7 Day Motivational Thread - Week Starting 03/14/2011

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HOLY CRAP LADIES!!!!! I think I discovered my next food to review.

Naturally More Power Butter!!!! I don't know when I'll get my hands on this high protein delight but I can't wait!
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Looking forward to it, Mike. I read a really good review of Justin's Nut Butters. They have a hazelnut/chocolate, a peanut/chocolate, and the regular nut butters. Not as nutritionally jammed as your NM, but they supposedly have a lot less sugar than the Nutella type. *sigh* - I still wish FitDay could track sugar grams.

Well, reporting in...did not lose control with the homemade graham crackers, but I thought about it.

1. Average a 500 calorie daily deficit. 714, 504, 402 (no exercise did me in), 504, 500 on the dot, 446
2. Carbs <50%. 40%, 48%, 44%, 50%, 57%; thanks, pizza, 50%
3. Five servings of fruits and veggies per day Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
4. Exercise daily (which I need, if I'm going to make #1). Yes (weights), Yes (45 min run), No-literally no time today, Yes (weights), Yes (30 min treadmill, 15 minutes bike), Yes (tennis)
5. Drink 3 sports bottles of water daily. Yes, Yes, No-shame on me, Yes, Yes, Yes
6. Sleep 7 hours a night. No-awful-5, No-better-6, No-bad again-5.5, No-6, No-6.5, No-6.5
7. Name one thing each day I can do to prevent weekend relapse. Explain to family how tough weekends are and ask for help, I'm hanging my bathing suit on the pantry door beginning Friday afternoon, Plan meals and load into FitDay in AM both days...and eat according to plan, Find and read a nutrition article before eating anything not a meal, Post Sat and Sun food logs in weekend emergency thread, Weigh daily

8. One office organizational task 5 out of 7 days this week. Yes (small, very small), Yes (small again), yes, yes, no, no
9. Paint one room of trim this coming weekend.
10. Pick out tile for the backsplash & deal with the faucet issue. Tile done, Got pics of the faucet and need to email them to the maufacturer's customer service

Better get busy on my last goals! Busy weekend!

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Cassie, I'll have to put Justin's on my list as well. Congrats on staying on track so far this weekend.

Health & Fitness:
Monday: enjoy my cheat day but keep cals within +1332 of what I burn. +1165 My numbers today are a close estimate since I didn't weigh anything. But I consumed about 3345 cals and 400g of carb. I'm glad I was able to keep some self control.

Rest of the week:
1) Net Carbs below 60g/day 64.5g grrrr I thought I set my goal at 65g, I just made my protein shake and the cottage cheese put me over! , 46.5g, 41.7g, 67.5g, 60.2g
2) work out 3 times yes, no, yes, no, yes
3) gallon of water a day yes 135.2oz, yes 152.1oz, yes 135.2oz, yes 135.2oz, yes 135.2oz
4) take vitamin daily yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
5) take fish oil daily yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
6) -2400 cals for the 6 days -479, -423, -607, -333, -969 (total so far = -2811)

Non-Health Related
1) 3 random acts of kindness yes, no, no, no, no
2) call/email 60 prospects No
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Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have been M.I.A. for a couple of days. This week started out super great and then Thursday was my dad's birthday and it just knocked me down hard. It's the first birthday without him and it was this time last year that he was very close to the end so it's just bringing everything back. My mom called me in tears on Thursday morning and that just broke my heart. She is really having hard time. We just miss him so much...

A friend of mine lent me the first season of Glee on DVD to cheer me up and I watched all 22 episodes starting on Thursday. I just sat in front of my lap top crying at every episode. Yes I know it's a comedy but pretty much every episode made my cry... and laugh. I think I got it out of my system though. I guess I just needed a couple of days to mope around and grieve.

I did okay plan-wise except I didn't work out on Thursday or Friday but yesterday I did 2 workouts worth of exercise and this morning I am going out on a 10K power walk. I got on the scale today and am down a pound. One whole pound after all that effort! Damn! I'm happy about the loss but geez, how much work does a girl have to put in to lose more than a measly pound in the last 3 weeks? When I think back on all the sweating and exercise and logging and eating right.... I won't be mad though. I refuse to let my frenemy - the scale - win this battle.

I am proud of myself for not eating my emotions. This time last year I weighed 32 pounds more than I do now and I was eating my way through the most traumatic experience of my life. I may not have hit all my goals this week but making it through these intense emotions without binging is a major accomplishment and I really am proud!

I have been trying to catch up on all the posts and while I don't have time to respond to everyone right now, I just would like to say that you are all amazing. We really have a fantastic group of people here! I hope you all had a great week. I know some of you struggled like me and to you, I say "I understand." Sometimes this is hard and sometimes it''s easy. It ebbs and flows. I guess that's life!

1. Eat 1200 - 1450 calories per day. YES 1248 / YES 1302 / YES 1252 / YES 1243 / YES 1250 / NO 1589
2. Keep carbs below 35% YES 23% / YES 20% / YES 28% / YES 30% / YES 32% / YES 15%
3. Exercise daily! YES! / YES! / YES / NO / NO / YES!
3. Go to at least 2 spin classes this week. DID ONE TODAY! / Could not get in to another class!
4. Take my multivitamin. DONE / YUP / YES / YES / YES / YES
5. Sleep 7 hours per night. YES / Actually 8 / YES / YES / NO
6. Drink 2 liters of water per day. YES / DID IT!YES / YES / YES

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Rose, always the trouper. You are so strong and you have such a good head on your shoulders. I think you were smart to allow yourself to "mope and grieve" instead of just trying not to think about it. I'm so impressed that you didn't eat your emotions; that is such a difficult challenge.

I have a feeling you're in a mini-plateau, and that you'll see a drop soon. I'd usually say, "Hang in there," ...but you always do. ((hugs))
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Reporting a good week sclaes and food wise - a bit low on the exercise. I need more concete exercise goals. I did hit my April Challange goal today -- and below the 180 mark. New decades are always good. Now I look forward to when it never goes above 180 again -- next stop 170 and no longer "Obese". Mary
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heres my update for saturday, i feel like i feel off the wagon abit but then again i wasn't home and it's hard to keep up when your not at home.

1. Drink 3 of my blue water bottle a day ( alittle less than 3 cups the bottle can hold)yes!, yes, yes,yes, yes, yes
2. do my workout 6/7 days yes! no,yes!,yes,yes,no
3. 10,000 steps a day yes (10,032), yes (11658 apox) no (7,670 aprox) but i went swimming too,yes (10,007)no (9552) but had some extra excerise no under 5k
4. start cal counting again, limit 1900 somewhat had home made soup that i wouldn't know how many cals would be in it, but my intake was 1425 with a guess for the soup, Tues: counted yes, but went over abit 2083 calsyes, 1,143 cals, yes 1,552, Fri: yes 1796no hard to tell with a burger i had probably way over 1900
5. no fast food yes, yes,yes (but i was temped today),yesno, had movie popcorn, no, had burger and fries

Non-Fitness Goals:

1. finish my current homework do to list took out a huge chunk of it yesterdayDid alittle bit, going to make a new homework to-do list, Weds: updated my list to invole new homework, did some WIP but didn't finish anything, more WIP,no, no
2. re-stock my food (don't have like anything atm) yes only 6 cents over 100$
3. clean up my deskno, no, cleaned about half of it,no,no, no
4. put away clean landury no, no, no, no,no,no
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Mike & Michael: You two are making me crack up!!! lol. I wanted to post last night but I totally crashed at around 10:00 after a long day, so I'm doing it this morning before gym time! I intend to NEVER abandon my weekend post again, sirs!

Cassie: I'm so glad your kitchen is almost done! And your 14 y.o. sounds like he has his head on straight, haha! Also... I love Annie's Bunnies. They are amazing, but I need to be careful about having them in the house. When I do decide to get them (normally on sale) I'll often put all the serving into snack baggies and stuff the bags in the box (or as many as I can). BF thinks it's hilarious. AND -- congrats on bikini weight! woo-woo!

Mern: Columbo DVDs sounds like an excellent day -- I used to watch Columbo with my Dad And all of those old detective series (Kojak, Starsky and Hutch, etc.). My Dad was definitely the one that got me interested in science and facts! Bringing back some good memories. You've got a really good idea about what you can and can't do, it's very inspiring, I hope my family is as understanding and helpful when they're around (they're usually saboteurs of the highest degree!)

lastri: I'm glad I'm not the only one who ate as they shouldn't this weekend! A brownie is nothing, you'll work it off quick as a bunny!

Rose: I think you did exactly the right thing - we all need to grieve and work through those emotions. You're thinking about it exactly right; you didn't eat your emotions, you let them go. That's healthy in a way that all the calories in the world can't count You can do it, keep being proud of yourself, you've earned it!

Saturday Report Card

Fitness, Exercise and Lifestyle Goals:
1) Under 1400 cals every day and log EVERYTHING. M: yes, 1251 T: yes, 1,347 W: yes, logged everything, 1743 calories - there was pasta involved! Th: yes, 1,409 F: yes, 1,393 Sat: yes, 1791
2) Average 30% daily protein for the week M: 29% T: 21% W: 35% Th: 25% F: 36% Sat: 17% (weekly average 27%)
3) 80 oz. of water daily (I am upping this goal to stay on track with my water!) M: 81 T: 83 W: 64 Th: 83 F: 96! Sat: 48
4) No weighing at ALL. I mean it. NO SCALE. M: Avoided T: No, I got on it. Was down, but mad at myself for doing it. W: No scale Th: No scale! F: Nada! Sat: No scale
5) Work out 5-6 times this week. That includes twice on the weekend. I've been slacking on the weekends, and I'll probably need to get a kick to the butt by you guys on my exercise this week! M: Ugh, no. T: Yes, one hour on elliptical. W: No time Th: No F: Yes, 20 mins. cardio, 60 mins. weights Sat: I am very ashamed to say no, I did not work out beyond errands
6) In bed by 11:30 every night M: Just made it T: Not even close. W: Yes Th: yes F: Yes, going after I post this! Sat: Yes

Non-Fitness Goals:
1) Edit all book chapters for publisher by Friday M: No. I also just found out this is now due Wednesday. Shoot me now. T: Got a little done. W: YES Th-Sun: N/A
2) Work out short and long-term finance goals with the boyfriend M: Not yet, probably not until after Wednesday T: After Wednesday W: No Th: No F: No, probably tomorrow, we're both pooped Sat: No
3) Organize home office files M: No T: No W: No Th: No F: A little Sat: Yes!
4) Bedroom fixing - sheets and laundry M: Ordered new sheets T: No W: No Th: Made various small piles into two large piles. Progress? F: No. Sat: No
5) One hour of needlework every day to relax! M: Yes T: No W: No Th: No F: Yes. Sat: No
6) Make efforts on hair/makeup/outfit every day (added Tuesday) T: Yes W: Yes Th: No F: Yes! Sat: Yes

Accountability, right? Though my calories weren't terribly awful number-wise, almost 50% of them were fat calories (and mostly not the good kinds of fats). Ugh. I had a wonderful, social day yesterday. BF and I invited several people from our workplaces over and we had a charcoal-grill cookout. The weather was perfect (upper 70s), the beer and conversation were flowing, and the food was delicious.

I was actully good for the most part at the beginning of the day- I had two light beers, and a grilled chicken sandwich. There was a marinade involved, and a bun, but I was under-calories. And then...there was potato salad. And of course, my brain went "you've been so good all day, only two beers, just that chicken sandwich, an ear of burger, no can have some potato salad." 500 calories later, I am not so impressed with that delectable potato salad!! What I should have done was pre-portion myself a little bit if I wanted it so badly! Lesson learned.

I'm glad we had everyone over, and had a social good time, but it's just another example of how quickly calories add up when you're not paying attention to your food, and instead paying attention to the people and things around you, eating mindlessly. I'll do better next time. And I AM off to the gym this morning, I am so disappointed in myself for the lack of exercise this week!

I'm also glad that everyone else seems to be doing much better this weekend!! Go team go!

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Terri, I think you did well just splurging on ONE food. Last weekend I said WTH and just kept going. So pat yourself on the back!

I did read somewhere recently that chilled potatoes (and some other foods) contain resistant starch, which, in the opinion of some, enhances your body's ability to burn fat. Now, obvously, take anything with a grain of salt, because you can find anything to support any position, but if it makes you feel a little better about the potato salad, so be it!

It's always a learning process, isn't it?
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I'm sorry you are going through such a rough time. Maybe this will amke you laugh. Purina Animal All Stars
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