7 Day Motivational Thread - Week Starting 03/14/2011

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Originally Posted by behaze View Post
JJ My new goal: Stop screwing around with people when I know they're just gonna get cranky.

I have a friend who goes nuts when someone doesn't agree with her politics. She gets really angry and then gets downright mean and nasty and usually finishes off with a really sarcastic remark. I've learned to just smile after the sarcastic remark and and calmly say: "I still disagree."
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Originally Posted by staceyalberta View Post
canary ~ thanks. sometimes i just wonder why this stuff even matters. other knowing i don't feel good this weight & will get to my goal again. while on the journey why can't i just give myself a break?
It is a good question. But so many of us are hard on ourselves. So please treat yourself gently. As you even said, you know you will get there. And even if you didn't (and I believe you will) you are still worthy of love and respect.
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Mern, you are cool! And this morning, I think I've counted to about 100 . . . but I still haven't snapped at him. I guess it's just a matter of remembering what it was like to be 8 - the world is a playground, and your mum is a personal clown.
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Stacey, I know how easy it is to get frustrated over all the hard work it takes to lose weight, but golly you know deep down that your over 67 pound weight loss has got to be a huge positive impact on your overall health. Can you sit down and remember some inconveniences you suffered at your highest weight that are now not an issue at all since you lost so much weight? For instance, my very highest weight was 246 compared with 226.5 now. I used to knee myself in the belly just climbing the stairs. I can take a shower without getting all out of breath. I can walk way further now. Maybe if you think back, you'll feel so much better and realize it IS all worth it. Big hug to ya!

bhaze, thanks--and I love your sense of humor. Anyone who can go a whole day without snapping at an 8 year old boy like yours (and like mine was) deserves intense praise and a medal of honor. "the world is a playground, and your mum is a personal clown."

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I am back for calories count. Weekend is still my challenge. I like Cassie's goal #7
Name one thing each day I can do to prevent weekend relapse.
Cassie, may I copy this goal if you don't mind? I am doing very good 5 days a week, then weekend come, all my effort blew out the window. I feel very depress, really don't know what to do. I always over board when I am cheat.

My goal this week:
1. Calories under 1400
2. Work out 6 days without excuses
3. Keep carbs under 100g
4. Try to find way to do better in the weekend
5. Weigh in friday morning

Have a nice week everyone.
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Default Report card for Monday

Hey Everyone!

I had a great Monday! I achieved all of my goals but I have no idea how much damage I caused over my weekend of birthday madness. Like many of you, I need to get back on track this week.

1. Eat 1200 - 1450 calories per day. YES 1248
2. Keep carbs below 35% YES 23%
3. Exercise daily! YES!
3. Go to at least 2 spin classes this week. DID ONE TODAY!
4. Take my multivitamin. DONE
5. Sleep 7 hours per night. YES
6. Drink 2 liters of water per day. YES

JJ, amazing before and after pics! Way to go, Girl!!!

Terri, your poor fingers! Ouch! I hope they heal quickly! I LOVE what you said, "It's more inspirational to hit a bump in the road and come back strong than it is to just be perfect all the time." Wow. I am going to make that my mantra this week!

Hope, it is GREAT to have you back! I have been thinking about you. How awesome that you are writing so much! Yay! As for your cheat week. You can do this... and a cheat week is nothing major in the grand scheme of things. I am sorry to hear that you had a hard time with the fibro today though. I hope tomorrow is a better day!

Julia, you are so insightful. I know exactly what you mean about Hawaii being a test for you. I am going to Florida and New York. I'll be gone for 2 weeks and it would be great if I didn't balloon while on holiday. I'm very happy to hear that you are handling things well right now. It inspires me!

Mern, congrats on your half pound loss! You're right it is definitely better than nothing. You are doing a great job! And yes it was my birthday yesterday so thanks for the birthday wishes! You are a real sweetie! I happen to love the spin classes. It's a real adrenaline rush and I sweat up a storm!

Stacey, I'm with Hope, go easy on yourself. You have done so amazingly well and you are a star dancer! I look up to you.

Mike, how was your cheat day?

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Rose, my cheat day is going great. It's amazing how quickly the calories add up when you eat like crap. I've also eaten a lot less that I do on my normal (all out [email protected] to the wall) cheat. I really haven't enjoyed it as much as I thought I would. I mean I enjoyed it but this morning I thought about how awesome it would be to wake up and have a Butterfinger (or Reese's) blast for breakfast. After all they open at 6am, so why not, right? Well I drove past sonic and decided to start my cheat at waffle house. Out of all this things I could have had on the menu, I got one waffle and a glass of water. Oops let me back up, that didn't start my day... I crawled out of bed just after midnight and had 1 serving of plain animal crackers and 1 serving of the "crack cocaine" peanut butter. No, Mern... I'm not talking about Naturally More. Soon after that I had a small bowl of plain cheerios with FF milk. The worstest (I know I said worstest, I leanrt that from quinn's neighbor) thing I had today was a serving of peach cobbler. But yeah after adding in lunch and dinner I'm at like 2300 cals or so today and I just put a pan of apple cobbler in the over. (I made peach at work, at my New Orleans office)

To be honest I'm looking forward to another 7 days of clean eating. Next cheat will be next Tuesday, when I go back to my N.O. office b/c they are now begging me for rum cake.

behaze, I hope plyo doesn't kill ya. It's a rough one, well they all are. You'll be looking forward to day for when Yoga comes around, until you realize that it lasts an hour... and a half.

I'll try to rely to everyone later. Gotta check on my cobbler.
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jjeand, you've inspired me to post a "before" and "during", well Mike you inspired me too.

"Same wife, same husband wearing same suit, NEW black dress in a MUCH smaller size."

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My my we do have a lot of new people on here this week.
well just to let you all know that since Feb. when I joiend I have lost 10 pounds . I am doing the happy dance I would like to lose 5 more pounds before the kids come back at the end of the month so I have to get to it.
Kids are in Disneyland with grama today so I will here from them tonight can hardly wait.

goals for the week:
eat under 1400 cal
go to the gym and do some work out (not just talk)
get running back up to 4 miles
get cracking on my taxes for the business
get this sleep thing back to normal
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almeeker you look beautiful you should be so proud of your self
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