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Tamarame3 02-10-2010 12:52 AM

Working for me..
Hello ladies. I just joined fitday today and while perusing through the threads, I came across this one. It wasn't too long ago that I was 140 lbs overweight--about 4 years ago. I lost weight through surgery, and have fluctuated between sizes 10-16. It was driving me truly insane! Then, while watching a lifestyle show on the WEtv network, my life was truly changed. Maybe you've heard of it...I want to save your life by Charles Stuart Platkin. I was sooo impressed by the show (maybe I was just ready for the roller coaster ride to be over) that I bought two of his books: Breaking the Pattern and Breaking the FAT pattern. But before that I was reading stress reliever books by Paul McKenna. Well, I swear..for the first time ever in over 40 years of losing my weight battle I no longer struggle. For the first freakin' time I can say NO to Papa Johns, Dominos and Mc Donalds. That manic craziness has left me where I can really focus on the causes, the triggers, the events that have put me in a really bad situation. Now, I spend a portion of my grocery money at Whole Foods Market or Safeway's organic food section. And when my family and I eat that type of food, we just don't want the usual fast food because we feel sooooo bloated, gassy and just plain sick. So, now I'm working my way down from a size 16 to a health size 10. I would like to accomplish this feat in exactly 17 weeks from now, but after I put in my nutritional numbers, activity numbers and everything else on this site, I've got my work cut out for me. For instance, my weakness isn't really sweets, it's SALT! so I can eat a huge bag of chips with no problem---except I end up puking most of it back up (mostly because of the surgery) and feel so sick. One with good common sense would realize that eating something that can make you so sick is stupid!--call me stupid, folks.. But by using the techniques in these books I finally understand that not eating the chips or ho-hos DOESN'T mean that I'm not part of the popular skinny crowd who can eat what they want and not gain an ounce. Ladies, what I found out was that those 'naturally' skinny chicks either eat a healthier meal (one we may not see) and that fills them up for a ho-ho snack or they're working out. But they are NOT a freak of nature nor are they 'LUCKY'. That's WHY they're working out, to keep the fat cells from expanding in the first place. One last thing, I also figured out that a snack is just that--a SMALL, VERY SMALL SNIPPET OF FOOD to eat until the more real, healthy meal is consumed. You know, I thought for years that I was addicted to food--now I wonder if I was simply addicted to the initial 'TASTE' of food rather than the food itself...hmmm. Thanks for letting me share. ;)

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