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yunalee 03-16-2011 12:32 PM

Stretch Marks
can there be anything done about them.

Snice i have a petit body i've gotten tones of stretch marks the ones that bother me the most are on my tummy and love handles.

anyone know if theres any good creams that help tone down or even get rid of them?

i was never pregnant so these are all fat marks

wowgirl88 03-16-2011 07:34 PM

I'm yet to try it, but heard awesome things about Bio Oil.
I've got some scars, and a work mate told me that her daughter used it to get rid of her scars. Takes time, gotta apply twice a day (from memory), but she was really happy with the results.
I don't know where you'd get it if you're American, here in Aussieland we get it from Big W, Target or pharmacies. If you have the same I'd suggest checking them out.

Crimpet 03-17-2011 05:10 PM

Well, When I did have my daughters I was covered in them from breast to calves. It look like I was a red striped Zebra. I never really got into using anything because my doctor told me that it depends on your skin type. The stretch marks are from deep transdermal scar tissue caused from your skin stretching to its maximum, so my doctor told me that the scars won't ever really go away, but like any other scar they will lighten.

I know retin A helps lighten them faster so a kind of sheer white. Mine have lightened so much that the only time I really notice them is when the light hits them just right. Of course, if you tan, they will be more noticeable. My mom was an example of that.

So what you should be looking for is not how to get rid of them, because you can't, but how to lighten them. Pregnant woman all over the world have been searching for how to get rid of them, and whoever can truly come up with a remedy will be RICH from how much we're willing to pay to get rid of them.

I'm sorry I can't tell you they will go away, but they will fade to a barely noticeable sheen with time. Mine faded to sheer within a year, and it seemed like over night because I hadn't expected them to. Try and tighten up the skin, find creams which will support its elasticity to help your skin bounce back, and fading creams for stretch marks.

Again, Retin A was what I tried to use after my second daughter, but I didn't stick with it to see what the results could have been. I'm to forgetful to remember to apply creams daily.

yunalee 03-18-2011 04:04 PM

i've started using cocoa butter snice i'm heard that helps.

probably 80% of my marks are already that whiteish color some are still pinky/purple

kellymay00 03-23-2011 04:59 AM

They will lighten and fade. Always have enough of a product and always keep applying it. Cocoa Butter works well on its own. But, the butter with other ingredients work even better. I had great success with Excel Skin Care's product. They have another product called Hydra Peptide Renewal Complex an anti aging to use in combination with it which works well.

For the lower prices go through their Amazon store.

Jennybeeb 03-30-2011 04:05 AM


I also struggle with the ones I have on my tummy as well. :( I've never been pregnant either, so I know what you mean about having them all because of fat.

I have more, but the only ones that actually bother me are the ones on my tummy - nonetheless I have tried a few things, and I've found that Avon has a couple of products that have made them better, or made my skin a little more toned - they're the Anew line of products - they have one that is like Stretch Mark Smoother, and then I just purchased a new one that I am trying called Anew Ultimate Total Body Cream. It is an anti-aging thing, so I figured it would make the rest of my skin more youthful looking? Ha ha!

I will give you and update and let you know if I think it works.

I have also heard of Bio Oil as a pp mentioned - I have seen it for sale through, and pretty cheap if I remember correctly.

tillypops89 03-30-2011 06:44 PM

I have also got a LOT of stretchmarks from putting on weight (not from being pregnant). I was very ill and put on 5 stones in 18 months so I got stretchmarks all over - my stomach, waist, hips, top of my legs, back of my knees, top of my arms, the underside of my arms down to my elbows....yep I have got them all! They are still purple and red now. :-( I haven't tried any creams because I can't touch them, it makes me feel sick. I started eating healthily almost 3 weeks ago now and have since lost one stone. I am hoping that by losing weight and toning up the marks will look a bit better. My stretchmarks actually ruin my life. I'm not being dramatic, they really do. It's probably my fault for caring too much about what other people think, but I can't wear tops that show my arms and I always wear trousers. I feel sick thinking about going on holiday this year and having to wear a swimsuit on the beach :-( I know I shouldn't care what people think but I do. I hate being criticised. I hardly ever go out to nightclubs or bars anymore because of my stretchmarks..grrr it makes me so sad and angry! Sorry this post is so miserable!! Tilly x

Cybervox 04-01-2011 12:04 AM

Yuna, I've had stretchmarks for years, since I started secondary school (high school), being a rather early developer. All I can say for sure is that they started fading when I stopped growing, got worse when I put on weight, and have faded noticeably whenever I've lost weight. They seem to be fading faster this time, and I'm using Bio-Oil (a few drops in a bath a couple of times a week) and a good, quick-absorbing body lotion :)

tillypops89, if you can't stand to touch them, probably the best bet is to put some Bio Oil in your bath too. That way, you just have to sorta splash the water over to leave a film on your skin rather than touching the marks if it really does make you feel that bad. I'm guessing that since you're talking "stones" you're in the British Isles, as I am? In which case you should have no trouble finding Bio-Oil. It's fairly expensive, but you'd only need a few drops poured under running water once or twice a week so a bottle would last quite a long time. I can't guarantee your results, but it seems to be working for me and I can only hope that it will work for you too :)
edited to add...
Oh, someone on another forum mentioned putting Bio Oil and/or baby oil in one of those fill-yourself cooking oil sprayers and shaking it and spraying it on problem areas... I haven't tried it, but it's another idea, I guess :s

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