and master bathroom
M: definitely no. My response at 11pm to a bed covered in clean laundry? "ugh. I'm not dealing with this now! Tomorrow."
T: definitely no.
W: sort of. I made my goal to be to put away anything that went in a drawer/didn't need hanging before bedtime.
R: nooooot really. I shoved some clothes in a hamper and hid them in the walk-in closet. So, the bedroom LOOKS clean...but really, stuff is still in shambles.

3) Prep guest bedroom and bathroom for visitors on Friday
M: guest sheets washed...and then the stinky dog decided they made a good blanket and laid on them all night...so net progress = 0
T: spent the night watching DWTS and Biggest Loser and wallowing in self-pity. Fortunately, the Biggest Loser contestants inspire me, so by the end of the show I was feeling ready to try again and do better with my fitness goals tomorrow.

W: Sean cleaned guest bath for me so woopee, cross that one off my list! Now just to make the bed and put out towels, I think!
R: put out guest towels, made the bed, and done!
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Good Morning, All!

My insanely busy week just won't let up, but I wanted to check in. Getting daughter ready for a week long spring break trip (packing, doing wash, last minute stuff...). But, THEN, I'm childless for one whole week! WOOOHOOOO!!!! I honestly can't remember the last time that happened. Really looking forward to being able to sleep in and the house staying picked up.

My "Back To Basics" List:

* Forget the pie chart for one week and keep calories to a "clean" 1400 or less. Way under... no time to eat much yesterday. Yes. Not sure- close. Yes, skipped meals again yesterday.
* Hike (heavy pack) twice this week. Probably Wednesday. Today. FAIL!
* Spring's here... resume daily neighborhood walks. Again, sadly, no time. Again, no time. Again, no time. No time again.
* 100 oz. of water daily, minimum. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
* Stop buying jelly beans already!!! Geesh! So far, so good. Yes. Too busy to shop! Yes.
* Clean two more closets. Probably Wednesday. DONE!!!
* Keep on top of applications and deadlines. 4.5 hours of paperwork yesterday... ugh. 5 hours Tuesday. Took Wednesday off to avoid impending insanity. Will have to wait until Monday.
* Smile more... bitch less. (Does "nagging" your children count as bitching?) I admit, I was a little "snarky" yesterday. I couldn't have been more pleasant! lol Yes.
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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Stacey, thanks for sharing those! They were really neat to watch. I like the details of the hand positions. I agree with jj...looks like a lot of fun
cassie, I responded to you in feedback & support.
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quinn, IMO nagging and bitching go hand in hand, sorry.

Back To Basics!

Health & Fitness:

1. floss 7 times yes, yes, yes, yes
2. gallon of water per day yes 147.6, yes 130oz, yes 140oz, yes 140oz
3. Vitamin Daily yes, yes, yes, yes
4. Fish Oil Daily yes, yes, yes, yes
5. Weekly calories consumed to be +/- 500 burned -54, +36, -227, -131 (but ate like crap)
6. Workout (like a beast) 3 times no yes no yes
7. 200 Chinups 30, 45 (15 of which were weighted!), 0, 65
8. get back to my journal no, no, no, nope
9. Protein Shake ONLY FOR POST WORKOUT (get nutrients from real food) yes (none), yes (PWO), yes (none), yes (didn't even have one PWO)
10. Weigh in Monday morning and Sunday morning and post #'s (stay +/- 1 pound) 170.4
11. Push, motivate, or encourage the next person (behaze) no, no yes& also do one of their goals.
Non Health & Fitness:

12. Business drop-ins once no, no, no, nah
13. Call 10 current clients and touch base 2,3,3,2
14. Say something nice to a stranger (not flirting) 3 times no, no, no, no
15. One RANDOM act of kindness no, no, no, yes
Originally Posted by behaze View Post
Keep positive attitude in the house.
yes, yes, yes, sort of
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well here i am late again sigh

~ eat on planm no, t yes, w yes, t yes
~ 90 oz of water each day m no, t yes, w 3/4, t yes
~ log all food i eat m no, t yes, w yes, t yes
~ cardio 4 times this weekSUCCESS GOT 5 DAYS IN
~ strength 4 times this week
~ yoga 3 times this week T yes
~ write in my notebook how i'm feeling when i 'want' to eat something off plan m no], t yes, w yes

non~ weight
~ continue doing hair & basic makeup every day. m yes, t yes, w yes, t yes, f yes
~ clean apartment & get back into a routine. having a hard time with this one. m no, wed no], t yes
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quinn: At least I only had the cheese? Pizza Hut happens, I suppose. Thanks for putting it in perspective for me!

April: Your goals look AWESOME!

stacey: Thanks for the support! Your videos are GREAT, I need to get more time to watch them! I took a peek, bellydancing is SO COOL!

jj: Good for you, just continue to ignore - interesting how they suddenly call all the time when you're not dating, isn't it? Thanks for the Pizza Hut sympathy!

Thursday Report Card

Fitness, Exercise and Lifestyle Goals:
1) Under 1400 calories, track everything M: yes, 1,355 T: yes, 1,448 W: oh yes, 1,725 Th: yes, 983!
2) Average 30% protein for the week M: 17% T: 29% W: 15% Th: 45% (that's more like it!) (weekly average: 26.5%)
3) 96 oz. water daily M: yes T: yes, 104 W: yes Th: yes
4) 5 hours of exercise, split between weights and hard cardio M: day off T: 15 minutes cardio, 45 minutes lifting. W: No exercise Th: 60 minutes hard cardio (HIIT) elliptical
5) Use heart rate monitor each workout this week M: N/A T: Totally! W: N/A Th: Yes, and holy cow!!
6) Use new protein powder in a shake after each workout: M: N/A T: No W: N/A Th: oops! forgot

Non-Fitness Goals:
1) One hour of needlework every night M: not quite an hour, but close T: No W: Yes Th: No
2) Rework 2 original chapters for book by Wednesday M: DONE! Go me! T-Sun: N/A
3) Focus on extra work coming, do whatever hours are necessary this week/weekend M: N/A T: N/A W: Oh boy, did I. Th: Yes!
4) Buy a couple of small plants for the apartment, the place needs some green! M: No T: No W: No Th: No, probably this weekend

I made a thread in the Exercise forum about my HRM with my cardio, since it told me I did a 1,201 calorie burn for my workout I would LOVE to believe that, but I'm not 100% certain about it (the machine says I burn 650-ish per workout -- that's almost HALF what HRM says. And the machine has a HRM on it, and the two are closely comparable in terms of the BPM it says I'm evoking...) In any case, I was really glad to get my workout in yesterday. Except the AC in the gym was broken - woo-ee did I sweat! The scale said 194.5 this morning - I think I'm probably still losing the sodium catastrophe of Wednesday, so I'm happy with that. Monday is my 3-month anniversary on Fitday, I'm hoping to see 193 again!

Had a much better day yesterday, and after a stressful work morning I feel good today. Happy Friday one and all!

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mike ~ glad to see you around. those nasty co-workers huh mine are tempting me with donuts too, but i will STAY STRONG.

muna ~ that would make sense i remember you saying your son had that infection which is very common among kids there's a bout of it going around here. hope you feel better soon.

lindsey ~ hope you are on plan after your late night. did the in-laws make it in okay?

had a massage this morning & omg did i need it. it HURT SOOOOO GOOD. she has a technique where she uses her elbow & forearm for extra pressure. at the time it hurts like going up my rib cage....lol....but it does work well.

soooo it's official i will be doing a solo. my teacher is going to listen to the music i like & help pick out what she thinks i'll dance best to. i want to come with my own choreography, but i'll have her help me when i'm stuck. very excited & nervous.

okay everyone i did put up our bollywood performance this morning on my YouTube - jeremyagain's Channel youtube channel i'm the one in the mint green in the back the curse of being 5'9"...lol. i gave boyfriend a lot of grief as he recorded this, but could he have picked a worse angle to get me in the dance too....lol.
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Terri ~ that's awesome that you got your exercise in good for you. won't be long before you see 193 again girl . that's awesome that you had a better day yesterday & less stress. awww thanks for your comments about my videos. i think it's cool too & addictive once you start watching some belly dancing videos then you watch more & more as there are just so many styles. i just added our bollywood performance this morning $10 if you can spot me in the mint green, need to fire my camera man (the boyfriend).

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