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crblack1218 02-23-2011 04:07 PM

Is this Normal?
I have lost weight pretty quickly. I went from 212 in the Dr office to 199 at home (so maybe 10 lb?) in one month. This is great, but something feels weird. Is it normal, when you are losing eight quickly, to feel a bit of numbness or decreased sensitivity in your skin in the fattiest places, like hips and thighs? Has anyone else ever experienced this? I haven't said anything to anyone b/c it is so bizarre.

traceymc1985 02-23-2011 07:36 PM

Hi i have noticed that as i am alot lighter now that i am alot more skin sensitive so opposite but i do get that numb feeling at times especially on weeks when i lose a considerable amount such as 4-5lbs in a week. It comes on more after days when i seem to execise more and move more. Just last week i walked throught the door and had to sit on the step because it felt as though my knees stopped working and i couldnt feel my legs properly. Was a bit worrying but i seemed to be ok after a rest and was back to normal but i have no explanation either and havent gone to doctor since it doesnt happen very often.

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