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01gt4.6 03-07-2011 05:27 AM

7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 3/7/11
Good morning ladies, I figured that since I was up I'd get this started.

Health & Fitness
1) Keep total (not net) Carbs under 75g/day
2) drink a gallon of water a day
3) take vitamin daily
4) take fish oil daily
5) 2500 cals deficient for the week
6) workout 3 times
7) do Plyometrics 1 time
8) start my journal
9) post how I'm feeling with low carbs daily here

Non Health & Fitness
10) 4 random acts of kindness
11) makes 50 calls to prospects
12) to push/ encourage the next person to post here to meet their goals

MunaAmin 03-07-2011 05:54 AM

Hi everyone,

My goals this week:

1) stay under 1850kcal
2) exercise every second day plus saturday gym workout
3) fast one day - preferably Tuesday or Thursday

beccafries 03-07-2011 09:50 AM


My Goals

workout at least 3 times this week
eat healthy TODAY ( just started wt loss )
continue to eat healthy

almeeker 03-07-2011 11:10 AM

Mike rubypeanut started one last night, can you fix it so there is only 1? Otherwise it'll be very confusing.

almeeker 03-07-2011 11:41 AM

Health & Fitness Goals:

1. Keep calories in check 1,500 M-T-W-Th-Sun and 2,000 F-Sat.
2. Drink 96 oz of water.
3. Exercise 6 hours.
4. Keep carbs to 45% or lower.
5. Calorie deficit for the week of 3,500.
6. Take DDs up to school for "walk the halls" at least once.
7. Inflate new stayball.

Non Fitness Goals:

8. Average 5 items from the "list" daily.
9. Sign up for race and call SIL about same.
10. Clean 2 rooms (15 minutes each) and do 1 load of laundry M-F.
11. Clean out 1 small area of basement Sat-Sun.

taubele 03-07-2011 12:43 PM

Good Morning everyone!

Stepped on the scale this morning -- 201.4 Oh scale, you're a funny creature. That means it hasn't moved in a week. I did randomly check during other times of the day this weekend (after I ate) and it did fluctuate, so I know it's not just stuck or something. It got as low as 201.1 on Saturday afternoon, but that's not an official weigh-in time so I didn't log it.

Whatever the number is, though, I feel curiously "light" this morning. I'm hoping it's a precursor to good things, since I'm a little off-track (I was supposed to be under 200 by March 1st to reach my goal of 140 by October 15th, 2011 -- my best friend's wedding. I know it's a marathon, but still!)

Anyway! To the goals!

Food, Exercise and Lifestyle goals:

1) Drink 64 oz. water daily. Get to 72 if I can.
2) 1400 cal. daily limit
3) Exercise five hours this week, at least 3 hours hard cardio
4) 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily
5) No boxed/premade lunches or dinners
6) Eat one big salad a day for lunch or dinner
7) Balance protein to at least 30% of nutritional chart

Other Life Stuff:

1) Re-start my needlework. Try to work on it for at least an hour a day.
2) Call my grandmother
3) Schedule hair appointment
4) Doctor's appointment on Tuesday afternoon, don't forget!!

Good luck to everyone on their goals this week!

Kumochi 03-07-2011 12:50 PM

My goals for this week are:

7000 calorie defecit for week
Exercise at least 5 days
Decrease my carb intake to 150 gms/day
Increase my protein and fibre
Drink my water every day

01gt4.6 03-07-2011 01:52 PM

Originally Posted by almeeker (Post 38698)
Mike rubypeanut started one last night, can you fix it so there is only 1? Otherwise it'll be very confusing.

grrr sorry rubypeanut. I don't know how I missed it, but I did. I closed it since the majority of the replies were here. :(

staceyalberta 03-07-2011 02:21 PM

i'm boring my goals are the SAME!!!!!! i'm going to think about them more for next week.

~ food wise stick with my plan
~ log all foods i've eaten
~ do cardio 6 days m yes
~ do strength training 6 days
~ get 90 oz of water in
~ continue to not emotionally eat. be real with what i'm feeling at the moment & talk to someone, write it down, come here & vent, but don't stuff my feelings down with food.
~ be honest to myself when weighing myself.

non weight goals:
~ put effort in every day in what i'm wearing & how i look
~ get back to my routine in organizing my house
~ write in my fitday journal at least three times.

aspikes 03-07-2011 02:22 PM

Good morning,

Feeling great about last week, hope this week is even better!

Fitness goals:
1300 cals/day
875 cals, stressed, couldnt eat
1656, ugh, chips and cheese did me in
lets just say no and leave it at that, ugh

workout five days

fruit/veggies each day
1 cup veggies

Non-fitness goals:

Paint and move bed
not yet
ordered mattresses
took it down and outside, started painting
bed is done!

30 min/day one on one with kids
tball drafts count?
yes, lots of time, just dance 2!
i did!

1 load laundry per day
caught up for now!
did two loads
two loads

Plan meals for each day
steak fajitas
kids eat at church tonight
eating with the parents tonight, gotta be good!
rotissere chicken tonight
leftover nite

I love this thread!! Helps me lots! I actually look forward to posting here!

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