Evening Snacks - Need Help!!

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The only advice I have is what works for me. I am not a morning person when it comes to food. Give me an IV attached to coffee and I am good to go.

I eat A LOT of food at night because that is when I want to eat. Plus I have a lot of cals left that I have to get in so I never feel guilty.

Maybe saving some cals for those night time snacks would help as long as the macros fit into your daily diet?
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I'll tell you what has worked for me... I keep my favorite FROZEN VEGETABLES (for me, that would be BROCCOLI FLORETS, BRUSSEL SPROUTS, POLE BEANS, FRENCH CUT GREEN BEANS, LEAF SPINACH) in the freezer in a 12 ounce size.

Then in the evening when you find yourself getting hungry while your "Better Half" is devouring potato chips/pizza, just go out to the kitchen and put a small (12 oz) package of your favorite frozen vegetables into the saucepan/microwave and it will cook in 5-8 minutes.

Then... drizzle a little bit of olive oil (or spray some sprayable olive oil) onto the cooked vegetable dish and add a little bit of seasoning (for me, that's usually a dash of garlic salt/powder and/or a splash of soy sauce and maybe 1/2 Tablespoon of parmesan cheese).

Ok, 1 pkg of any of these frozen vegetables will vary from 100 - 150 calories. If you spray a little olive oil on -- just enough for flavor -- that's not much -- say another 15-20 calories (even though they say 0 calories on the can, i always charge myself a little extra).

But WOW -- these veggies are VERY FILLING and good for you too. I guarantee you won't want any pizza or potato chips or chocolate chip cookies afterwards.

A couple of times trying this and you will look forward to your evening snack... maybe even allocate some calories toward a planned evening snack.

You will come to enjoy this treat -- I guarantee! My favorite is spinach with a chopped up tomato added to it... with a little olive oil spray and a dash of garlic powder. yum, yum -- I could eat it every night....or Fresh Broccoli steamed with juice from a lemon. WONDERFUL! The roughage and fiber fill you up.... you won't be wanting junk food after a while, but will look forward to these vegetable late night snacks.

And you'll sleep like a baby!

You will be proud of yourself that you weren't "bad" but instead had a very tasty snack, anyway -- after a while you'll turn your nose up at the junk food - you won't want it.

Then you could always chew a little sugarfree cinnamon gum afterwards, if you really feel you need a slightly sweet taste. But you won't be hungry.

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One snack that I "discovered" recently is 1 oz salted peanuts mixed with 1/2 oz of raisins or craisins. It is both salty and sweet so it gets both of those cravings and the fat in the peanuts curbs any hunger. Be sure to measure it out though because it is easy to eat too much.

I also like instant pudding made with skim milk.

There are a lot of light ice creams and sorbets. I put them in small bowls, mugs or teacups to keep from eating too much.

What are you doing in the evening when you eat? Are you watching TV? Maybe you could take up a hobby that would keep your hands occupied and not let you eat like knitting, weaving, jewelry making, or any other type of craft.

Sometimes doing a little exercise also gets rid of the snacky feeling. Maybe just some yoga or stretching.
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