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Default Report card for Wednesday

Hi Everyone,

I had a pretty tough day today. The pain in my groin is bothering me so I skipped my morning workout. I slept very badly last night. I woke up many times and have been groggy all day. I think I might be anemic again too because I have vertigo. I hope I'm not too much of a Debbie Downer today.. just had a rough day. Not working out has been disastrous to my mental health. Out of sheer curiosity I stepped on the scale even though I promised myself I wouldn't. Bad idea! It said I was up 2 pounds which has got to be impossible since I haven't consumed more than 1500 calories per day except on Oscar night. Anyway my official weigh-in is on Saturday so I am hoping by then I've actually lost a little.

Hope you all had a better day than I did!

Terri, thanks! I am going to ice my injury again tonight. I just hate it, it's too damn cold! You're so lucky to live in Florida! I personally can't wait to be on the beach on March 21!

Hope, thank you so much for caring. You're so sweet and I think that "Not That I'm Bitter" is a fantastic title for a memoir. If you write it I'll read it! Hope you're having a good week!

Stacey, thanks for the tips. Your son is a little trooper. I guess we'll have to wait to see your dancing video but glad to hear that your Bollywood costume is fitting better!

Weekly goals:

1. Eat between 1100-1550 calories per day. YES (1165) / YES (1354) / YES (1497)
2. Keep carbs under 35% YES 22% / YES 35% / CLOSE 36%
3. Drink minimum 10 big glasses of water per day. YES / YES / YES
4. Stay off the scale until Saturday. YES / YES / NO and the results were disastrous
5. Exercise 5 hours. 30 min.
6. Get at least 7 hours sleep per night. YES / YES / NO
7. Sort through bills and mail. Not yet
8. Work on important paperwork. Not yet
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I have started back at the gym and am having a hard time running..my chest cold is still lingering but today was much better than yesterday so tomorrow will be even better, can hardly wait till this cold is over ..went a little nuts with the food yesterday just could not get full but today doing much better. Still looking at the laundry and hopping the laundry fairies show up but I think they are out partying with the dishwasher fairies. well every one is looking good out there on this fourm and hope I can get more into it when this cold find a new host but till then keep up the good work you all
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Default oat meal

just a little tid bit about oat meal: did you know that oat meal is natures way of cleaning out the cholesterol that our body produces each day
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Rose, you're doing a good job talking yourself through you phantom gain logically. You will see a drop, I'm sure. I am sorry about the vertigo and hope it is easily corrected. I battled it for ten years and was finally able to come off the meds in August completely after a long slow taper from April. It is miserable and I feel for ya! You will have a better day tomorrow.

rhoda64, when you find those naughty fairies, tell them they have an appointment they missed at my house, too.

Mern, stamina going up day by day...good to hear!

almeeker, glad you found something your youngest enjoys. Hopefully the novelty won't wear off too soon.

Okay, so Captain Random just came in to ask, "Mom, have you ever watched your uvula?"

I sure am gonna miss him when he grows up and goes to college .
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Cassie, thank you so much you always know just what to say. You're a godsend you know. I'm hoping tomorrow will be much better!

I think I have been burning the candle at both ends, working very long hours for months, exercising 6 times per week and maybe it's all catching up to me. Thankfully I will have a month off starting Friday! I'm so lucky.

Sweet dreams, Everybody!
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Rose, you sound so much like me . Hopefully you are learning to make yourself a priority at a younger age than I did. Might want to think ahead about that month off...I know the days I'm at loose ends with too much time, the first thing I want to do is eat! Regardless, enjoy yourself and take a well-deserved rest!

Today was ok for me. Had lunch with a friend--Chinese (the food, not the friend). I ended up equalling my cals expended today, which is okay; even though I'd like to get rid of that one last pound, I'm technically at a maintenance weight. I'm hopeful tomorrow will stay warm and so I can have an outside run. Being in sun is just such a mood lifter!

1. Balance calories eaten with activity.Yes, Yes, Pretty much
2. Balance carbs, fat, and protein. Yes, Yes, Pretty much-but at the outward limit of "balance"
3. Balance work with home responsibilities. Pretty good, Great, Yes
4. Balance work & home responsibilities with recreation/down time, and family time. Yes, Fair, Yes
5. Balance short-term responsibilities with long-term projects. No, No long-term stuff today, Not really
6. Balance clinical work with administrative stuff. No, Yes, Yes
7. Balance sleeping and waking hours. Yes, Yes, Yes
8. Balance exercise with cardio, strength, and flexibility. Cardio today, Yoga in the AM and weights in the PM today, Day off today

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!

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Hope -- Come on down! We'll be twins in baseball caps! Hopefully you're a Red Sox fan And I do miss seasons a bit being here in FL. I think after living in MA, NY and FL I'd like to find somewhere in the middle to settle down. I hear Virginia is lovely.

Quinn -- You sound like a complete blast. You might have the fishing luck, who knows! Some people have it. Last time I went fishing I managed to catch a freshwater mussel (I think it was a mussel?) on my worm. Sheesh! I hope Mr. or Ms. Huge Bass is out there making more big fish for you all to catch!

Jenny -- Congrats on the body fat loss! I haven't even measured mine yet. I'm more focused on getting the numbers down in general before I start all that stuff! You'll see the weight drop soon, it's tingling!

Lizzie -- Welcome! You are not an interloper! I just charged in a couple weeks ago without even being invited and started gabbing away >.> I've been reading your posts, it's great to see you here!

Mern -- I moved to FL this past June, I work as a researcher at a laboratory at FSU in Tallahassee. Was a BIG change coming from NY! And yeah, I do miss windows, though I was just informed yesterday they're moving me to a new office space WITH A WINDOW! YAY! The lab still has no windows, but I'll be able to sit at a computer and gaze outside at the weather starting next Monday. Also, 10 - 8:30? Yikes. It's a tough shift. I know he feels like he misses out a lot, as I'm gone when he wakes up and by the time he gets home, he's exhausted and just wants to shower, eat, and pass out.

Rose -- Ugh, groin injury vengeance!! They're sneaky! You think you're better, and you move a little more, maybe climb the stairs at your usual pace, and then WHAMMO the next day it's like back to square one. Keep up the ice. Maybe try putting warmth on it before you know you have to move around? I've heard that works too though I've never tried it. I hope you have a better day tomorrow!! I think the scale is just messing with you, just stick your tongue out at it and move on

Wednesday Report Card:

Food and Exercise Lifestyle Goals:

1) Drink at least 64 oz. of water daily. Get to 72 if I can.
Monday --> Actually made it to 80 oz. Personal record!
Tuesday --> Holy moly I got to 80 again!! Following Mern's advice and drinking more in the morning seems to be key here for me.
Wednesday --> 72 oz.!

2) Five servings of fruits/vegetables every day
Monday --> No, only got 4
Tuesday --> Yesss!
Wednesday --> No, plans were sabotaged! Probably about 3.5 servings.

3) 1500 cals/day limit
Monday --> 1,442
Tuesday --> 1,444 (wow, I'm usually not so consistent O_o)
Wednesday --> 1,452

4) Only one pasta dish this week for dinner. NO RICE.
Monday --> No pasta/rice!
Tueday --> Tonight was the pasta dish. Actually I made a recipe that Hope gave to me on my "help I don't know how to cook!" thread. It was DELICIOUS. Thank you so much Hope!!! Boyfriend came back for seconds and thirds!
Wednesday --> Nope!

5) No boxed/pre-prepared lunches or dinners
Monday --> Success!
Tuesday --> Success again!
Wednesday --> Due to work circumstances and zapped energy I had pizza for dinner >.<

6) Exercise 5x this week. (Already exercised Sunday with mixed cardio/strength. Four more times at minimum, 1h. each)
Monday --> Day off (Total 1 day, 1 hr.)
Tuesday --> 1 h mixed cardio/strength (20 mins. stationary bike, 40 mins. weight machines) (Total 2 days, 2 hrs.)
Wednesday --> Was at work too late to get to the gym, forced day off (Total 2 days, 2 hrs.)

Other Life Stuff

1) Finish Office Space Remodeling (go tax return go!)
Monday --> Powered through most of it! Just some reorganizing left to do. 90% done!
Tuesday --> No progress
Wednesday --> Ugh, no.

2) Get to bed by 11:00 every night, no excuses
Monday --> 11:30. Though I was about to go to bed at 11:00 when I found out that my darling boyfriend had received his first acceptance for publication of his short fiction, so the 1/2 hour was for celebrating and goofy dances!!!
Tuesday --> 11:45. D'oh!
Wednesday --> 10:30!

3) Up by 7:30, no excuses
Monday --> 8:00 >.<
Tuesday --> 8:00 again!
Wednesday --> 7:15!

4) Clean up "The Bedroom Disaster of 2011"
Monday --> Nope, still looks disastrous in there.
Tuesday --> Nope, though darling BF has the day off on Wednesday (today), and he was eyeballing the mess. Perhaps it will get started!
Wednesday --> Started.

Much of my plans yesterday were foiled due to having to stay at work very late (until about 9:00pm) -- I work in a laboratory, and a very expensive piece of machinery (~ $10k!!!) decided to have a massive failure right at 5:00pm. I'm the only one who knows how to fix that particular machine, so I had to stay a few hours to diagnose and correct the problem, as it wasn't something that could wait overnight. The problem? A 35 cent O-ring deep on the inside of it decided to fail. AN O-RING!!! Ugh.

At least I fixed it, but I had no energy for the gym or to even cook dinner. Got pizza (small, cheese with pepper and onion with a calorie count from their website that's a good deal lower than Pizza Hut). I managed to keep myself to three small slices even though I was stressed and angry and wanted to eat my stress and anger, and I stayed under my cal limit so I consider it a minor success! At work very very early today (got in at 6:20am) due to car-swapping with the boyfriend (my car has a bum intake, he's a mechanic, he's taking it to work to fix it) so hopefully I manage to stay awake until he picks me up at 4:00! Good luck today ladies and Mike!

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Almeeker, that walk the halls sounds fun. So sweet that your little one enjoyed it so. Congrats on another day of success meeting so many of your goals! Way to go!

Taubele, wow, moving from New York to Florida must have been quite a change! Your job sounds fascinating! What are you currently researching? Glad you're getting a window office--that should really
help. Working different shifts from mates does make one miss out on so much. DH and I were married 5 years before we had kids. When I worked day shift and he worked night shift, we'd watch for and beep at each other on the Interstate as I was headed to work and he was headed home. But we were both off weekends, so that was good.

Oh, Rose, your poor dear. The pain and lack of sleep, vertigo--doesn't make for a happy camper. Are you going to the doctor for the suspected anemia? Wishing you a speedy recovery? Aw, sometimes those scales just plain lie to us! I'm up on the scale a little, too, but I can see a waist line starting to form where huge belly has filled it in for years. I don't take measurements--too depressing, but I can also tell my jeans are fitting more comfortably. Wow, you've really been pushing hard with the long hours of work and exercise. Wishing you a relaxing and enjoyable month off! Yeah, tell us what you plan to do on that month off!

Rhoda, wishing you well, too. Colds suck! I hope your dishwasher and laundry fairies come back to you soon. LOL

About the oatmeal. I do know that oatmeal is a great food and that it helps "clean us out" and helps reduce cholesterol. It's wonderful that for those of us who don't eat oatmeal, we can choose whole ground flaxseed meal which accomplishes those same tasks. Ground flaxmeal is 60 calories for two tablespoons but provides a lot of bulk, 4g carbs and 4g fiber, so it's zero net effective carb. It's also a good source of Omega-3. I can handle a four tablespoon serving easily.

Cassie, I just LOVE how your goals start off with "balance." That's the key to just about every goal in life. You really have your head on straight. Your achievements are inspirational--looking forward to cyber-celebrating with you when that last pound comes off. But it will eventually. Thanks again for your encouragement. I'm thinking about maybe trying to add another minute or two per week to build up my distance, but am not sure. Yesterday I just walked an extra 30 seconds and then backtracked to make a minute. Chicken way, but it works for me. Captain Random? Does he come up with questions out of the clear blue often? So do you--ever watch your uvula? LOL My son (now 31) used to ask me a bunch of questions per day. Before we had a computer I was searching encyclopediae almost daily. If I didn't know the answer I'd promise to look it up. One time he asked me, "Why does that dog have black lips?" I never find the answer to that one. LOL
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Terri, I remember your cooking phobia from a while back. Sounds like you're well on your way now; nice job!! I'm sorry your evening was frustrating, but it seems like you handled it like a champ.

Mern, there is no chicken way. You did it and you'll do it again--or better! Yes, my son's specialty when younger was not only asking bizarre questions, but those that are difficult to look up answers to (e.g., can you suck a jellyfish up in a vacuum cleaner?). I'ts dwindling now in the teen years, but every now and then I get a zinger.

Not off to a great start this morning; breakfast was a couple homemade granola bars. I should've gone the protein route or stopped at one, but what's done is done and I'll work on making the rest of today better. I'm hoping to get in a run around lunchtime in between dealing with house and work stuff, and I'll focus on the protein after that.

Have a great day everyone!
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So far this week I have done pretty well! However, today will be challenging as I was asked to have dinner with my parents at a local fish house...but...I already logged one piece of fish, slaw, and 2 hushpuppies. So....if I'm good for the rest of the day, it won't be tooooo bad!!

Workouts are going well, I feel so much better when I workout each day!

Weigh in is tomorrow....hope for a little loss!
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