7-Day Motivational Thread: Week Starting 03/28/2011

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Lindsey: Don't be too hard on yourself - bringing in the leftover cookies is a great thing to do and a good action to prevent them from being a temptation! Good job!

behaze: MY HRM has a chest thing and a wrist thing. I dunno. I got a fancy-doodle-ish one, or at least I think it's fancy-doodle I'll get the hang of it eventually, and I'm sure that once I get used to the feeling of it, I won't notice it even if it's shoved under the bra.

Julia: Profs come in all kinds, don't they? - it's good you're getting the retake, sometimes they don't care enough to!

Cassie: I think maybe you're just hitting a little funk - caring for sick people tends to make us forget about ourselves a little bit, and there's nothing wrong with that and no shame in it. I hope you find the time to find yourself again this week

Muna: I am crossing fingers and toes for you - both for your health and for good news with your family!!!

Wednesday Report Card OF SHAME: (Sigh...)

Fitness, Exercise and Lifestyle Goals:
1) Under 1400 calories, track everything M: yes, 1,355 T: yes, 1,448 W: oh yes, 1,725
2) Average 30% protein for the week M: 17% T: 29% W: 15% (weekly average: 20%)
3) 96 oz. water daily M: yes T: yes, 104 W: yes
4) 5 hours of exercise, split between weights and hard cardio M: day off T: 15 minutes cardio, 45 minutes lifting. W: No exercise
5) Use heart rate monitor each workout this week M: N/A T: Totally! W: N/A
6) Use new protein powder in a shake after each workout: M: N/A T: No W: N/A

Non-Fitness Goals:
1) One hour of needlework every night M: not quite an hour, but close T: No W: Yes
2) Rework 2 original chapters for book by Wednesday M: DONE! Go me! T-Sun: N/A
3) Focus on extra work coming, do whatever hours are necessary this week/weekend M: N/A T: N/A W: Oh boy, did I. And come in this morning to find problems! HOORAY! (sarcasm )
4) Buy a couple of small plants for the apartment, the place needs some green! M: No T: No W: No

Well. Two words can sum up my day yesterday: Pizza Hut. As in no, I did not go grocery shopping and yes, I went to Pizza Hut and stuffed my face with four slices of PAN pizza. There's nothing redeeming I can say about it, really, except that I went socially and tried not to be so much of a hermit as I naturally am. I should have ordered something different for myself but I gave into the refrain of "oh come on, you can have a few slices of pizza, it won't kill you."

I can say that I'm not dead (so I guess they were technically right!), but I can say I feel a little chagrined this morning. The scale said 195.1. I am assuming much of that is sodium/fluid-weight since my cals ended up being not DISASTROUS, but we're just straightening out the rails today. I've already had a stress-bomb explode on me this morning, so it can't get worse, right? lol

Thanks everyone for tips about the HRM. Under the bra (or on the back!) it goes!

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Good Morning, All!

Crazy, crazy week but, diet-wise, I seem to be doing alright. Stayed away from restaurants and drive-throughs yesterday. However, my "at home" choices could have been a little cleaner. Sadly, no time to log yesterday, but should be pretty close. Trying to maintain forward momentum with spring cleaning (two houses... ugh.) Gorgeous weather has returned, so after I got daughter off at 5:30 for a Spanish competition, I stayed up and cleaned closets. lol Hopefully, this will clear my afternoon for a relaxing, warm weather hike before rain returns tomorrow.

My "Back To Basics" List:

* Forget the pie chart for one week and keep calories to a "clean" 1400 or less. Way under... no time to eat much yesterday. Yes. Not sure- close.
* Hike (heavy pack) twice this week.
Probably Wednesday. Today
* Spring's here... resume daily neighborhood walks. Again, sadly, no time. Again, no time. Again, no time.
* 100 oz. of water daily, minimum. Yes. Yes. Yes.
* Stop buying jelly beans already!!! Geesh! So far, so good. Yes. Too busy to shop!
* Clean two more closets. Probably Wednesday. DONE!!!
* Keep on top of applications and deadlines. 4.5 hours of paperwork yesterday... ugh. 5 hours Tuesday. Took Wednesday off to avoid impending insanity.
* Smile more... bitch less. (Does "nagging" your children count as bitching?) I admit, I was a little "snarky" yesterday. I couldn't have been more pleasant! lol
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Ahh... So nice to have a few minutes to catch up with everyone! When life gets busy, I really miss reading all of your posts!


Hang tough, girl! No back-sliding allowed! Not feeling well yourself, you're probably just a little vulnerable. (Especially taking care of sick men... ugh...) Sorry, Mike. If men only had to squeeze a human being from their body, just once, they'd never complain about a cold again, right? How did solo and ensemble go this year?


Your week sounds exactly like mine except I did the haircut last week! Hope the (ex) boyfriend is giving you some space. It sounds like there's a whole new, healthy, happy you waiting to enjoy life. The world is yours, one day at a time. Go for it and don't be afraid to put yourself first. We do Concert Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band and Pep Band. Before my daughter could drive, I thought I would go insane! I also got up at 5:30 to get a child off to a school function and once up, I can never go back to sleep. We'll stagger around, sleep-deprived, together today!


Nice to "see" you again! Hope you can overcome that "bug" soon. Here's hoping that spring is a time of new, happier, exciting chapters for you.


Ugh... Pizza Hut... one of my weaknesses as well! In my area, you can get a large pan pizza with unlimited toppings for $10.00. I went there a couple of weeks ago and if it weren't for my husband ordering a thin crust veggie for us, I would have taken down a pan pizza myself. Everyone around us had pan pizzas and the yeasty, doughy goodness was killing me...

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Sooo...didn't do so well with the cookies around me yesterday...I managed to put away 4 pieces, ugh. So that felt terrible, and I left work with a new resolve to do better for the evening. Unfortunately, everything came in REALLY high yesterday - cals, fat, carbs, EVERYTHING...but I DID go to the gym and lunch AND did hot yoga last night, so my calorie deficit was still around 900-1000. Oh well, today is a new day. In-laws are coming tonight, so I'm bracing myself for a weekend of wanting to hit the town, go for drinks, etc. etc.

Wednesday report card:

1) Keep calories under 1400 M 1,176 T 1,457 W 1,527

2) Exercise 30 minutes minimum/5 days M yes T yes W yes

4) Keep carbs down - 170 g/day or 130%, according to my fitday meter
M: close, 178.6 g T: 197.8 g...ugh! W: 220.6 double ugh!

5) Start bi-weekly (Weds/Sun) weigh-ins on Wii-Fit: it's more accurate than my bathroom scale.
Sun: yes Mon: no Tues: no Weds: yes...and the scale and I were not friends today

Non-Fitness Goals:

1) Clean kitchen
M: uh...does dishes in the dishwasher count?!
T: made a mess making pizza and cookies, and never really finished cleaning it up...oops.

W: YES! finally! did dishes, cleared and re-stacked dishwasher, cleaned stove and countertops
2) Put away clean laundry, and tidy closet and master bathroom
M: definitely no. My response at 11pm to a bed covered in clean laundry? "ugh. I'm not dealing with this now! Tomorrow."
T: definitely no.

W: sort of. I made my goal to be to put away anything that went in a drawer/didn't need hanging before bedtime.
3) Prep guest bedroom and bathroom for visitors on Friday
M: guest sheets washed...and then the stinky dog decided they made a good blanket and laid on them all night...so net progress = 0
T: spent the night watching DWTS and Biggest Loser and wallowing in self-pity. Fortunately, the Biggest Loser contestants inspire me, so by the end of the show I was feeling ready to try again and do better with my fitness goals tomorrow.
W: Sean cleaned guest bath for me so woopee, cross that one off my list! Now just to make the bed and put out towels, I think!
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Wednesday Report -

Instead of picking a calorie level to stay under....Keep a 1000 calorie deficit M, yes(1273) - T, yes(1751), W, yes(1181)
Walk daily at lunch 30-45 minutes M, yes(40min) - T, yes(35min) - W, yes(30min)
Some form of exercise at night M, yes(worked out on home gym followed by balance exercise & jumping rope ) - T, yes(20 min walk with dog!) - W, no(went to see about getting my truck painted vs trading it in another one...no decision made yet)

Non-fitness Goals
Read homework book for foster parenting (Three Little Words) M, no - T, no(fell asleep, lol) - W, yes(20min at lunch and about an hour in the evening)
Get laundry folded & put away before weekend M, no - T, no - W, nope

I feel like I am doing MUCH better this week with my goals and hope to see an improvement on the scale on Monday!!
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behaze ~ i think if my dance teacher says i can do a solo if i do some of the choreography that will save her some time she's really busy. i'd like to do what i can, & then have her add her suggestions, but we'll see. she still hasn't replied to my email. however i'm still going to do it even just for myself. i started last night just breaking down the song into different changes of the song & stuff very interesting exercise. as far as video taping myself i do that already...lol. it's a GREAT tool when practicing & perfecting a dance. however twice i put up videos on youtube they weren't well received. one i took down the other is still up there & i'm sure it looks horrible....lol, but maybe i'll put up some newer ones i'm a better dancer now.

julia ~ it's for sure a challenge trying to do my own choreography. i have new found respect for my teacher that does all the different ones she does. i just love the music so much that so far it has helped me to get even more deeply into it & omg Harry Belafonte is just so fun to listen to.

jjean ~ wow sounds like you had a busy day. i'm tired reading all the things you did. the hair cut sounds nice i love getting my hair cut....lol. but i'm growing mine long again soooo i have to wait for that...lol.

muna ~ sorry to hear that you are still sick that is awful. good luck with the new application thinking of you & your family.

terri ~ that's good that you are trying to be more social some times we need that. the water/fluid will come off quickly.

yikes last night was cubs & i swear to god someone put something in the water they were all rangy...~sigh~ there's one boy that is beyond being rangy he's sassy, back talks, disrespectful & on purpose does the complete opposite of what he's asked to do. i've had 4 or 5 different adults say if he was there kid..... i'll just leave that blank there. i totally raised my voice at him last night & my son was like wow mom EVERY kid was quite & just looked at you, but i know mom you just don't talk to you like that....lol.

still haven't heard back from my teacher about the possibility of doing a solo, but i'll still work on it for my own satisfaction. bollywood dance tonight woo hoo. i think i'll walk to class 10 mins there & 10 mins back will be good for me.
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Originally Posted by jjeand View Post
Quinn - Staggering is about right! I'm so tired.

And the exBF is not leaving me alone. Called again this morning -ignored it- thankfully no message.

Keep strong, ignore the calls and keep focused on your new goals. Besides, I bet there's a buff, health-conscious, muscle bunny guy out there looking for someone just like you!
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On the run--busy day, no time to chat. Preparing for four grandkids staying overnight (on a school night) due to daughter going out of town today.

Best wishes and big hugs to all.

Wednesday achievements:

Calorie limit 1600, actual 1486
Carbs less fiber limit 25g, actual 26.1 (oops, but not a horrible overage)
Protein target 120, actual 101.1 (due to poor planning)

Omega-3 intake from flaxmeal, peanut butter, and olive oil
Sugar free candy limit two pieces, actual one

Water: 64 oz. achieved

Exercise one mile aeroblic walking DVD. Good start after being off for five days or so. Did two miles today--back to normal.
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jjean ~ keep ignoring the phone calls. the right guy will be right around the corner for you.
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omg i checked out my youtube account & found out i actually had 4 videos on there of me dancing & they are scary ~shudder~ i watched them & actually thought why am i still dancing. now i won't stop as i enjoy it & that's the most important thing & i do think i'm improving. these videos are from last year & i've only been dancing for a year. i know they are not perfect. when i watch them i find a million things wrong with my dancing, but gives an idea of what i was doing last year. not to mention assuming i'm not deluded if i am improving i at least have a record from where i started from again ~shudder~ so here they are. these videos were intended for practice purposes & for me to improve so they aren't great quality dance or video...lol...please, please, PLEASE be kind YouTube - jeremyagain's Channel

~ sits back & waits for my youtube channel to blow up~
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