7-Day Motivational Thread: Week Starting 03/28/2011

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@ jjeand lol thanks i will post more current ones tomorrow i hope i have some the bollywood dance we did a few weeks ago.

omg so hungry i'm shaking....lol snack time

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Stacey, thanks for sharing those! They were really neat to watch. I like the details of the hand positions. I agree with jj...looks like a lot of fun
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@ cassie thanks it is fun & hands are important just wish the rest of me flowed as easily. how i think i do in my head isn't reality which is why i tape some of my practices...lol.
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Stacey, so much fun. Now I want to take belly dancing, but alas I live in Podunkity, and the closest thing we have locally is line dancing.
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almeeker ~ there are loads of dvd's & even youtube vids out there to start with. you never know keep looking there might be classes in a near by city or community.
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I agree with Stacey: when it comes to bellydance, Bollywood/indo-jazz, or any other sort of dance or fitness activity, the internet is an awesome resource. Try free podcasts from iTunes - I'm sure there are some video classes available on there! When I'm too lazy to drag myself to the gym, my favourite online workout is Zumba via YouTube! - I have a list of saved videos, and make a playlist of about 10 of them and...voila! custom cardio!

Stacey: taping yourself is definitely a HUGE help in improving your dancing. As a teacher, I completely advocate it! Also, some people need to practice without a mirror in order to really FEEL the proper arm/hand/foot placements etc. ...but some other people (I am one), need to SEE the proper placement in order to remember how it feels. I danced without a mirror for years and years, as my former teacher didn't believe in them...I can't believe how much I improved, almost instantaneously, as soon as I could see the mistakes I was making. So, if you don't dance in front of the mirror already (even just in the bathroom, ha!), maybe try that?!
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Default Thursday Repport

I was so hipped for this week and I am jsut dragging my butt. I have been sick with a head cold, tired of the A-holes at work and just feeling like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders.

SO hurray for me...I am still tracking and doing something good for me each day (but not overdoing it).

Goals for the week and results (it's all about the results)
  • 1000 daily calorie deficit yes, yes, yes, yes
  • Elliptical 3-4X per week yes, no, no, yes
  • Balance ball stretching no, yes, yes, no
  • Read a book started---- noooooooo
  • Limit coffee to one cup per day yes, yes, yes, yes
Here's looking forward to a great Friday....
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lindsey ~ i do both dance in front of a mirrior okay it's really just my living room sliding door with the curtains open wonder what my neighbours think & other times i practice without. i'm not sure what helps me more...lol. might be without the mirrior as my teacher said that doing a walking move with head slide i do it better when i can't see myself so who knows...lol.
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I've been sort of MIA, sorry ladies. Tomorrow will be a slow day for me so I plan on catching up.

Today my food choice SUCKED!!!! Doughnuts for breakfast and my co-workers talked me into cobbler again today, so I had cobbler for desert.

Back To Basics!

Health & Fitness:

1. floss 7 times yes, yes, yes
2. gallon of water per day yes 147.6, yes 130oz, yes 140oz
3. Vitamin Daily yes, yes, yes
4. Fish Oil Daily yes, yes, yes
5. Weekly calories consumed to be +/- 500 burned -54, +36, -227
6. Workout (like a beast) 3 times no yes no
7. 200 Chinups 30, 45 (15 of which were weighted!) 0
8. get back to my journal no, no, no
9. Protein Shake ONLY FOR POST WORKOUT (get nutrients from real food) yes (none), yes (PWO), yes (none)
10. Weigh in Monday morning and Sunday morning and post #'s (stay +/- 1 pound) 170.4
11. Push, motivate, or encourage the next person (behaze) no, no yes& also do one of their goals.
Non Health & Fitness:

12. Business drop-ins once no, no, no
13. Call 10 current clients and touch base 2,3, ?
14. Say something nice to a stranger (not flirting) 3 times no, no, no
15. One RANDOM act of kindness no, no, no
Originally Posted by behaze View Post
Keep positive attitude in the house.
yes, yes, yes
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Originally Posted by acameron34 View Post
Muna- 3 doses have they checked what bacteria they think you have?
They haven't but my sister who has a degree in Biochemistry suspect it might be Staphyloccous Aureus (my son had skin infection, the kind which is caused by S. Aureus, and he had it at the same time like i was ill).
I'm proud of my sister she was best in her class, now she is 28 and studying for PhD.
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